Who will you love? part 7

Woo! Part 7 heeeere. I was going to have it out ealier but with all the snow the internet goes down. Badabingbadaboom! Lets go! Onward with part 7! ♥ Woo ♥

Heya. Comments are much loved and so are telling me who you love. today some total biatch has poisoned you!!! you learn a little more about Blake and Gavin, well when i say 'a little more'....

Created by: Alethea

  1. you can feel your veins burning, like you've been poisened. Gavin rushes to your side but unable to control yourself you hit him over the head & he goes out cold. the burning feeling is throughout your entire body, you're screaming in pain. Seth is taking Gavin out of the room while Blake stays. you can't see anything but it feels like he's cutting into your leg!
  2. Suddenly the fire is gone, Blake picks you up in his arms and takes you down to the lab. you can see what looks like your blood dripping from his mouth!!!!
  3. He places you down on a table. you're still staring at the blood next to his mouth, he notices you staring and wipes his mouth on a tissue. "Ummmm _____, there's something i haven't told you. I'm a vampire..." He looks up to see your reaction, his green eyes filled with curiousity.
  4. "Listen, I'm not sure exactly what was inside you but i have an idea of what it is. It won't effect me but for you it's deadly." he says. you still look confused he sighs and says "you were poisened... I don't know by who, i'm pretty sure it wasn't Gavin, Seth or me. It must have been someone who has visited the house."
  5. "Ok i'm going to have to run some tests. I was wondering while you're waiting you might like to hear my story." He says. you nod and he begins "I've always had an intrest in science even when i was very young, when i left school i became a young scientist. I suppose back at the time i didn't realise what exactly the company i was working for was dealing with, turns out we were testing people wih powers Locking them away and preforming tests on them. Around about that time i started to notice changes... I seemed to hear things people were saying when they actually hadn't said anything, turns out those were their thoughts. I got close to the people i thought were patients, which was how i met Gavin. One 'patient' i came close to was a girl named Sienna, she was beautiful, light brown curly hair and one green and one blue eye. She was in there because she never ate because she was a vampire. I fell in love with her..."
  6. "But when we tried to run away with Gavin too, we were caught by other 'gifted' that wanted Sienna's gift, she was able to control people's emotions. So they cut out her heart and ate it. Luckly Gavin and i escaped." He says with tears in his eyes. you decide to change the subject and ask why Gavin was at the lab. "Gavin was taken away from his parents at an early age because of his electricity power, they held him in that lab for many years, he never knew what it was like to feel the sun on his skin or even touch someone. He was cut off from the rest of the world and he never even knew, he never had a friend, he never had anyone to love. Until he met you."
  7. you don't look like you believe him so he says "trust me. I've been inside his head." his tone changes and he's friendly "Well aren't you a little curious about my appetite? Don't worry thanks to the blood doners at the hospital i'm ok." you nod and say "So you don't kill anyone right?" he nods "I don't kill. But more importantly we have to find out who tried to kill you." Who do you suspect?
  8. "this is going to take longer than i thought. you should go find something to do while i find out what's in the poison." Blake says. you leave the room and go to the balcony where you can see the sunset. you....
  9. Suddenly you see a figure in the distance, it's not a bird but it's flying! you regognise the black hair hanging over one eye and yell...
  10. Conner flys to the balcony and lands gently on his feet with a perfect elegance and grace. He smiles and says "So _____, had good dreams?" you're thinking....
  11. you fall alseep that night with ease, it's the best nights sleep you've had since Conner left.you're not entirely sure but you think you can hear the lullaby as you drift asleep...
  12. Ok there's part 7 for you =] please comment rate etc. Oh and by the way, i got your army of animals Kuki & they're on their way back home to you =D . Who do you love??? =]

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 7