Which will fall for you part 34

Hey everyone, welcome to part 34 of my quiz! This ones out early...aahahaha I'm making up for being so late last time. Anyway, I hope you all like it. I wrote it in school- thank god for such pointless classes as health, ne? :3

So, remember, you were just about to step into the new room. The mysteries are gathering, and you might be forming some suspicions..O_O well we shall see where the story takes us! Enjoy!!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You, Hannah, and Miku step into the room. Its fairly light, but you can't find the source of the light. Every inch of the walls is covered in mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Even the ceiling and floor are made of mirrors. You look at your reflection and smile slightly at the state of your hair, finding it slightly ironic that in the middle of the battle you're all peering at your reflections. You wal slowly through the large room, your footsteps echoing eerily as your reflection follows you. You have to admit, these rooms are just getting creepier and creepier.
  2. You turn around to look at Miku and Hannah. "Where do you think the exit is...?" You ask. Miku shakes his head and Hannah's delicate face furrows into a frown. "Maybe it's behind one of these.." She runs her hand along the silver frame of one of the mirrors. You walk over to one with a thin golden frame and run your fingers behind it, looking for some kind of clue.
  3. "Oh, good job! You've made it so much farther than I expected!" You spin around as that smooth, mocking voice triggers a memory. Standing a few feet from you is Demitri, dressed in a white button down shirt and black pants, his wavy black hair curling around his shoulders. He tilts his head to the side and smiles that same ironic, sadistic smile that's permenantly engraved in your memory. "Welcome back, little ones..."
  4. He saunters up to you and traces your jaw with his finger. You can't move- you're terrified, but furious at the same time. You watch as Miku pushes Demitri's hand away and pulls you back, one arm around you. "Don't touch her," he spits. Demitri just keeps smiling, and when he catches out of Hannah he bursts out in a full grin. "Oh, and who is THIS??" He raises an eyebrow like he already knows the answer. She looks at him defiantly. He laughs. 5. "So, you know, I met your other little friends..." He smirks. "Some are pretty strong. That mind reader is quite the formidable enemy. But I have the little wind singer, so they can't hurt me." He laughs. "She says to tell you that she told you not to come. You should hear how much force she's trying to put into that statement, even though she's fading.."
  5. The anger boils in your blood. You glare at him and hiss, "What have you done with her? Give her back!" He half smiles. "Well, then, if I did that, this wouldn't be nearly as much fun, would it?" His eyes blacken and the crescent moon flashes on his forehead as his teeth sharpen. "So I can't let you get past. Sorry."
  6. In an instant, you, Miku, and Hannah all have your weapons out and aimed at Demitri. He closes his eyes and you can hear Miku gasp beside you and clutch his heart. You drop down beside him frantically. "Miku? Miku!?!" You call, but you know what's happening. You turn to Demitri with narrowed eyes and a dangerously soft voice. "You're so dead now," you hiss. Demitri winks at you. "Bring it on."
  7. Next thing you know, you're running at Demitri, the adrenaline from anger making you faster and more agile. Hannah's spikes dart around you, aiming straight for Demitri. Just as you're about to hit him, he spins out of the way and holds his hand out. Dread poisons your stomach.
  8. Slowly, he brings up one finger at a time. You watch in horror as Miku slowly climbs to his feet, watching you with blank eyes. Limply, like he's a marionette puppet, he raises his gun and points it at you, his dark hair falling over his eyes so you can't see them. "M-miku?" You stammer, backing away slowly. He hesitates and looks like he's trembling, and you realize he's fighting against Demitri's possession. "MIKU!" You scream. His head snaps up and hope floods you. Then you see the look in his eyes and the curved smile filled with malice that definetly does not belong to Miku. His finger slowly, deliberately, pulls the trigger.
  9. That's the end of part 34...sorry if its a bit short but hope you liked! See you next time!
  10. Oops, sorry, I need another question. -___- so howd you like the quiz?

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