Loved or Hated (part 11)

Well if you haven't taken parts 1-10 of this saga then you will have no idea what's going on here. If you aren't reading this and just going straight to the quiz cuz you can't take it anymore, then I'm letting you know now, there's a missing person at the end and I think some people might just kill me for putting it there but, that's how it is. Have fun talking the quiz.

I would really appreciate it if people were COMMENTING more often. LoL well, I'm trying to have you guys, the people taking my quizzes, actually having a part in what's going to be in the next part. I tried to use a lot of your ideas for the name and I came up with one that, in a way, combined a lot of what the name and characteristics of the new character would be. I picked one name from the list and a few characteristics. Look out cuz maybe I used what you said and put it in the quiz.

Created by: xXlovehateXx
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  1. James cuts Derek off saying "What the dork standing next to me is trying to say is that I'm a vampire. Before you ask I'm not going to suck your blood, or kill you in your sleep and then suck your blood or whatever. I...uh....ate before I came here, so uhm there won't be any worry about that while I am staying here." You just stand there staring at James in utter shock.
  2. The guys look at you trying to anticipate your next movement. You stay standing where you are and your mind is rushing with thoughts. You manage to stutter out "A vampire...what exactly do you eat?" At that question James just stays quiet and doesn't say anything. "Oh don't worry you don't have to tell me if you don't feel comfortable speaking about it." you say. Immediately the color returns to his formerly pale face.
  3. "Well, it's nice to know that some people around here aren't quite as nosy as others," James says looking straight at Derek. Derek, being a good sport, looks at James and says "Thank you, but curiosity killed the cat, and in this case I'm the cat. I'd prefer to be living." There's an awkward silence then James and Derek just crack up laughing. You stifle a giggle and you let your mind go blank. "Ha, now only if they knew the real reason why I'm here, maybe then they'd conceal the girl better." You scream and they all look towards you. There's no mistaking that the thought you heard was from James.
  4. Tyler rushes over to you and says "What's wrong _____" You decide this isn't really the best of times to tell Tyler that James is secretly brewing an evil plot in his mind. "Oh, uhm, I though I saw a spider. Sorry I'm like deathly afraid of spiders." That at least was somewhat true, spiders do creep you out. Everyone relaxes and Brady starts laughing at your fear of spiders.
  5. James flashes you a smile that melts your heart all over again even though you know that there's something seriously wrong with the dude and that he's planning to kidnap you or something. You say "Ya know what, I wanna go back inside. I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty hungry." They all nod in agreement and you walk towards the kitchen. After opening the fridge you realize the only thing in there is moldy cheese. You turn around and stare daggers at Cole. He sighs and picks up the phone to order in some Lou Malnati's pizza. James grabs your arm and says "I need to tell you something, Come with me"
  6. Silently, you walk with the creep until you both get to Cole's room, then you stop. "______ I don't know anyway to say this, but I am truly in love with you. From the minute I saw your beautiful eyes, I couldn't help but to stare. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire existence. I wish to make you one of us, the immortal ones. I know I am putting you in a difficult situation, but I just cannot wait any longer. Please, really think about it. Tell me when you are ready."
  7. You walk out of the room in utter shock and put on a fake happy face for the others. You strut out there just as the doorbell rings. The pizza guy is there and Cole grabs out his wallet to pay. Suddenly Cole is pushed backwards by a sudden gust of wind. The pizza delivery guy storms into the house bringing a burst of wind with him. He grabs your arm and James jumps at him, knocking him off of you. You run towards the back door and out of no where the guy appears there too. Brady rushes at your side with a knife in hand. As the "pizza dude" lunges at you, Brady stabs him in the stomach area, blood gushing out of the man's wound. You see James run out of the room, you're guessing because of the whole vampire drinking blood thing, when the blood and the man disappear.
  8. "I-but-he-uh." you say, after you take a deep breath, you try saying it again. "You stabbed the man with a knife, and he started gushing blood but then he disappeared and that's not possible." you blurt out, but you said it so fast that it sounded like absolute gibberish. The guys are giving you skeptical looks until you start explaining again, slower this time. Cole explains, "All of the Terranormals disappear like that when you hit them in a small spot that just happens to be in the stomach area. They start bleeding like normal humans, but then stop and just disappear. No one knows why or how, but that's how it's always worked for all us Terra's. If cut anywhere else, we'll just bleed like anyone else would. Dying of blood loss is possible for us, but we don't really die, we get reborn into a different person every time."
  9. "Wow, so if I was to die at this very moment, I'd just be reborn into whoever else?" you ask. "Not exactly" Tyler cuts in "You'd be reborn as a baby. So technically, don't try to get yourself killed in the human way and especially don't try to get yourself killed the Terranormal way." Right, you think to yourself, that wouldn't be very good. Your stomach grumbles and you laugh and say "You realize we still don't have anything to eat right?" They all laugh along with you and Derek goes out to the nearest Wal-Mart to get some food. He asks you if you are allergic to anything and you reply with a no. He also asks if there's anything that you would like to eat in particular. To this you reply nachos mmmmm.
  10. It was around 5pm when Derek left and the current time was 11:30pm. James was back as well and Derek still wasn't back from Wal-Mart. We all know that it doesn't take a person 6.5 hours to get some groceries. Suddenly the phone rings and breaks the silence. Cole picks up the phone. "Oh my god Derr where are you?" He waits a few seconds for an answer and says "No way, Derr get out of there NOW." He waits a few more seconds and says again "No, get out of there NOW, THIS VERY MINUTE !" Frustratedly, Cole slams the phone down and exclaims "He hung up on me! Oh and guys you will not believe where he is."
  11. Well I'm gonna leave you guys wondering where the heck Derek ran off to. I'll make 12 when i get the chance. bye bye :)

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