Which will fall for you part 30

Hey everyone and welcome to part 30 of my quiz! Its kind of hard to believe I've actually made 30 quizzes, huh? Thanks so much for all your help with them! I hope that you like this part.

So last time, if you recall, Violet ran away to fight Bea at Xanda, so the mission date was pushed up. Please enjoy the quiz, and feel free to comment, email me and check out my websites. Thanks!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. The helicopter blades cut heavily through the air as it slowly lowers. You stand on the roof of the dome, with everyone except Mark (who's flying the helicopter) standing next to you. You feel a slight tug on your shirt and see Hiro staring up at you with those big brown eyes. "You're Sister's friend, right?" He asks. You nod and he pulls you lower so he can whisper in your ear, "Please get Sister back. If you don't it'll be bad." He frowns. "Its kind of blurry, but I can see Sister, and a lady and a man, and three children...ones a teenager..." He scrunches his face up as you recall Violet's suspicions that Hiro can tell the future. You hug him. "I'll find your Sister." You promise. He nods and steps back as you, the guys, Serene and Hannah board the helicopter together.
  2. Inside the helicopter a bit of your tension lifts as everything seems familiar and normal. Anthony talks to Serene about medicine and some new virus that's going around. Tanner jokes around with Mark and they laugh heartily. Carter reads a book intently while Miku dozes off in a corner. Even Hannah is being pretty quiet and mellow for a change. You smile and settle down for the long trip.
  3. After a few hours in the helicopter, you hear Mark call from the front, "Hey, everyone! Look outside!" You put your face to the window and peer out. All you can see for miles is dark gray water, gray sky, and ice. It looks cold and gloomy. "We're almost there. Prepare yourselves," calls Mark. You continue looking out the window. Gradually, a black dot starts to appear on the horizon. As you get closer, you see that it looks like an enormous force field out of a scifi movie. Its black and electric charges of purple spark across it. When you're about a mile from the huge thing, Mark announces that he's beginning the descent and your ears pop as the air pressure changes.
  4. Suddenly, the helicopter drops a few feet as if under a huge weight and starts to sway. Something on top of the copter begins to band around. Tanner gets up front and starts to help Mark try to keep the steadily sinking helicopter aloft. "Hannah! Carter! _____! Go see what's sinking us! Anthony, I need your help with this. Serene and Miku, be ready and prepare the copter for unloading. We may have some trouble here." You nod and climb to the top, Carter and Hannah close behind you.
  5. On top of the helicopter, its extremely windy- way windier than the last time you had to fight on the copter. You stand up slowly, keeping your weight balanced. Then you catch sight of the thing -there's not a name you could think of for something as disgusting as it-sitting not five feet in front of you and stop dead in your tracks.
  6. The thing is an ugly gray color. Its face is humanoid, but the eyes are huge and bulging and the mouth leering. It's huge- about twice your height and more than three times your weight. The thing leers at you and bares its teeth. Carter leans in slowly and whispers, "That's a Ki. Its fairly immature but still dangerous. It's playing dumb right now- as soon as you move to strike it will kill you. Let it make the first move." You nod, your heart pounding as you slowly circle around the massive stone gargoyle of a demon. It follows you with red eyes. You hold your breath and don't move.
  7. Finally, it twists its head and speaks. "____, ne? Why don't you attack?" Its voice is low and gravelly and dangerous. "Well, no matter," it continues. "I shall kill all of you stupid pests!" It shouts, lunging for you. You take out your sword and slice at it as it comes flying past you. The sword digs into its skin like it would stone. The Ki laughs. "Think you can beat me like that?" It leaps at you and before you know it you're pinned to the ground, the sharp teeth of the demon inches from your face.
  8. Suddenly a look of surprise overtakes its face. You look over its shoulder and see Carter on its back, his sharp eyeteeth dug into the gray skin. The surprised expression is replaced by a smirk. "Think that hurts, bloodsucker?" It asks. Laughing, it throws carter across the helicopter. You scramble to your feet, staggering as the wind gets increasingly stronger the closer you get to the big black hemisphere. The demon turns back to you. "Now..." It smirks. Right then a spike comes thrusting through its stomach, poking out the other end. The Ki looks surprised as black blood begins to seep out of the wound. "Wait, NO!" It screams as it is dissolved into gray ash. You turn to Hannah as Carter walks over. "Thanks," you tell her. She looks troubled. "No problem," she answers.
  9. "Hm. You defeated our demon. How awful." Two voices in perfect unison say from behind you. You spin around and see two children, obviously twins. The female twin has dark red hair that goes to her waist and big blue eyes. Her brother has the same eyes and hair color, the same pale skin and doll-like appearance. Both are wearing what look like school uniforms. They turn their pretty, sad eyes on you. Tears make them sparkle. "Why did you do it?" They cry in unison.
  10. "Who are you?" You ask carefully. Carter and Hannah are silent. The girl looks at you sadly. "I'm Abigail. My brother is Jack. Why did you kill our demon?" Tears run down her face. Her brother pulls her close. "I don't know why you did it," he says, "but now you will pay for it!" He releases his sister and their eyes flash purple and they smile, revealing pointy teeth as the crescent moon flickers on their foreheads.
  11. That's all for this part! Thanks so much for taking it, I hope you enjoyed it!!

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