Which will fall for you part ten

Hello everyone! This is part ten of my "which will fall for you" series. As always, I hope you enjoy it, and please note that even though this may not answer your questions about what is happening in minor details, just be patient, it'll all play out.

This is the second day you are spending with one of the guys. I really want you guys to have fun taking these tests, and if you liked it please comment, that's what keeps me going and motivated to make more. I really love reading your comments, especially those of you who comment every time. Anyway, onto the quiz! Enjoy!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You wake up the next morning and the previous day seems a bit fuzzy in your memory. You look down to see your bracelet perfectly fit around your wrist, and it all comes flooding back to you: the festival, carter, the demon...you groan from a sudden headache.
  2. You run out of your tent and see Tanner outside, leaning lazily against a giant tree. He smiles hugely and you see his eyes light up behind his tousled hair. He's tossing a rock in the air and catching it over and over, but when he sees you he grabs the stone in midair and crushes it in his fist. When he opens his hand, a fine dust runs off his palm.
  3. "Hey, _____. Yesterday, you got to have some fun, so today we get to do some training." Tanner smiles sarcastically and winks at you. "Don't worry though, we'll still find a way to have some fun." You:
  4. You eat breakfast quickly and then follow Tanner to a large clearing a little ways from camp. He sits down cross legged and you follow suit.
  5. Tanner laughs loudly at your comment. Then he says, "____, so you know we're going to train, right?" You nod. He continues, "Well, to be able to fight and survive in battle, you have to have great reflexes, endurance, and strength, even if you have a very powerful Gift. That's what I'm here for-to help you develop your physical powers. Anthony helps with mental powers."
  6. Tanner laughs again at your reaction. "You're cute, you know that?" he teases. You blush. He laughs again and then stands up. "So _____, how good are you at sports?"
  7. "Well, we're going to make you better. Let's start with the basics of fighting." Tanner lines himself up so that you guys are standing a few feet away from each other. Next thing you know, Tanner has your arm twisted behind you and your leg pulled out from under you.
  8. Tanner grins (does he ever stop smiling?) and lets go of you. You rub your arm where he grabbed it. "You have to be prepared at all times," he explains. "You could be attacked at any moment, which is why physical combat can be useful."
  9. Tanner shakes his head. "I'm sorry, ____. I wish there was no need for physical combat. But in reality, its dangerous in this war against Bea. You need to be prepared for anything." He looks a bit sad. You feel bad and change the subject. "So how am I supposed to beat someone as fast as you?"
  10. Tanner explains to you, "See, when someone realizes their gifts they become a little stronger and faster than before. Its a defense mechanism, because we attract dangerous things. So you'll find that your abilities should be more than you think."
  11. "Well then," you say bravely, "let's try this again." Both of you walk to your original positions. You feel
  12. This time, its a good thirty seconds before Tanner pins you down. "Good one!" He laughs as you struggle against him. "You improved a lot!" He says in an awed voice. You shrug modestly.
  13. "Again," you say detirminedly. Tanner raises an eyebrow and drops into his fighting stance. This time, you make the first strike. Tanner is caught off gaurd and falters a little. You take advantage of this and circle around him, coming closer. You evade punches and kicks and land a few of your own. With a final powerful strike you bring Tanner down.
  14. Tanner is grinning like crazy. "You're really a quick learner, you know that? Haha! You're a natural!"
  15. You fight for the rest of the afternoon, winning maybe thirty. Percent of the time. Finally asit starts to get dark, Tanner says, "That's enough for today, ____." You both sit down with your backs against trees, enjoying the cool air. You are utterly exhausted. You turn to Tanner and say,
  16. Tanner smiles. "Yes, I am a fairy, but they aren't the dlicate little things you imagine them to be. I come from a race of strong warrior faries. They are a violent, war-loving people. I left their numbers because war without justifiable cause sickens me. That's why I joined with Anthony, Carter and Miku in this war against the demons and Bea Hina. This way I can use my skills for good."
  17. "I am even stronger than normal warrior faries, thanks to my Gift." A tiny bird comes to rest on Tanner's outstretched finger, and a rabbit nuzzles his foot. "But animals love me," he grins sheepishly, gently picking up the rabbit and handing it to you.
  18. After talking for a little while more, you and Tanner start to head back to camp. By the time you get back to your tent, it's all you can do to crawl under the covers. You're out like a light before your head hits the pillow. You dream about...
  19. That's it for part ten! I'm sorry that they come out so late, I'll try to get them out sooner. I hope you liked this part. Please comment and rate!

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