Which will fall for you part 35

Hey everyone! So sorry it took forever, but here is part 35 of my quiz series, Which will fall for you! Thank you all for being so patient; the end of the school year is really stressful, but its almost over! Summer here we come! ^^

So, a recap: Demitri took possession of Miku, and has caused him to point his gun and fire at you! What will happen? hmmm... ;) Please comment - its what keeps me going - and I hope you all enjoy the quiz!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. His finger pulls back the trigger and Demitri's mouth twists smugly. You stare in horror as the gunshot sounds. For a second you see something in Miku's eyes. Then you're distracted by blinding pain in your arm. You grab it and glance at it, hissing when you see dark blood start to seep through. Demitri frowns. "I thought I ordered you to KILL her." He walks over to Miku and pushes him to the wall. Miku's face shows no emotion. "Useless," Demitri mutters. "Willing to do too much for your friends, even if it kills you. That's not a good trait in battle, when it's every man for himself."
  2. Relief floods through your body. Miku had some control after all - and because of it, you aren't dead. You turn to see Hannah pressed against the wall, unhurt. She crawls over to you. "You okay?" You ask. She nods and glances at your shoulder. "We need to get you to Serene." You nod.
  3. You hear a slap and see Miku on the floor, eyes closed, Demitri standing over him looking disgusted. "Stupid puppet that can't even do what I ask..." he turns to you and Hannah, pulling on his white gloves. he flexes his hand and grins, his teeth sharp. "Shall we?"
  4. But before you can respond, he's pinned to the wall, sharp metal spikes driven through his hands. He hisses in pain and grits his teeth. Hannah runs down the hall, dragging Miku with her. "Run!" She screams. You run after her as fast as you can, your arm burning as the pain spreads.
  5. You sprint after Hannah, your reflection running from mirror to mirror. You can't see the end of the hall - all you can do is run and try to ignore the hot, wet red seeping through your sleeve.
  6. Suddenly you hear voices. Your head is pounding and your eyesight is swimming and you falter in your step. You keep following the voices. Then you feel an arm around your waist, helping you along. You blink and look up into Hannah's determined face. "Keep runnning. Don't touch that wound. Those bullets are not good for Gifted." Her voice has a hint of despairation. You struggle along as best you can, the voices getting closer.
  7. Abruptly, Hannah stops and you hear scraping noises and a tiny pop. You feel a shift in lighting and know that one of the bigger mirrors has swung open. You hear a gasp of surprise, someone calling your name and Hannah's, and feel gentle hands carrying you before you black out.
  8. Vaguely, you feel a smooth, cool sensation on your shoulder. You still can see nothing but black, but you can hear a soft murmur of voices and something gently brushes your face.
  9. "Can she hear?" you hear [____]'s soft voice. Serene answers him. "Probably. But she won't be able to speak yet. Those bullets are really not good for Gifted." You hear a rustle and then a hot breath on your cheek. "Wake up soon, brave ______." [_____] whispers, then gently presses his lips to your cheek. You wish despretly that you could answer as the heat withdraws.
  10. That's it for part 35, guys. I apologize again for the lateness, but I hope you enjoyed it and I hope youre anticipating the big battles coming up as much as I am!

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