Loved or Hated (part 4)

Yeah so you might think that this is just like the Dream Story or the Which will fall for you, but its not, its something that i totally thought of myself and is nothing like the other 2 continuous ones. Its different because i know these people, and they are really cool (minus cole) but anywayz, they dont know that i made this quiz and im gonna laugh when they find out. If you didnt take the 1st you'll have no clue whats goin on.

So its about these 4 guys, Tyler, Brady, Derek, and Cole. If you wanna know more then your just gonna have to take the quiz and live with it. Hopefully its just as addicting as the Which will fall for you. I love those, the author is ahh-mayy-zingg. COMMENT PLEASE COMMENT PLEASE COMMENT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: xXlovehateXx
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  1. Everyone leaves the room except Cole, and you both are standing there. Awkward silence. What do you do ?
  2. Finally, Cole says "I have to tell you something." You ask him what and he says "_____ i love you more than my own life!" you respond ?
  3. Out of nowhere, a gust of wind blows through the room after you tell Cole your answer. Tyler walks back into the room and you apologize for what happened between you and Brady. He says its okay but you hear a hint of depression in his tone.
  4. Derek walks back into the room and then Cole and Tyler walk back out. He says that you need to be trained and that they all will help you with your telekinesis...minus Brady. You ask him how he discovered his powers and he starts telling you his story.
  5. "Ok",he starts "I was only 7 years old and it was my birthday. There were candles on the cake and they wouldn't light. So this thing just randomly came over me and with a snap of my fingers, the candles were lighted. ever since i've been able to harness fire at my will."
  6. "You wanna see how it works?" he asks you. You nod yes and he snaps his fingers and a flicker of fire appears on his fingers. Then he makes a fireball with his hand and evaporates it. Cole walks in and tell Derek to stop showing off and says you need to come downstairs so they can make your training plan.
  7. You Derek and Cole walk downstairs and realize that Tyler and Brady are missing. Tyler walks in and asks where Brady is. No one knows so you all set off to find him
  8. After about an hour, you still find no trace of Brady until Derek yells "Guys i found something come to the kitchen." You all walk into the kitchen and see a note on the fridge.
  9. The note read "I'm sorry guys, but i have to leave you. i dont know when i'll be back, but just make sure the bad Terra's dont get to _____! bye, Brady"
  10. Well part 4 is over part 5 coming ASAP. byes

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