Loved or Hated (part 6)

Yeah so you might think that this is just like the Dream Story or the Which will fall for you, but its not, its something that i totally thought of myself and is nothing like the other 2 continuous ones. Its different because i know these people, and they are really cool (minus cole) but anywayz, they dont know that i made this quiz and im gonna laugh when they find out. If you didnt take the 1st you'll have no clue whats goin on.

So its about these 4 guys, Tyler, Brady, Derek, and Cole. If you wanna know more then your just gonna have to take the quiz and live with it. Hopefully its just as addicting as the Which will fall for you. I love those, the author is ahh-mayy-zingg. COMMENT PLEASE COMMENT PLEASE COMMENT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: xXlovehateXx

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  1. Tyler begins "I was born at a hospital, right here in Chicago. My parents put me up for adoption and that's how i have my current parents. My birth parents are dead, and i moved out as soon as i turned 18."
  2. "I didn't have a place to crash, so i stay here with Cole. I knew i had powers at age 17, i didn't let my so-called parents know because they would freak out and get rid of me or send me to a mental asylum. Everyone's powers manifest at a different age."
  3. "To train, you must let the energy flow within you and release it slowly." Tyler explains. "You try" You try to do what he says but nothing happens...
  4. "Maybe your power starts off as Derek's did. I'm going to make you mad and see if that helps you focus." He starts shouting insults at you and you immediately get angered and you feel a power within you. Everything starts to move and you are trying to calm things down.
  5. You slowly clam yourself down and the things start moving a little less until you are entirely calm. "Great job" Tyler compliments you. "It's Derek's turn next but i think you still need a little more of my help."
  6. He gets up and walks over by you. Tyler takes your head and tilts it upwards, so your lips meet in a kiss.
  7. Eventually, you two are on the bed, making out and Tyler stops and pulls away from you. He winks and says "They'll think we're up to something if we stay up here too long" you say "thats a good point...." You both head on back downstairs.
  8. You let Tyler walk out of the room and see if there's anything to've been wearing the same thing for 2 days now. You find a mens button up long sleeve shirt,short sleeve polo, and a half sleeve button up. what do you pick?
  9. You walk downstairs in the shorts you were wearing the day you came her, and one of Cole's shirts. Everyone stares and can't take their eyes off you !
  10. Part 6 is done ! Part 7 will be out ASAP

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