Which would fall for you part three

Hi everybody!! This is part three of our story quiz here. First of all I would like to ask you all to participate in my poll-asking which character you like best. I need to know these things ^.^

So let's have a quick recap. The 4 guys, tanner, anthony, miku, and carter took you to their victorian mansion and you found out that they are mythological beings. We left off at the beginning of breakfast time. If you don't know what I'm talking about or how to play go back to part 1/2. Thanks so much, and be sure to comment and rate!

Created by: xxdarkxx
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  1. So you eat breakfast with the guys. The food is horrible. You see tanner grinning at you as you try to choke it down. Carter whispers to you, "its miku's turn to cook this week." You look up at miku to find him staring at you hopefully. "How is it?" He asks. You:
  2. After breakfast you decide to explore the house. Its beautiful and antique, and most of the furniture and paintings look super old and valuable. You love the whole place. What's your favorite room?
  3. After a few hours have passed, you're tired and decide you want to take a nap. Until now, you've completely forgotten about escaping, but as you drift off to sleep you remember that people are probably worrying about you back home. You decide that you'll come up with a plan later. In the meantime, what do you dream about?
  4. Suddenly, a song trickles into your dream. Its a simple piano melody and harmony, but its the most beautiful thing you've ever heard. You wake up and are disappointed that you had to awaken.
  5. Then you hear the music again. You are surprised and happy. You follow the sound and it eventually leads you to the attic, where someone is sitting at the piano, totally immeresed in playing the song. Who is it?
  6. Its Miku. He didn't even hear you come in. You wait until he's finished the song, then go up to him and say,
  7. Miku starts. Then he sees its you and he relaxes and smiles. You can't help but smile back. "Where'd you learn to play like that?" You ask. Miku's eyes darken for a second and his smile looks a little strained. Then its gone and he's back to being himself, except for those slightly sad grey eyes. "Someone I loved taught me," he says. You wait for him to continue but he doesn't.
  8. You leave miku at the piano and go to the library. Anthony is there, looking through a book that looks really big and complicated. He's totally focused and doesn't see you. What do you do?
  9. You clear your throat. Anthony looks up. His eyes are really green. He blushes when he sees its you. "I have a question," you say. He nods towards a big comfy armchair, and you sit down. "Who taught miku to play piano?" You blurt out. Anthony looks surprised and then grim. "That's a long story."
  10. "Please tell me?" Anthony sighs and says, "I think Miku should tell you the whole story. But I can tell you he's had a sad past, and he's probably suffered the most out of all of us. The person who taught him to play was the only father figure he'd ever known. Then there was an...accident and they were...seperated."
  11. "You'll have to get the rest of the story from miku. Its really his story, not mine." Anthony goes back to his book. You pat his hand and thank him. He won't look you in the eye, but you can see him blush. Then you leave the library.
  12. That's it for today!! I hope I left a good cliffhanger to keep you coming back for part four!! XD well I hope you enjoyed this quiz. See you next time to find out miku's secret!

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