Which will fall for you part eleven

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Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You wake up the next morning to find yourself covered in bruises and scratches from the training session with Tanner. You wince as you get up and hobble out of your tent. Who do you want it to be?
  2. Outside your tent you find Miku sitting quietly by himself, seemingly immersed in thought. When he sees you, however, he pulls himself out of his thoughts and smiles at you. You havent seen him since the day of the wolf/demon.
  3. "Hey," he says with a smile, his grey eyes peaceful. "We're going somewhere today, but its quite a ways away so we should get going." You nod, intruged. Miku comes over to you and grabs your hands.
  4. "Hang on tight," he says before sweeping you into his arms and pushing off from the ground. You feel the wind whipping your hair around your face and look around to find yourself high above the trees. The expanse of forest stretches as far as you can see on one side, and ends on the other at the base of the wide mountain range. You head towards the mountains, noting the small village that you and Carter visited. As the jagged, snowcapped peaks loom in front of you, you shiver involuntarily. Miku pulls you tighter. "We'll be there soon."
  5. You feel the air becoming slightly less frigid and easier to breathe as Miku begins to descend. A few minutes later, he lands on a ledge of rock carved into the side of one of the larger mountains. He places you gently on the ground. You stand up shakily as gravity regains its hold on you. Miku waits for you to regain your balance, then motions for you to follow him.
  6. You look around as you follow Miku down a steep pathway cut into the mountain. You seem to be in the middle of the mountain range because you can't see the forest or anything but mountains.
  7. "This mountan is not normal," Miku is saying. "So normal rules don't apply to it." He finally stops at a ledge a lot like the one that you landed on, except that behind this ledge is an arch carved into the stone. Beyond the arch is blackness - you assume its a cave or a tunnel of some sort.
  8. Miku starts into the cave. You hesitate. He comes over to you and says, "You don't need to be afraid of the darkness." Then he takes your hand and leads you into the black mouth of the cave.
  9. You walk for a long time, the finally reach a large cavern. You seem to be in the middle of the mountain; if you look up, you can see a tiny pinprick of light. You look at Miku questioningly. He shrugs. "I told you, not a normal mountain." He leads you to the center of the cavern, where for some reason its a little brighter. There lies a small shallow pool, about a foot deep, five feet in diameter and perfectly circular. The bottom is lined with silvery flakes that reflect whatever sunlight makes it to them.
  10. "May I see your bracelet?" Miku asks. You pull the bracelet Carter gave you off your wrist and hand it to him. He holds it for a second, then abruptly drops it in the pool, scattering the silver flakes but not disrupting the surface at all.
  11. You start to say something when suddenly a ripple shatters the glassy surface of the pool, and a picture appears. You recognize your house in the picture, and your parents sitting in your kitchen.
  12. They're sitting and talking to the police. They look really sad. A kind looking police woman is shaking her head sadly. Your dad is holding your mom.
  13. In the picture, the police people leave. Your parents are still sitting together. You turn away from the image disappears. Miku comes over to you and holds you tightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't want you to be upset. I just want you to kknow that they love you and they're looking for you."
  14. After you calm down a bit and Miku retrieves your bracelet, the two of you sit talking. Since you already know most of Miku's past and prefer not to bring it up again, you decide to talk to him about his powers and the day with the wolf demon.
  15. "I have two gifts - the ability to fly and a physical weapon. You've already experienced the former; the latter is the gun you saw me pointing at the wolf demon. It has extra powerful bullets that kill demons. They don't kill normal humans, but they can be dangerous to Gifted ones if they are hit in certain spots. That's why I hesitated to shoot the demon - I didn't want to hit you."
  16. "People who the music chooses to possess are rare. Usually these people are also Gifted. When both of these things happen in one body, the music's energy can be harnassed to produce a powerful material weapon."
  17. "Well, we should head back," Miku says reluctantly. You nod in consent, and he picks you up and launches straight into the air from your spot by the pool. You feel the inside of the mountain rushing by you until you finally break into the open sky. The sun begins to set as you fly back to camp, and you fall asleep in Miku's arms.
  18. That's all for part eleven! Please check out my new website, and make sure to comment and rate this. Be back for part 12!!!

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