Crystal Clear all over again

Welcome to my first story quiz,CRYSTAL CLEAR ALL OVER AGAIN.I just want to say that im very excited to join this amazing site and im hoping to meet great people here.I hope you enjoy it cause im new at this

In the results,if you get Casper please ignore the part where you met him and everthing.I didnt mean to put that and im lazy to fix it.If you get Tanner,please ignore the smiling part too.I hope you like it and tell me what you think in the comments.ENJOY

Created by: Thunderbolt97

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  1. The hallways felt like they were closing in as classes let their students pour out.I just stood there getting bumped and pushed.Being the new kid always stinks!Ifinally decided to head to my next class.Biology.
  2. I walked in,my long dark brown hair bouncing against my back.There was like five student in there since the rest of the class is out in the hallways wanting to be late.The teacher was writing in the board.He was wearing a lab coat,his grey mustashe twitched as if he hated his job and i sware he glanced at me and scoff.
  3. i sat at the back and watched the rest of the class come in.i was staring at a dead frog in a jar.The yellow-greenish liquid made it float up. "His name was Rubert."a voice said by me.
  4. I looked up and saw a blonde girl standing over me with blue friendly eyes. "Hey.Im Cora.You must be new here."she smiled I nodded."Im _____(your name) and yes i am new here and it sucks." She chuckled and sat by me."Anyways,he use to be our class pet but he died so Mr.Lance put him there."
  5. I glanced back at the dead frog then back at Cora.She plop gum in her mouth and twirl one strand of her blonde hair."You dont have to stand up in front of the class and say'Hi.Im ____.I love BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH' CAUSE Mr.Lance dont dig that junk."
  6. I nodded.Mr.Lance started on todays lesson.He didnt even look at me.I sighed and slouch on my cold seat.Cora was texting during the lesson making me want to take my phone out and do the same.Instead,I pulled out my'BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES' book and start to read it.I love to read.Its what I do most of my free time
  7. I was almost finished with a chapter until the bell ranged.I looked at the time.Class was over and I spent the whole class period reading.The rest of the class packed up and began to leave.I packed up and followed suit.
  8. I sighed.Four more periods then Im home I felt someone tugged on my arm and pulled me toward a different direction.
  9. It was Cora.She laughed and continued."Your next class is this way,newbie" i splatered a fake smile until we finally reached my class:English.
  10. When I entered, It felt like everything was in sssslllloooooowww mmoottioooon.You know when a pretty girl or guy walks in the room everthing seems to be slow motion like they are the star?Thats not what I felt. It was Cora.
  11. ALL the guys said hey to her except for one guy who was by the window,watching Youtube videos.He had a blue spongebob Squarepants blanket hugging him and he was wearing nerd glasses.
  12. I was going to go up and compliament him but someone shoved me making me hit the hard cold tile.
  13. ****Ok thats it for this part.I know it sucked but I promise ill do better.There ARE some writers in this site that expired me to write my own stories.Ill love to name them all.First is xxbluixx.I absolutly love your series:DONT LEAVE ME HANGING.
  14. Second is Dannica.I read her beauitful secret/lies/endings and im reading confinement which is really great!!!!!keep up the good work!
  15. Thirdly is TheRecklessBam.I love your seies too.I read all of them and im waiting for the next part.Im in love with Patch:3
  16. Last but not least...cometlight.Im in love with your series and please make the next part.Im not trying to rush you:P
  17. Thats it for now.Please comment and tell me wat you think.

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