Loved or Hated (part 10)

Well if you haven't taken parts 1-9 of this saga then you will have no idea what's going on here. If you aren't reading this and just going straight to the quiz cuz you can't take it anymore, then I'm letting you know now, there's a big cliffhanger and I think some people might just kill me for putting it there but, that's how it is. Have fun talking the quiz.

I would really appreciate it if people were COMMENTING more often. LoL well, I'm trying to have you guys, the people taking my quizzes, actually having a part in what's going to be in the next part. I tried to use a lot of your ideas for the name and I came up with one that, in a way, combined a lot of what the name and characteristics of the new character would be. I picked one name from the list and a few characteristics. Look out cuz maybe I used what you said and put it in the quiz.

Created by: xXlovehateXx

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  1. It's the next day and they let you out of the hospital. You are wearing the new shorts and tank top you got at Hollister. You're back in Cole's house and Derek says "We really need to try out your power and see what's going on with the whole mind ready thing."
  2. You all walk out to the backyard when you see a brown haired hottie standing out there. Everyone else is too preoccupied to notice him so you walk out there and then notice that he has one hazel eye and one green eye. He seems really nice so you walk up to him.
  3. "Hey my name's _______. and you are?" you ask. "James. My name's James. It's great to meet you. Uhm do you know where i could find Derek ?" he asks in a buttery voice that just melts your heart. "He's uh-uhm in-in-inside the house." you manage to stutter out.
  4. James walks inside and you hear yelling. That's when you hear Brady yelling at him, using words that are entirely out of your vocabulary, which snaps you back to reality. That really shocked you because you thought James was a really nice person.
  5. You walk calmly towards the house and Brady starts to calm down a little bit. Finally, he runs out of breath and you ask James "Uhm, is there a good reason that he was yelling at you?" He just chuckles and that's when he sees Derek coming out of the kitchen. "Hey Derr" he says,"What's up dude?". Derek just stands there mouth agape and drops everything he's holding. (pen, paper, etc.)
  6. James walks up to Derek and waves his hand in front of his face. "Dude ya alive? Helloooo,"he says. Derek snaps "Yes i'm alive you doof. Now what's up, haven't seen you in forever man!" You're just standing there thinking why Brady has such an issue with James but Derek doesn't. They start conversing and Cole just looks disgusted and walks away. You get really bored just standing there listening to the guys talk, so you take a crack at mind reading.
  7. You shut your eyes and focus on Tyler's voice. "I really like her and this sharing thing is really pissing me off. Should I tell her?" Upon hearing this your eyes flutter open and you walk towards him. He looks at you with a perplexed look. You grab his arm and yank him outside. "I know what you were thinking just now. It's nice to know that you don't want me being shared."you say. Tyler turns a shade of bright red and hugs you. You look up into his baby blue eyes and he kisses you softly.
  8. You pull away from each other reluctantly and Derek walks out there with James and Brady right behind him, Cole no where to be found. "Guys, James is gonna be staying with us for a while" Derek says. James grins and says to you "Hmm, maybe we can get to know each other a little better _______" His voice just melts your heart and you see him wink at you.
  9. "Brady, I think you should get her some water. She looks like she's about to faint" James says. "Just because you're living here doesn't mean that you can tell me what to do and --" you cut him off and say "Water would be nice." Brady stares at you with wide eyes and walks into the house to get a water bottle, all the while muttering to himself. He comes back and hands you the bottle, still muttering to himself. "Ok well ______ I don't know how to say this, but James is....well he's a....."
  10. Ha sorry guys but I'm gonna leave you with a cliffhanger. Watch out for part 11. :]

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