Which would fall for you part four

Hey everybody, welcome to part four of my story quiz - which would fall for you? Will it be miku, the fallen angel? Carter, the vampire? Tanner the fairy? Or anthony the elf? There are no bad answers to this quiz, you will always get something good.

You guys know the drill. Quick recap: miku has a secret and you're dying to know what it is. You've already talked to anthony, so now you'll probably talk to carter and tanner. Hope you all get who you want, and please remember to comment and rate. See you in part 5!

Created by: xdarkx

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  1. You've left the library. You decide to go look for Carter. You search everywhere for him and can't find him anywhere. Eventually you find yourself in an art gallery. Which painting draws you?
  2. You're admiring the painting you chose above when someone behind you says, "Looking for me?" You turn around and see carter leaning against a wall looking totally relaxed. You smile and his face lights up. "And how are you this afternoon?" He asks. You show him the scar where he bit you last night. He laughs. Then you ask, "Why is everyone so uptight about Miku's past?" Carter stops laughing. "I don't know if I should tell you...."
  3. "Please?" Carter sighs. "Okay, I'll tell you what I know. I don't know very much, but I hope I can still help."
  4. Carter looks in your eyes and begins the story. "Miku's parents died when he was very young. He was adopted by a traveller who found him on the side of the road. This is where my knowledge starts to get sketchy. I know that Miku got very attached to that traveller. Then, one day, the something happened and the traveller left miku alone. Miku had no one for the second time in his life. He was about seven at the time."
  5. Carter sees your expression. "I'm sorry, this is upsetting you..." He trails off. "You don't know anything else?" You ask. He hesitates. "Well...only that that traveller is part of the reason that miku is here in his current state right now." Carter half smiles and pushes your hair out of your face.
  6. You thank him and start to walk out of the art gallery. As you pass the last painting, you stop and stare at it. Who in the painting are you staring at?
  7. You hear carter's ringing laughter and look back at him, but he's already gone. You shake your head as if to clear it and leave the gallery. What's your plan now?
  8. You decide to talk to tanner since you haven't seen him yet. You find him in the kitchen having a snack. He sees you and breaks into a giant grin. "____!" He yells your name and wraps you into a giant bear hug.
  9. Tanner puts you down. "What can I do for you?" He asks. You say, "What do you know about Miku's past?" Tanner does not look surprised at your question. He answers immediatly, "I don't know anything. Only miku knows the whole story, but I suspect he's told parts to anthony for safety reasons. All I know is that his past is the reason why he's in his current state."
  10. You leave tanner to his foos and head back to your room to think things over. You put in your ipod. What song are you listening to?
  11. When its time for dinner you're walking down the stairs when you realize you haven't seen the front door yet.
  12. That's it for part four!! Thank you for taking this quiz and I will get right on making part five. Remember to comment and rate!

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