Paranormal Love (part 13)

Hi guys, welcome to part 13 of my Paranormal Love series. This part got cut a little short because of all these ideas jumbled up in my head. I didn't know what to put in the results, so I just stated stuff you already know. Sorry about that.

Here's a recap: You met Jace on your balcony and he explains that he wants you to come with him but also tells you that you have free will. Your heart nearly jumps out of your chest when...

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. Your heart nearly jumps out of your chest when Jace abruptly leans in and kisses you on the lips. It was like nothing you've ever experienced before. (I'm not saying it was better than the other guys, but it just felt... different. Good different.) It was almost TOO good. Every thought that didn't involve Jace left your mind completely. Jace pulled back and leaned his forhead against yours. He stared into your eyes, you noticed that the dark brown around the outsides of his irises were gone and replaced by amber. His eyes almost seemed to glow. You didn't think much of it because all you wanted was for Jace to kiss you again... actually, you wanted to rip off his shirt and make out with him, but you can't have Jace knowing that.
  2. You tried your best to fight the urge to make out with Jace, but it only got worse the longer you looked into his eyes. Looking away might have helped, but you just couldn't bring yourself to do it. Jace lets go of your hands and puts his arms around your waist. He pulls you so close to him that you two are touching. "Oh my God, Jace has rock hard abs!!! This isn't making it any easier!!!" you think. You finally give in and kiss Jace with um, a little too much enthusiasm let's just say. Oh, well. That's exactly what Jace wanted!
  3. You have no idea how long you and Jace made out, you didn't really care either because you weren't getting bored in the least. You pulled back for a second to catch your breath. You see that Jace's eyes had the dark brown around the outsides of his irises again. Just then, you came to your senses and started thinking normally. The first thing you thought was "Dear God, I'm a pig! Did I seriously just do that?" Jace smiles. "Don't feel bad, that's what I wanted." Jace says. You blush, "So I'm guessing you're a mind reader?" you say. "Not exactly my strongest power, but you thought that pretty loudly." Jace replies. "Oh..." you say. "Well, how did you find me in the first place?" Jace gets that look in his eyes, which sets the mood back to romantic. "It was destiny that brought us together. Because ____, we are meant to be. If we weren't, I never would have found you."
  4. As vague as that answer was, it was also totally sweet. And when a guy this hot tells you something like that, you do NOT ask any further questions. Jace looks away for a second. "Sorry ____, but I should really leave now, before somebody sees me." he pauses. "These guys...just don't understand me." he looks you right in the eye. "Promise you can keep a secret?" he asks. You nod. "Promise you'll come back?" you ask. Jace nods, "Of course." Jace says. He kisses you one last time. "Love you ____." Jace says. "And just remeber, you have free will." then Jace just dissapears.
  5. "Where did he go?!" you think. Part of you wants to scream "COME BACK! TAKE ME WITH YOU!" and part of you hopes that you never see Jace again. What would the guys think if they knew about this? Would they ever trust you again? And now that you've come to your senses... why did Jace's eyes change color? *Sigh* "It's not easy being me." you think. You wish that you could have the guys in your life without all of this confusing drama crap. Out of all the supernatural beings why did you have to be the one with the most power? And you didn't even know what supernatural being you were. You felt like you didn't belong. "Ugh. Whatever. I'm going to bed." you think.
  6. You lie awake in bed thinking about Jace. "Do I love Jace?" you think. "Probably not... I don't know if I trust him. No. Definately not. He's just hot. [____] is hotter. I love him, not Jace." you decide. You go to sleep thinking about [____].
  7. ***Ethan's P.O.V.*** I was sitting in my room, alone in the dark. I like the dark, it's the perfect environment for thinking about stuff. And right now I was thinking about ____. Something seems weird about her, she's been acting a bit distant lately. I'm a ghost so I can easily sense her feelings. I've sensed a lot of different things, but the emotion I've sensed most was confusion. I really wish she'd come talk to me. ____ can tell me anything. *sigh* if only she knew how much I care about her.
  8. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's morning now.
  9. ***Allissa's P.O.V.*** I went into ____'s room, she was still asleep. That girl needs to get her lazy butt out of bed! As her best friend, it is my duty to help her acheive that. Saying "____, wake up!" is so boring, so I'll just smack her with a pillow as hard as I can. I picked up the pilliow and silently walked twords her.
  10. Just as I was about to smack ____ with the pilliow, I heard her mumble something, it sounded like she just said "Jace." That stopped me dead in my tracks. "How could she possibly know Jace?" I thought. I wasn't used to calling him Jace though, just about everyone including me called him...
  11. Sorry guys, CLIFFHANGER!!!!! >:) Who do you like?

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