Fall protection1

Holland Roofing Company expects all of its employees to be completely familiar with the requirements of fall protection at all times. You must successfully complete this module to remain eligible for our Safe at Work program.

Working safetly is a major portion of your job description. You are responsible not only for your safety but also the well being of your co-workers. Our Safe at Work program rewards top performers.

Created by: J.W. Arway
  1. A general rule for all construction activities is that workers must be protected from falls at:
  2. A body belt may be used for fall protection.
  3. Guardrails consist of:
  4. You must place a step any time there is a change in elevation of:
  5. Restraint systems must be:
  6. A positioning device, such as a body belt, may allow a free fall of:
  7. Ladders must be tied off to prevent falling:
  8. Warning lines must be:
  9. Ladders must extend at least this far above the roof.
  10. Ladder feet should be driven into the ground to prevent slipping.
  11. Safety monitors must:
  12. When climbing a ladder it is ok to carry tools up as long as you have a good grip with your other hand.
  13. When setting up an extension ladder, it should be set up at a ratio of:
  14. When directing a crane the person doing the directing must be tied off using a personal fall arrest system.
  15. The first items uploaded on every job should be safety lines and stands.
  16. When uploading material, the entire swing radius of the crane must be demarked by the use of red "DANGER" tape.
  17. When using a stepladder, the following applies:

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