Which will fall for you part 25

Hello and welcome to part 25 of "Which will fall for you!" Sorry this is a bit late, but please enjoy it! And remember to check out my two websites - one is a google site and the other is a blog. There's also some fanart thats been posted, so go check it out!

Quick recap...You and Violet have a special mission. There's a fancy party going on, so the guys will drop you guys off there and you will have to investigate for suspicious people and/or items, especially potential Ki.

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. "Oooh, Vi-chan, you look SOOOOO CUUUUTEEEEE!!" Tanner flutters his eyelids in a creepily accurate Matt imitation. Violet gritts her teeth and clenches her fists. You try not to laugh as she shifts uncomfortably in her long, elegant pink dress layered with ribbons and ruffles. Her hair is partially pulled back. She's not wearing any jewlery, but she has on long white gloves. She looks beautiful, but the scowl on her face just makes the picture. You try not to laugh as she glares around the helicopter. {______} catches your eye and winks. "______, you look really beautiful." You blush and tug at the end of your elegant long turquoise gown. Your hair is piled on top of your head and gold chains adorn your neck and wrists. You also have gloves.
  2. The helicopter blade slices loudly through the night air as the copter begins to descend. You thank Matt silently for sending replacement parts to fix the copter. You feel your stomach drop a bit - whether its from the descending chopper or slight nervousness about the mission, you can't decide. Mark lands in an empty space in a plane loading zone. The area has a quite a few private planes - apparently anyone who's anyone travels by plane these days. A few thousand yards away is a huge, magnificent mansion. Men in suits and ties are helping ladies in evening gowns out of the planes and are making their way along a path lined with roses to the big house. You and Violet get out of the copter and watch as it rises back into the sky and disappears. You look at Violet and see that her scowl has been replaced by a cute, demure expression. "Oh my, do you think this dress suits me?" She asks shyly, but just loud enough for everyone close to hear. She tugs at her skirt and flutters her eyelashes, lips slightly parted. In less than a second several men are clustering around her, offering her their arms to escort her to the house. She smiles shyly and covers her mouth delicately with her gloved hand. "My friend and I would be delighted if you would accompany us," she gazes at them with those innocent purple eyes from under long black eyelashes.
  3. You and Violet walk up the rose lined path, an ever-growing group of guys trailing behind. The night is warm and the roses smell sweet. Stars twinkle above you. Violet links her arm with yours and whispers sweetly, "_____. Play along, or you won't fit in." She shrugs coyly. Eventually you reach the house. As you previously noticed, it's very large. The architecture is beautiful - mostly marble and white stone. You enter to find yourself in a huge ballroom, just like the ones in Cinderella and other fairy tales you read as a kid. An orchestra is playing in a corner, and people are milling about, chatting or dancing. Violet pulls you over to the refreshment tables. In a few seconds, she's out dancing witha some guy. Other girls leaning against the wall look at her with jealousy. You roll your eyes with slight annoyance at Violet's alter ego. "So, I see your friend likes to play coy," A deep, smooth male voice asks from behind you.
  4. You spin around to see a handsome guy about twenty standing next to you. He's got wavy black hair that falls over golden eyes. He's not bulky or muscular; in fact, he's quite lean, but in a way that makes you know he's strong. His tie hangs around his neck, only partially tied and his hands are in his pockets. He looks at you and smiles ironically, holding out one hand to you. "Would you like to dance?"
  5. "U-u-um...okay.." You stammer and he leads you to the dance floor. As other couples swirl around you, he raises an eyebrow and asks, "So what's someone like you doing here?" You stammer, "U-um, my name is Ashley, I'm the heiress to a fortune in -" He cuts you off with a laugh and a wave of his hand. "Cut the crap, _______. I know who you are...or should I say, *what* you are. You look too much like her." He smiles, that sarcastic look still in his eyes as you feel your stomach drop. "I-I don't know what you're talking about." You say, pulling away from him as the dance ends. He politely claps with the rest of the room as the musicians bow. You see Violet with a different partner from last time out of the corner of your eye. Your dancing partner follows your gaze and grins. "She's a pretty one as well...is it part of the Gifts, I wonder?" You back away from him slowly as he looks at you, a half smile that really scares you tugging on his mouth.
  6. You turn around and begin to run. You hear his laugh behind you and glance over your shoulder just in time to see Violet accepting a dance with him. But you keep running until your outside, in the backyard, the warm night comforting you. You sit down by a fountain and bury your face in your hands as you try to catch your breath. Eventually your breathing gets easier and your heart slows down a bit. You sit up and take deep breaths. Suddenly a familiar voice calls your name and you twist to see.
  7. It's Violet. She comes and sits down next to you. You look around for her throngs of admirers but she's alone. She smiles and asks, "Why'd you leave? That's such a fun party! I saw you dancing with that handsome guy. How was that?" You look at her in surprise. This may be the most she's tried in a conversation with you - ever. You look at her strangely. "Are you ok...?" You ask cautiously. She smiles hugely and nods. You continue to look at her, knowing something is wrong but not knowing what. Then it hits you - her eyes aren't that familiar shade of violet. They've got an unmistakeable red tint to them. You gasp and jump up from the bench to face her.
  8. Violet looks at you with a worried expression. "_____, arre you ok? You look pale." She gets up and puts an icy cold hand on your forehead. You feel a sharp pain and inhale sharply. Violet steps away from you and looks up at the sky, smiling. "I got them for you, Master!" She exclaims to the sky, holding her hands above her head. She looks at you again, still smiling happily. Then suddenly her eyes widen and her smile disappears as a bloodstain appears on her chest. The blood spreads, dark over the light pink dress. She stares at you with pained eyes, unable to speak. You watch in horror and step back - straight into someone.
  9. You gulp and turn around. The guy you danced with earlier is there, that sarcastic smile still on his face, his eyes cold. "I don't think I've properly introduced myself. I beg your forgiveness." he says. He slowly brings his hand up so his palm is flat facing the ground. A black crescent flickers briefly on his forehead and he grins, showing rows of tiny, pointy teeth. "I'm Demitri. Pleasure to meet you." He clenches his fist and Violet's scream tears through the night.
  10. Well, that's it for part 25! Again, sorry for the delay. I hope you liked it! Remember to comment, and I'll see you guys for part 26!

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