Crystal clear? part 1


HAVE FUN PLEASE AND DON'T TAKE THE RESULTS SERIOUSLY, BESIDES THERE AREN'T ANY, I have not been on this site for a while so gimme a break please and just let have some fun,

Created by: glitter
  1. You are standing by the old rusted windoe of the 109 year old hotel, you never wanted to move , Today was supposed to be your best day ever but it turned out to be you worst.
  2. You parents decided it would be best to run a hotel rather than having to go to work everyday. The had renovated it exept for your room, scince they were finishing Nina's (your sisters) room first. You look out to see the sea. You can taste the salty air and it makes you sick, But the view was beautiful, the ocean was CRYSTAL CLEAR, the wave were laghing at you, or were they crying?
  3. The place is in the middle of nowhere and ther is a rumor that there is a giant cave somewhere around here but nobody ever found them.
  4. 'Cyan!' You hear you father's voice booming like daggers and peircing the walls of your thoughts. You race down the loopy stairs to see what he wants. The stairs go round and round and round...
  5. You finally reach the endless flight of stairs. You see you handsome dad standing by the beautifully firnished wood, that was an orangy, redish color. It was you favourite part. On is lay a computer and a couple of files and documents. 'Yes, dad?' you ask him raising you brows. 'You need to help.'
  6. 'But, I'm busy.' You fib. 'Doing what?' he asked crossing his arms. You look at him trying to come up with and excuse. You drink in his Rusty blonde hair, his cyan blue eyes (a sky blue) and his black jeans and white shirt. Your mom had named you after your dads eyes. Your excuse is...
  7. You answer that. 'Yeah right', he says sarcastically,'The store room is that way. You sigh and head for the wooden door. You open it to find a flight of stairs. 'More stairs.' you mutter to you self. Finally you get to the bottom and find a pile of boxes, you realise that part wasn't reanovated, you look for a box that reads 'TOWELS'
  8. You find it written in your mother's loopy writing. You lift it up from the floor. You turn around to find...
  9. A guy with chestnut brown hair and bright blue eyes, they were a pretty sapphire blue. He had tan skin and a well toned body, you could tell that he worked out. 'Yeah, I'm sexy and I know it.' he says smiling a dazzling smile, you could've swooned.
  10. You pull yourself together. 'What are you doing here, only the staff is allowed here.' you say pretending to be indifferent. 'Yeah, but I live here, that counts as staff.' he says smirking. 'No, just because you checked in, doesn't mean you live here.' 'Yeah but I didn't check in, I've lived here for the past two years.' You glare at him, he moves around and walks right through the pile of boxes!
  11. You scream. He blocks his ears and gringes. 'Okay, no matter how loud you scream, nobody can hears you!' He shouts over your screaming. 'H_How did you do that?' you say, you are totaly freaked out! 'Do what?' he asks looking confused. 'You walked through those boxes.' you says as beads of sweat start forming on your forehead. 'Yeah, so?' 'Thats not possible!' you say trying to comprehand this. 'It is when you're a ghost.' he replies.
  12. You are shocked. You pinch yourself a couple of times, it doesn't work. You stand up as quick as you can, grab the box and run up the stairs as fast as you can, you don't know how you got to the top but you were standing at the wooden door. You expected it to be locked by the ghost but you don't hesitate to twist the knob. To your suprise, it open as easily as blinking.
  13. 'Ghost!' you scream at the top of your lungs. 'What are you talking about?' your mom asks shaking her dark brown hair in disaproval, her hazel eyes wide in amazement. 'He was hot, he walked through the boxes.' You say shaking voilently. The guests were crowed around you. 'Don't be silly, go to your room straight away,' she said sternly, 'You are embarasing me!' she added in a whisper. You decide to just let it go and lie. 'Sorry mom, it was probably a spider.' You say. The guest don't look amused anymore and look irked.
  14. 'You are so in trouble, go get some fresh air and come back later.' your dad say looking worried. You get up and walk out the automatic doors. You walk and walk until you were nearly at the sea. You look at the ground, ready for drowning youself in thoughts. Was that your imagination, were you seeing things? No, you've never had a wild imagination and you never see things. You felt yourself bump into someone, you looked up to see....
  15. You see a guy with jet black hair with light green eyes that almost look neon, he is pale and muscular. Finaly, someone normal and hot. 'Watch where you're going!' You snap making venomous eyes. 'If looks could kill...' he says and stares at you. You look him up an down and you could've sworn you could see through him. 'You are a ghost?' you ask surprised but not too much. 'You can see me?' he asks confused. 'Yeah, I even saw that blonde guy.' you reply as if you talk to ghosts every day. 'That Laim, I'm Keiran.' He says and hold out his hand but then snaps it back. 'What's the point of doing that, you won't be able to touch my hand.' he says.
  16. 'But how come I bumped into you that other time?' you ask confused. 'That's because I was mad. Ghosts materialise when they are angry or some thing.' he replies. 'You mean emotional?' you ask teasingly. 'I mean angry or something.' he replies. 'So why were you mad?' you ask. 'Bye I gotta go, Laim needs me.' He says and fades away.
  17. You walk further down onto the beach. You take off you shoes, you feel the warm sand under you feet and between you manicured toes. You sit down cross legged when you see a guy in the water. No, he was walking on water. You are startled, you wanted to move back to your old place, this place was surely haunted. The guy looked cuter and cuter as he ebbed toward shore. He didn't fall in. You knew he was a ghost, no question about that. He had longish blonde hair but his eyes, they stired you. The was something wierd about his eyes.
  18. CLIFFHANGER!!! Will you stay tuned for part 2?

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