Which will fall for you part 17

Hello everyone! Nice to see you all here at part 17 of my quiz series, which will fall for you! Just to let you know, we have a couple chat rooms going here on gotoquiz- just search which will fall for you chatroom and it should come up. Thanks nessie14 for that idea.

Recap...you saw the paintings and Violet tried to attack you. I think this quiz is an interesting one, even though there's not much in the way of interaction with the guys... Hehe. Anyway. Enjoy and comment please!!!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. You stay in your room for a while thinking about what happened, basically just getting that alone time you've been craving.
  2. Gradually it grows dark, but you feel wide awake, not like the previous days. You must be getting used to having the music in you finally. You feel restless and decide to take a walk to...
  3. You wander the dark empty streets as stars begin to appear in the dark velvet sky. Somehow you forgot where you were going and end up back at the museum. You walk up to the building; its dark inside but the doors are unlocked. You go inside and your feet take you down to the red room with the five paintings. Its almost like you aren't controlling yourself- you're just moving robotically. You turn on the light in the red room and immidietly walk over to the picture of Carter and the girl. You study it intently.
  4. Suddenly you notice in the top left hand corner something you hadn't seen before. Its two words, and they blends in with the painting so that you have to squint to read the word "Roseaca". You can't make out the word that comes before it but it looks like it starts with an E. Upon closer inspection, there are two more words below those, but they are very blurry and you can't make out anything but a C and an E at the beginnings.
  5. You leave the museum and hurry to the library with a thirst to know the meaning of "Roseaca" and how it links into all of this. You go into the library and...
  6. Your search for anything that might mention Roseaca takes a while, but eventually you gather up a few books that you think may help. There's one called "Roseaca: A Family History" that's big and dusty, with a seal of an intricate rose on the front. Another book is "The Roses and the Violets" with that same crest on the cover. The last book its called "Famous Families". This one has a blank cover but the inside is mostly paintings so you figure it might help you out. What do you want to read first?
  7. You end up picking "Roseaca: A Family History". You open it to the first page and see a faded family tree. The book is obviously very old, and the tree goes wayyyy back. You see handwritten names, sometimes with notes or sketches around them. One name stands out: Carter Daumant.
  8. You look at where his name is. Its not exactly on the tree, but its connected by a very thin line to another box, which has been drawn around with skulls. In the box it says "Ella Roseaca". You flip to the index and find her name before flipping to a page about 300 pages into the book. One one side there is a picture, on the other side there is handwritten text. Your heart beats faster as you see the girl that you have seen so often in paintings- and in your own mirror. The only difference is the cold laughter in Ella's eyes.
  9. You begin to read. It says, "Ella Roseaca: the most famous (or imfamous) female in the Roseaca family. Well known for her beauty, wit, and uncanny ability to manipulate others into doing literally anything she wanted. Many called her cold or hard, but she was rumored to have had a breif friendship with a Baioretto girl. Was breifly connected to Carter Daumant; he left her for reasons unknown. Ella's greatest thirst was for power. She would use anything to get it- she was rumored to have no emotion towards her family or aquaintances- except for Mr. Daumant. Right after her connection with Mr. Daumant, Ella disappeared. She was still in her teens. No one heard from her ever again, but rumors have been passed around that she gave her soul to evil; that she let the "bloodstained doll" take her soul in return for unimaginable power. Many Roseacans believe that this bloodstained doll welcomes followers in the Dark Arts. No more is known about Ella or her short life."
  10. You close the book and grab for "The Roses and the Violets" and open it to the first chapter. It describes a centuries old feud between the Roseacas and another old family called the Baiorettos. Apparently they hated each other for years, but one day a Roseaca befriended a lonely Baioretto and they grew very close...at least, the Baioretto did. The Roseaca ended up betraying the Baioretto, who was devastated. She vowed to hold a grudge against the enire family for forever more- and there was never another attempt at friendship between the two families.
  11. You open the "Famous Families" book and flip to the Roseaca family. They are all very poised and refined, except for a girl around your age in the front of the picture with a cold, firey look in her eyes. Other than those eyes, she could be your twin. On the opposite page is the Baioretto family. You gasp when you see the other girl, also roughly your age. She has a sunny warmth in her eyes and a cute smile. She has dark hair and bright purple eyes and a pearly white smile.
  12. That's all for 17...I really hate putting cliffhangers in but if I don't I'll hit the question limit every time, and that might take a while to type. :) anyway, remember to comment. :) see you in part 18!

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