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  • "Hey dude! I'm not sure if you remember me but I am also obsessed with Splatoon. It's legit the only thing besides Fortnite that I play. ^^; ..."
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  • My thread:3
    "I even told him I wanted to off myself and he was like “we’ll get through it together” and then immediately asked me a sex related question "
  • My thread:3
    "Guys really do try to sweet talk into getting something. Does it look like I’m a desperate dumb b---- 😃"
  • My thread:3
    "Lmaoo I can’t xD I think what really pissed me off is when he tried to manipulate me into thinking I’m a terrible person for “l"
  • My thread:3
    "LOL DID YOU REALLY i was mainly joking but damn you’re the mvp xD"
  • My thread:3
    "I think I need some space before I do something drastic. Today is really filled with urges."
  • My thread:3
    "I really do think this site helped me in so many ways. But I could never forgive how much it took away from me."
  • My thread:3
    "I think nine years is a good run, anyway."
  • My thread:3
    "or maybe I should leave gotoquiz now. like officially leave. I sorta hit that adult stage. You know, the one where you think of"
  • My thread:3
  • My thread:3
    "Where is home?"
  • My thread:3
    "I can't with some people"
  • My thread:3
    "quick someone search up griffinnitch20 on Snapchat and see if he is ranting about me bc I refused to send him nudes. ..."
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