Which will fall for you part nine

Hi everybody and welcome to part nine of my quiz series, a which would fall for you story quiz. Because I've gotten so many comments begging me for more time with one character or another, I have decided to spend some time with each.

Recap: you found out about Gifts and Gifted people. You are to spend a day with each guy and hopefully learn something about the guy /or yourself. Thank you all so much for suppourting my quiz, all the nice comments really make it worth it. :DD have fun!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You wake up the next morning to the smell of bacon frying. You go outside your tent and see Carter cooking over a campfire. The other guys are nowhere to be seen.
  2. Carter looks up at you and smiles. Whether you like him or not, you have to admit he's beautiful. He says, "The other guys have left for the day. I'm get to spend today with you."
  3. You eat breakfast and talk for a while. Carter is very polite and naturally a gentleman. You are flattered by his attention. He is also very sweet and keeps the conversation going. After breakfast, he says, "____, I had an idea about a place I want to take you."
  4. Carter laughs at your reaction. "Don't worry. I just want you to see something." You nod in consent and a smile lights up his face. "Great," he says enthusiastically. "Let's get going."
  5. Carter grins and starts walking. You hurry after. You continue talking for a while before you remember what Anthony said yesterday about Gifts. "Carter, tell me about your Gift." Carter replies nonchalantly, "I inject a highly lethal venom into the body of a demon. That paralyzes them and then I can suck their blood." He smiles ironically. "Not as good as human blood, but its what I live off."
  6. "But what about when you bit me?" You ask, remembering back to the first day you met the guys and he sucked your blood. You touch the silvery scar on your neck and he laughs. "Don't worry, I was sure not to inject any poison into you. I wouldn't want anything as pretty as you dying."
  7. Suddenly there's a change in atmosphere. Carter grins excitedly. You are surprised to find yourself walking out of the forest and see a small town. Framing it are snow capped mountains and a bright blue sky. You can hear lively music. Some sort of festival seems to be going on.
  8. "Well, I thought you'd probably feel pretty lonely and stuff...so I got the guys to agree for me to take you here. As long as we don't stay too long, the demons won't pick up your scent and the village will be safe." He looks hopeful. "Do you like it?"
  9. "Let's go!" You grab his hand and run towards the village. Inside, there's a lot of music and dancing and stalls for food and various trinkets. Its very loud and lively.
  10. You and carter walk around for a bit. The people here seem very friendly, and not at all hostile towards you. You stop at a jewlery stall to admire some beautiful bracelets. Before you know it, Carter has pulled out his wallet and bought you the especially beautiful one you were admiring. Its
  11. You spend all day at the festival with Carter. As it starts to grow later, Carter finds you and takes you to the only resturaunt in town. Its empty; everyone's outside at the festival. The only person here is the bartender. You and Carter order and talk over dinner. "So tell me about your past," you say curiously.
  12. Carter begins, "I love pretty things, ____. Unfortunetly, I haven't always been very good at judging the worth of these things." Carter looks down. "I was born into a pureblood vampire family of vampires. We were rich and powerful. I was all set to inherit everything when a young woman showed up. I fell in love with her, and she asked me to leave my family and fortune to come with her. In my stupidity and infatuation, I did so, and my family disowned me."
  13. "The girl was not what she said she was. She was holding me prisoner when Anthony and Tanner found me and rescued me. When they found out I had a Gift, they adopted me into their group. I've been with them ever since."
  14. (Assuming you chose second one) Carter replies, "Oh...maybe....ten years? Twenty since I joined? I don't know." Shocked because Carter looks no older than nineteen, you ask, "How old are you?!" Carter laughs and winks. "If you really want to know," he says, "...147."
  15. The bartender comes over to collect the money. "That'll be thirteen twenty." He says in a dull voice, but Carter isn't getting the money. He hisses at the man and you turn to see Carter's eyes glowing red. "____, leave. Get out of here now," Carter hisses softly. You slowly back away from the table. The bartender's eyes blacken, and his skin darkens to an ashy gray. He lifts up a gun and aims it at you. You drop to the floor just as a bullet is fired. Glass shatters around you. You are shaking violently, but you aren't hurt.
  16. Its very quiet. Slowly, you look up from behind the table to see Carter biting the mans neck, an expression of pure agony entering the man's dead black eyes. His gray skin crumbles and turns to dust. Carter spins around and you can see his eyes searching for you in the now demolished resturaunt. A thin trail of black blood is trickling out of Carter's mouth.
  17. Carter picks you up and hugs you, lifting you off the ground because he's so tall. "I'm so sorry. I should have noticed his scent. This was all a bad idea. You start to protest, but he shakes his head and lifts you into his arms and begins to carry you back to camp. People in the village aren't so friendly now. Instead they're staring at you with scared or angry expressions. As soon as you're out of the village, Carter begins to run very fast, still holding you.
  18. You feel sleepy in the darkness and warmth of Carter's arms and start to drift off. But before you fall asleep, you ask Carter, "The girl....the one you fell in love with....was she... beautiful?" Carter holds you closer. "Yes...beautiful." There's a long pause. You are dissapointed and try to go back to sleep, but Carter says suddenly, "In fact, she looked a lot like you..." Then before you can process this, you fall asleep.
  19. Well, that's all for part nine! Wow it was long this time. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this quiz. Please comment and rate!

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