Which will fall for you part 27

Hey everyone and welcome to part 27 of my quiz series, "which will fall for you." I'm sorry I'm taking so long to write them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this quiz and part 28 will be out soon!

So last time in which will fall for you, you fought the Kuro Demitri. It was close, but you and Violet both escaped alive. Remember to check out my websites, and please comment and come back for part 28!

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. "____!!!" A voice cries out as you climb out of the helicopter. You push your hair out of your face and smile. Its [___] and the rest of the guys, and Serene and Matt as well. [___] comes up and hugs you tightly as Violet steps out of the plane behind you. "I'm so glad you're safe," he whispers in your ear. You smile into his shoulder and close your eyes. Its good to be home.
  2. [___] lets go of you and Serene comes up to you and Violet. Her hand is still bandaged but other than that she looks perfectly fine- a huge change from the last time you saw her. She smiles at you. "Here, girls, let's go to the infirmary and I'll take care of-" But before she can finish her sentence, Violet lets out a strangled noise and is attacked with a massive bear hug from Matt. "VI-CHANNN!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!" He yells. Violet pushes him away. "You made me wear a pink dress!" She glares at him through slitted eyes. "You will pay!" She shouts and chases after him. Serene rolls her eyes and the corner of her mouth tugs upward. "Guess she can come down later," she says, gesturing for you to follow her.
  3. You follow Serene down from the roof and to the infirmary. Once there, she cleans and bandages all your cuts and scrapes. "You escaped with not much damage, considering you fought a Kuro," she says. We'll have to look for possible long term damage though." You shiver. "Can't you just heal me like you did Anthony back in China?" You ask. Serene shakes her head. "I'm only allowed to use that on serious battle injuries. See, my healing powers are strange. When I heal someone like that, I'm giving them some of my life force to heal them, so it shortens my life a little bit each time. So Matt made me promise not to do it unless absolutely necessary."
  4. Serene smiles. "Come on. We're all meeting in Matt's office now, to take all the information from the missions and piece it all together and maybe find clues. Also people can say if they found something confidential that they didn't want to say over the phone, etc." You nod and she leads you back into the main dome. You make your way to Matt's office on the first floor and step inside. Anthony, Carter, Miku, Tanner, Mark, Violet, and Matt are already assembled. Matt sits at his desk, looking serious. Everyone else sits in chairs in front of his desk. You sit down next to [___] and he smiles at you as Serene sits on your other side.
  5. "Okay. Now that we're all here, let's review the missions." Matt pushes up his glasses and looks down at some papers. "So you found the house of a kuro, and they were secretly hiding a child, who we are now in possession of and who could be a great weapon for us. Mark and Serene were captured, and the Kuro escaped, her human consort dead. Soon after, Mark and Serene were safely found." He looks up. "All that correct?" You nod with the rest of the group as you think about that day that seems like forever ago, but was really just a few days ago. Matt begins again, "Then everyone came here except for Violet and ____, who went to the ball at Lady Jasmine's house. A Kuro was there- a newly made Kuro with extreme powers- and he attacked Violet first, possessing her and causing her to pass out. ____ then fought with him. He tried to possess her, and thought he had succeeded in killing both girls. Quite cocky, wasn't he? By the time ____ woke up he was gone. Then she woke up Violet, and together they called HQ and sent for a helicopter. And that brings us to now." He looks at you over the top of his glasses. "Did you or Violet gain any important information?" Violet stands up. "I did," she says. "I know where Bea Hina and her Kuros are hiding."
  6. The room instantly breaks out in a clamor of shouts and questions. "Quiet!!" Matt yells and the room slowly quiets down. He turns to Violet. "Violet, tell us everything you know." He says. Violet nods. "They're currently residing in a mansion in some place called Xanda- it looked really warm and sunny to me." Matt shakes his head. "No, Xanda is a territory in the north pole that's just swarming with demons. How do you know all this?" Violet smiles, and you think you see a bit of malice in her eyes. "When he possessed me. I saw some of his thoughts. I saw this place Xanda, and I saw a mansion and a huge room with a throne... anyway, I don't think he expected me to live so he didn't bother to keep his thoughts from me." Now you definetly categorize her smile as malicious.
  7. Matt stands up. "Its settled then. We'll arrange the mission to go to Bea Hina's headquarters and crush her and her demons- for good." He says firmly. A whoop of cheers escape from everyone at this statement. Matt waves them away with his hand. "But until then, get some rest. Oh, and Vi-chan, the little boy Hiro has been asking for you." He turns away and everyone begins to file out of the room except Serene. You see her walk to Matt before the door clicks shut behind you.
  8. Violet approaches you in the hallway and asks softly, "___, will you come to see Hiro with me?" You feel surprised, then smile. "Sure," you say. You notice [____] smiling in approval at you out of the corner of your eye and blush.
  9. You follow Violet into the elevator and it rises to the third floor. Violet enters the first door on theleft and you follow. Inside it looks kind of like a preschool day care. Five or six kids are playing with blocks and dolls and each other, and looking out the huge window overlooking the shining city. Hiro sits playing with a little girl of about the same age with platinum blond hair that's chopped to her chin and sparkling blue eyes. But when Hiro sees Violet, he instantly gets up and runs over to her. He smiles up at her and says "Hi!" She smiles and picks him up. "Hi, Hiro. How are you?" A young woman sits in the corner watching the kids. She smiles and nods briefly at you, then goes back to her book. Violet sets Hiro down and he goes back to play with the adorable blond girl.
  10. Hey..._____..." Violet says quietly, watching Hiro. You turn to face her. She looks at you with those detirmined purple eyes. "I'm going to do my best to kill Bea Hina and win this war. But if I can't, promise me that you will kill her. Promise me you won't leave until she's dead and this war is over. No matter what." She looks hard at you. "Promise?" You respond, again surprised, "Of course!" Violet looks relieved and goes back to watching Hiro.
  11. That's it for part 27! Thanks for taking it! Please remember to comment and I'll see you in part 28!

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