Which will fall for you part 28

Hey everyone and welcome to part 28 of my which will fall for you quiz series! I'm sorry it's late (gotoquiz was being weird) but please enjoy it and remember to check out my websites also!

So last time, you finally got back to headquarters. Violet was acting a little weird, though. Hmmm...please rate and comment! I hope to see you soon for part 29! Please enjoy and I'll see you soon!

Created by: xxdarkxX
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  1. You wake up the next morning and smile sleepily at the ceiling. Your dreams were filled with nothing but [___] and you slept quite well. You stretch out in your bed and yawn. It feels so good to be back safe at HQ. Its pretty early still- around seven. You get dressed and go downstairs to the cafeteria for some breakfast.
  2. You enter the cafeteria and see a large group of people crowded around one table. You walk closer and see that the guys, Violet, Matt, and Serene are there too. Violet sits at the far end of the table while the others crowd around the middle, where a young girl sits. She's probably about your age, she has short, chin length platinum blonde hair and big blue eyes. She's really cute and looks a lot like the girl Hiro was playing with yesterday. She smiles hugely at you. "Hi!! I'm Hannah!! I think we can be great friends!!" she says happily. You blink in surprise at her enthusiasm and smile. "Hi. I'm ___." You say. Violet is staring down at the floor, looking angry and well, antisocial. [___] catches your eye and smiles at you.
  3. The girl, Hannah, keeps on talking to the crowd of people. Violet catches your eye and stands up, violently rocking the table and earning many annoyed looks. Hannah doesn't even seem to take notice; she's too busy flirting with Matt. Violet motions for you to follow her.
  4. You follow Violet to another cafeteria table. She's picked the one that's as far from Hannah's table as possible. She sits down and you sit across from her. She leans in and says low and dangerous, "I don't like her. At. All." Not surprised at all but mildly curious, you ask, "Why? She seems nice enough..." Violet's eyes narrow and you pull back a little-she's pretty scary. Violet says, "There's something about her that isn't right. Something that gives me a bad feeling. She's our new Gifted, recruited to help with the Xanda mission. I don't trust her, though..." You say carefully, "Shouldn't we get to know her better first..?" You cringe as Violet slams her hand down on the table in frustration. "____, why don't you understand?! What if she's a spy for Bea? She could wreck our whole plan. We could just be deaths waiting to happen, trying so hard for a lost cause, all because we are betrayed by HER. We don't need her!" Her voice is almost tearful and her hair falls around her face, her eyes wild. You helplessly shake your head. She sighs and gets up. "I was hoping you would understand...that you could help. Never mind." She says, her tone as cold as her icy purple eyes.
  5. You are left alone at the table. You watch the crowd thin little by little at the other people as people have satisfied their curiousity at the new girl and are going back to their work. Soon she's sitting with only a few people. Your stomach is in a knot and you have a bad feeling, but you push it out of your brain as you hear a familiar voice from behind you. "Mind if I sit here?" You turn and smile. "Not at all." [___] smiles too and sits down next to you. "I saw you talking to Violet," he says. "Are you two getting along better?" You wince, thinking of Violet's look of disappointment and ice hard pity. "Uhmmm...sort of..." You say, sighing. [____] seems to get that you don't want to talk about that and instead says "So what do you think of Hannah?"
  6. (You chose the last one) "Yeah... Sometimes she seems a bit fake but I think its partly her way of coping," says [___]. "We found her in the woods just outside of here, unconcious. It looked like some demons had attacked her. But since she was alive, we brought her here and had Serene do some minor healing. When she woke up, she couldn't tell us anything but her name- she has no memories of anything other than that. That's a big strain on her I think." You nod, surprised and a bit sympathetic towards Hannah now. [___] gets up. "Well, I have to go help Matt prepare for the big mission. I'll see you soon, ____." He kisses you quickly but softly and leaves.
  7. You look over at Hannah"s table. She's alone now. You walk over and sit across from her. "Hello!" She greets you cheerfully, looking up from her toast and strawberries. "Sorry about Violet's behavior. She was the same to me when I first came." You apologize. Hannah smiles and shakes her head vigorously, her blonde hair bobbing. "Oh! No need to apologize! Some people just aren't socially normal, I completely understand." You smile a bit uneasily, unsure if she was trying to be sincerely nice and not realizing what she was saying or if she was secretly resentful under that happy mask. "Anyway, I'm sooooo happy to be here! I can't wait to go on this important mission! Will you come train with me?" She asks excitedly.
  8. "Sure!" You say brightly (whatever your internal intentions may be.). "Let's go now!" Hannah's face lights up. "Really? Okay!" She stands up. When she's standing you realize how tiny she is- you're quite a few inches taller than her. She's wearing a white blouse and a plaid purple skirt and a black tie, like a school uniform. Somehow, though, she seems older despite her childlike appearance. You chat (or rather, listen to her chat) as you lead her to the training arena and lead her inside. You turn to her, the metal sky looming above you and the grassy field beneath your feet. "So, do you want to try battling demons alone, or together, or what?" You ask. She giggles and you watch in amazement as she floats a good five feet up in the air. She crosses her legs and folds her hands. "Oh, no, silly!!" She giggles. "I want to duel *you*!"
  9. "Umm...I don't know..." You say cautiously, knowing its against the rules at HQ to duel with another Gifted. "Come ooon. Don't be scareddd!" Hannah whines. You blush. "I'm not scared! Let's duel!" You shout, your blade catching the light menacingly as you unsheath it. She narrows her eyes and pulls her mouth up in a thin smile. "Its on." She pulls back her arm and a huge metal spike appears floating by her hand. One by one, metal round spikes of all sizes appear floating around her as you watch in amazement. She raises an eyebrow and giggles. "Begin."
  10. That's all for part 28! I hope you enjoyed it and I'm sorry for the lateness. Please comment and I'll see you all next time!

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