Which will fall for you part 24

Hey everyone! Part 24 of which will fall for you is finally out! One thing about this part- when you see {___} it means to insert the guy of your choice into that position. You'll see why soon enough.

Also, remember to check out both my websites and comment! Thanks! Ok, so Mark is just about to tell you what happened back at the house. Please enjoy, and I think this one may be fun...

Created by: xxdarkxx
  1. Mark begins his story. "See, ____, I am a shape shifter. I can turn into any mammal, as long as I've collected some piece of DNA from them - a hair, usually. However, my favorite form is that of a cat. So, you see, when I heard Amelia's voice and I realized what she was, I panicked and changed into a cat involuntarily." He smiled a bit sheepishly. "I'm still kind of new at this, so the other guys originally didn't want me to be the escort at all. I convinced them I could do it...but I couldn't even stay in one form! I should have let someone more experienced go."
  2. "Anyway, after Amelia took you away, Alex dragged me back to the front yard, still in cat form. I was struggling and I managed to give him quite a few scratches, but he kept hold of me. Until he saw Violet, that is. She was playing with Hiro, and apparently she was instantly deemed more dangerous because he threw me down in the dirt and lunged for her, aiming to kill. But Violet's been fighting since she was really little. She held her own against him and I snuck away and found Serene. We crept back to the front yard and found Violet tied to a tree, the little boy clinging to her legs. A piece of cloth gagged her mouth. Alex was nowhere to be seen. Violet was glaring murderously at us and trying to scream something at us. Or rather, something behind us, because then everything went black and I woke up here this morning." Mark closed his eyes. "I hope Serene gets up soon. I should go..." He gestures to the bandage on his chest. You nod. "I think you did the right thing." You say. He nods and you both return to your rooms.
  3. You walk back into your room. Violet and Serene are asleep. Hiro is curled up next to Violet, sucking his thumb. You smile at them and head down to the hotel lobby. {____} is standing there, talking to the nervous looking clerk. He sees you and waves. "Care for some breakfast, _____?" He calls. You smile at him and agree wholeheartedly. You find a small resturaunt and sit down at a table with him. A little chinese woman brings you tea and what she calls "ha gao" and noodles. The ha gao is a rice flour wrapping, wafer thin, and inside is filled with mince meat. She also brings a sweet water chesnut cake. {___} looks at you with amusement as you sample the delicious food.
  4. "___, I've been looking for a chance to spend more time with you for a long time." He looks at you from across the table with those big, beautiful eyes as he sips his tea. You blush and he laughs. "___, I have something for you..."
  5. {___} grabs your hand and leads you out of the resturaunt to a spot shaded from the early morning sun by a small tree. You sit down under it. {___} looks into your eyes and brushes your hair from your face, then slowly, he leans in and kisses you gently on the lips.
  6. You pull away and turn tomato red. He smiles and leans back against the tree, looking extremely happy. He gazes up into the branches, smiling to himself. You blush and grin stupidly for a moment before hesitantly leaning against him, resting your head on his shoulder. His arm comes around you and pulls you close to him. You sit like that for a few minutes, watching the sun filter through the branches, when you suddenly hear a yell.
  7. Its one of the guys (obviously not the one you're with). "Come on! We have a message from HQ!" He shouts. You and {___} reluctantly get up. You follow him back to the lobby, where all the other guys are gathered. Violet and Serene must still be sleeping. Anthony is reading a written message aloud. "...and as there are kuro in the area, I think its wise you come home now. I have another mission set up for you in the US. However, there's a special mission for ____ and Violet. Please tell them to call me so I can explain. I'll see you soon. Tell Violet I miss her! Matt.
  8. Anthony turns to you. "____, you should probably call Matt now...go wake up Violet and bring her down here. The rest of us need to start packing." You stand there a bit stunned as the guys return upstairs. You're still spinning a bit from your recent kiss. You find your way back to your room. Violet is awake, tying her long black hair in a ponytail. The other two inhabitants of the room are still in dreamland. Violet turns to you. "What is it?" She asks coolly. You motion towards the door. "Matt says he misses you, he has a special mission, we need to..um...call..and ....uh..." Violet looks at you knowingly as you struggle to put together a coherant sentence. "Well, let's go." She says and leads the way back down to the lobby where the phone is.
  9. Violet picks up the phone and dials a number before putting it on speakerphone. The phone rings only once before a familiar loud voice picks up, screaming, "VI-CHAAAN!!!" Violet headslaps and you stifle a giggle. Violet gets right to the point. "You have a mission for me and _____?" She asks coldly. Matt (who you cold tell was bouncing on the other end), said, "YESYESYES! But first, more important things! How are you? Are you hurt? Are you getting enough sleep? What-" Violet cuts him off. "SHUT UP AND TELL US THE MISSION ALREADY!" She screamed in frustration.
  10. Finally Matt calmed down enough to talk about the mission. "Your next mission is solely for the female members. Since Anthony told me Serene's still unconscious, it'll have to be just you two. A few hours from where you are, a very rich person is having a party. You two need to go and pretend to be guests. We think that there's a Ki there who is very close to Bea and might become a Kuro soon if we don't do something. We can't let another Kuro out on the world. So Mark will drop you guys off there instead of bringing you back to HQ. I have another mission for everyone else." He lost his serious demeanor as suddenly as he had gained it. "Vi-chaaaaaaan! I sent you a pretty dress to wear so take lots of pictures, kaaay?" Violet's eyes narrow. "No. I am NOT wearing one of the 'pretty' dresses you pick out." She spits. Matt laughs over the phone. "Vi-chan, you're so cute!" Then the line goes dead, Violet yelling some choice words passionately at the nonexistant person on the other end.
  11. Violet turns to the person at the lobby check in counter. The clerk looked at the swearing Violet with slight fear. Violet sighs. "Are there packages for us?" She asks tiredly. The clerk nods vigorously and hands her two big boxes. Violet spins around and tosses one to you. You promptly drop it. She rolls her eyes and heads back upstairs. You smile at the clerk to thank her and start up the stairs. Suddenly a scream rings through the halls. "WHAAAT???!!! I TOLD HIM BLACK!!!!"
  12. That's all for part 24! Hope you guys enjoyed your kiss...hehe. Please comment and check out my websites. See you in part 25!

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