Which will fall for you part 14

Hey everyone! This is part 14 of which will fall for you quiz series. I know my last quiz caused a bit of controversey by introducing the "new girl", Violet. I hope you like this one.

Think of this as my holiday gift to you. :D I hope to have some more out soon, but I might be out of touch from internet for a few days. However, at least if that happens I'll have some quizzes already written ready to post. Thanks for your patience. Please comment and come back for 15, and ENJOY!!!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You, Carter, and Miku are running side by side. You rub for half an hour, trees still blurring your vision. Finally, you begin to show down and the dense mass of trees thins a bit. You assume you are reaching the end of the forest when Carter and Miku stop, dragging you with them.
  2. Miku looks around. "We'll wait here for the others." He sits down. "____, I'll bet you have some questions." You give him a well-duh-i-have-questions sort of look and he laughts. Then he squints towards the sun. "We have a couple hours before they start moving. We're supposed to meet them in Venice."
  3. Carter comes over to you. "I think you should know about Violet. But instead of telling you, let me show you." He puts his hands on your face and your eyelids flutter. Carter's face fades and instead you see a city. Its snowing, and horse drawn carriges pull tightly bundled people down a cobblestone road.
  4. You see a little girl standing by the side of the road. She looks like a little angel, with black hair and purple eyes. She's holding a basket of white roses that look a bit frostbitten. The girl shivers, but has a firey, detirmined look in her eyes as she calls out to passing adults, asking them to buy flowers. She has on a thin coat and hat, and hanging from her wrist are two miniature paper fans.
  5. The child Violet keeps trying to get peoples attention, but its almost like she's invisible. Nobody pays even the slightest attention to her. Her teeth chatter, but her eyes harden with a firey perserverence as she clambers up the front steps of a nearby building and begins to sing. Her voice is high and sweet, but the melodies that she sings are inhumanly beautiful, haunting melodies. People stop in the middle of the street just to listen to her. There's a cold triumph in her eyes from finally getting everyones attention.
  6. All is silent when Violet stops singing. Suddenly, a woman from the crowd cries out, "A witch! A demon! No human could sing with such dark power! She is from hell! Sent to lead us astray!" A huge clamor breaks out as people shout and scream. Violet stands there stunned, her purple eyes wide. Then she spins around and runs as fast as she can to a dark alley. Here she sits down, her chin resting on her knees, her expression unfathomable. Snowflakes kiss her dark hair and pale skin, but she doesn't seem to notice the cold anymore.
  7. You see a shadow fall over Violet's tiny form, and she looks up at a boy about seventeen, with reddish hair and kind, beautiful blue-green eyes and a kind smile.
  8. You can't hear what they're saying, but Anthony holds out his hand and Violet takes it without hesitation. The dream fades, and you are back in the forest, Carter and Miku both looking at you.
  9. Miku nods. "So you see...this is why she's so bitter. She knew no one growing up, was never allowed to love anyone or anything. She had to fight for her life every day. By the time Anthony found her, it was too late and she was already damaged. "She realized her music at an extremely early age and is now one of our best fighters. We put up with her..ah...abrasiveness because we pity her." Miku smiles a little. "You're much easier to be around. But I hope now that you know a bit about Violet, you'll try to reach out to her? She really is a good person underneath, and she would do anything to save your life. We think you have the ability to touch that part of her." Miku pats your hand. "Think about it."
  10. Carter gives you a smile, and you suddenly remember something. "Hey, who is this person you all keep talking about? The one who looks like me?" Carter and Miku exchange glances. "That's a story for another time. Right now, we should get going. We need to get to Venice and meet the others, because we have a special surprise for you."
  11. Hehe! Cliffhanger! That's all for part 14. I'm already working on part 15 though, so it should be out soon. Happy holidays to you all, and remember to comment and be back for 15!!!!

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