An Odd Love Story (part two)

Hello this is An Odd Love Story (part two). I've just seen that there is another story called an odd love story. I'm not stealing her idea. I'm thinking of changing my story's name. If you havent taken the first one then You should or this wont make any sense. Its called An Odd Love Story. Rate and comment please!

This quiz is called an odd love story because its made by icinoddness. Dont forget to take my other quizzes-What awsome manga character are you? and What anime guy should you date. They are really fun. Thanks! :)

Created by: icinoddness
  1. You're about to fall then all of a sudden, someone grabs you.You look, and see its Joshua. "Wow you'd better watch your step." You smile and blush as you see his arm is still around you. You look into his eyes and....then the bell rings. You sigh as the both of you go to class.
  2. After school, you head Trevor takes you to the movies. As your watching the movie he yawns and you feel his arm go around you. You both smile and he offers you some popcorn and coke. You stare at his nice abs and stunning eyes. After awhile of thinking of him, you see everyone moving and leaving. You were so distracted by him you didn't know the movie was over!
  3. Trevor takes you home and that night you have a dream about the boys. They are arguing about who will be your boyfriend. They all do silly cartoon violence, like tom and jerry. You laugh when you wake, but you know you have a problem in your hands. Which boy do you like best?
  4. You put on a leather jacket and red shirt, along with your favorite jeans. You walk to school and you wonder why Dakota wasn't there with you. Your dreading today's chemistry exam, so you bring out your chemistry book and start studying. You have to anyway to be a good tutor for Joshua today.
  5. When its tme for chemistry, you get out your pen and start. Probably because of the studying you did just an hour ago, most of the questions are easy for you. After you're done, you flip your paper over and look around. You see Joshua looking kinda frustrated. You feel bad for him but glad you two will study later on today.
  6. After school, you head over to Joshua's house for your study session. You knock,and he opens the door. "Oh, you're here, let me get some snacks before we start. he grabs some sandwiches and some soda and then he led you to his room.
  7. You both got out your chemistry books and began. You taught him about formulas, and all your memerizing tips. After awhile he seemed to be getting it. You continued to eat and study for two hours, then you guys had a break. "Thanks so much for helping me, Carrie. I would be so lost without you." your welcome you say. "Let me get us some more snacks." As he stands up, he trips over your bag. Then, in an effort to not fall, he grabs onto you and you both fall. On his bed. With you on top of him. You see how close his lips are to yours, but then his mom comes home.
  8. You groan but then you say, wow there better watch your step. His mom comes in there and asks, "Who is this, I didn't know you had a friend coming over." He says " Yes you did mom, this is my chemistry tutor." "Oh now I remember! Why doesn't she stay for dinner?" "No mom she can't." he says without even asking you. You feel a little disapointed but you leave anyway. After you're home, you think of Dakota and remember you didn't see him at school. You walk over to his house and see its empty. Weird, you think out loud.
  9. You go home an study for awhile but you can't get Dakota out of your mind.You do all of your homework, and even read a book. Then you head over to his house, still, nobody's there you get a little worried.
  10. Then you see one of the windows has been busted out. You look in and see its a little girl's room. It must be Madison's room. You start to walk away then a car pulls in the driveway and someone comes out. Its a woman and she kinda looks like Dakota. "Hi I'm Dakota's mom, can I help you?" I was just wondering why he wasn't at school today, you answer. Oh, he is at the hospital, There's something wrong with Madison, she says sadly.

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