Which will fall for you part 29

Hey everyone, welcome to part twenty nine. So many parts! Its insane how quickly this has grown. Thanks for coming back every time. Remember to check out my websites and send me any fanart or fanfics!!!

Sorry if this ones kind of short, I've been really busy. Remember, you met the new girl, Hannah, and she challenged you to a duel right after you had a fight with Violet. I hope you enjoy this and remember to comment!

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. "Begin." Hannah says. Four extremely sharp spikes instantly come shooting towards you. You barely block them in time. Then you run towards her floating form, sword raised. You slice at her, not aiming to hurt but rather to knock her from the air. She blocks you easily, however, with a wall of metal spikes. She floats up even higher and giggles. "Is my training going well?"
  2. "You're not really playing fair," you call, trying to be reasonable. "Will you come down so we can fight on equal footing?" She smiles. "How about you come up instead?" You gasp as you begin to rise up in the air until you reach her level. You grip your sword tightly with both hands. Abruptly, all the spikes around Hannah fall to the ground, lodging themselves in the ground. She holds on to one spike still in the air. That one is longer and sharper than the others, and a bit thinner too. She runs her hand over its smooth metal surface, looking up at you with innocent big blue eyes. "Ready?" she asks.
  3. You raise your sword but before you know it, you're pinned against the far wall, the spinke an inch from your throat. Hannah's face is really close to yours, and you can hear her steady, even breathing. On an impulse, you swing your leg up and kick her in the stomach as hard as you can. She responds with an "oof!" And fies backward, ending up flat on her back on the ground. The spike drops harmlessly to the ground. Without Hannah's weird powers to keep you up in the air, you fall too, landing messily on the ground.
  4. You sit up and shake the hair out of your eyes. Hannah sits up too, clutching her stomach. She smiles a forced smile, but there's something not so sweet in her eyes. "Good duel. We'll have to have a rematch sometime." She says sweetly, standing up. You stand up as well. "Okay. Whatever you say." You say, your voice dripping with the same honeyed sweetness. Right then, the door opens and Matt walks in. Or rather, he sprints in. He runs up and grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you. "____, do you know?? Where is she?!?! My little sister!" He's screaming like a child.
  5. "She's off with a boy. I know it!" Matt cries, banging his fists on the floor. "My little Vi-chan!! She'll be hurt!!!" You try to calm him down but he drowns out your voice. Hannah stares at him with a "wtf?" look. Then someone else enters the arena, running after Matt. It's Anthony. "Oh, ____, good! You're here. We have a problem..." He trails off and looks at you and Hannah, Matt still clinging to your leg and going on about Violet. "Were you guys dueling? You know that's against the rules..." He shakes his head as if to clear it. "Anyway, we need you guys to come with us. We have a big problem. Violet is missing."
  6. "What? When?" You ask. Anthony shakes his head. "We don't know. We were hoping you'd know something since you talked to her last....did she say anything?" He looks worried. You think back. "Come to think of it, she was acting pretty weird. She said something about a plan, but didn't tell me what it was...and she sounded almost like she was trying to say goodbye the other day." Anthony bites his lip. "Well..I think that confirms it then...."
  7. "Confirms what?" You ask. Anthony looks serious. "We think Violet went to Xanda to fight Bea Hina alone. She took our mini helicopter and left us a note saying she was "taking a break" and asked us to postpone the mission a couple weeks." "What?!" You cry. "We need to go now to help her!" Anthony holds up a hand. "I know. That's why we've pushed the date to leave up. We're leaving for Xanda tomorrow." You nod. "I have to go tell the others," says Anthony. "I'll see you later." He leaves, dragging Matt (who is still throwing a tantrum) with him.
  8. You turn to Hannah. "Let's go. This is an important mission." You say. She nods, eyes wide. Then she smiles brightly. "I'll do my best! Though I do think that one girl...Violet, was it? She was a bit hasty, wasn't she? I mean, its pretty stupid to go into such a huge fight without any kind of backup..." Hannah exits the training hall, waving over her shoulder.
  9. You sigh and follow Hannah. You feel a bit sad since you've been home such a short time and you already have to leave again. You walk around aimlessly, just thinking, and find yourself on the roof of the dome. A cool breeze kisses your face as you look out ocer the shining city. You sigh. Suddenly you hear footsteps behind you.
  10. Its [___]. He comes and sits next to you, pulling you close. You bury your face in his chest. He whispers, "It'll be okay. We'll make it through. We'll win, and when its all over, we can be together." You try hard not to cry. He holds you tighter.
  11. That's all for part 29! Come back to see what happens next!

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