Falling Feathers

Welcome to part one of my second series Falling Feathers.This replaced Crystal Clear all over again but the names are different and the storyline is too.I also want you to check out my I Know Your Secret series too because it will come in handy:P

Ok...so in this series,your name is Starry Filts.You are sixteen,dark brown hair thats wavy,sometimes curly,big brown eyes and regular height.In this part,there are four guys you know but as YOU(as the reader)don't know their real names.Enjoy:)

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Like what I expected.He isn't here at roll call.I growled but kept my cool. "Okay young soilders,today were are going to practice healing." I started.I spotted White walking up to us,his head bowed down. "Young White,"I started. "Where have you been.You were absence in the roll call so you won't be partipicating.You should be sorry for yourself." White lift his head up. "I am truley sorry.I was...somewhere else." I glanced in his eyes.They were just so...beauitful.I broke the gaze and pointed toward the exit. "Leave.You can not stay here." He stopped his tracks but nodded,turned around,and left.
  2. I felt horrible but White knew he shouldn't be late to roll call.My dad would kill me if I cover for him and he knows I do sometimes but this time it's different.I turned back around toward the rest who were lined up side to side.I called out Blue and he stepped out the line and bowed down. "Here."He replied.I nodded and he stepped back in.I called out Golden and he stepped out. "Here." I nodded and he stepped in. "Last but not least...Cyan." He stepped out,"Here." then stepped back in.I cleared my throat. "Okay,go to your regular spots and my dad will show you how to heal.I have to speak to White."
  3. I excused myself and went out.White was leaning against the wall across me. I crossed my arms. "Whats wrong with you? I DOESN'T take long to tell a human some news." White stood up straight. "She's not human,Starry." I rolled my eyes. "Your'e still late so you have to make it up,White." He sighed but nodded.
  4. I glanced at his eyes.They were so stunning.I looked away. "Do you want me to help you again?" He smiled,nodded and took my hand.We headed to the Cuff room.I don't like this room but I get use to it cause White's always late but very smart. He got down on his knees and took off his shirt.His skin was clear and nice.He had the perfect six-pack-woah ! I NEED TO FOCUSE!!!
  5. I stood by the weight botton. "Ready?" I asked.White nodded and and raised his hands above his head,palms facing up the ceiling. I sighed and pressed the botton.Heavy weights,the size of a teacher's desk,fell in his hands.He gritted his teeth and stood up,still carrying the weights. I watch him walk through the training areana.He jump over a buring hoop,not losing balance on the block of weights.
  6. "You got it?!" I called out. "Yeah!"he called out back.I didn't wanted to leave him alone but I had to get back to the others.I went out the cuff room and walked off.By the time I got in,everyone was already exceeding the healing lesson.I glanced back at my dad.He gave me a thunbs up and I shot one back at him. "Starry,what is tomorrow's lesson?"Blue asked close by. "There won't be class tomorrow and focuse.Don't lose concertration,Blue." I replied pointing to the dog he was healing.He smiled and regain his focuse.
  7. I saw Golden staring at me but he quickly focused again.I smiled and glanced at Cyan.He was having trouble.The cat he had in his hands wouldn't hold still making everything difficult for him.I saw his eyes turn dark,a sign to show you're angry.
  8. I walked toward Cyan,giggling to myself. "Need help,Cyan?" He looked up and sighed."Yes please." I sat down by him and took the cat from him.The cat had a broken bone in it's leg so I held the leg gently.Cyan's mouth almost dropped but he quickly healed the cat's leg. "Thanks,Starry."He muttered. I nodded and gave him the cat. I got up and walked over to my dad. "They're doing great."I said looking over the class.He nodded. "Indeed...everyone is so intelligent except for...White."
  9. I glanced back at him. "He's smart,dad.He just have bad timing." My dad stared at me and stratched his grey beard."Your'e kidding me.He doesn't deserve to be up here and he should be thrown in the l-" "DAD! That's enough.You always want hom to go in there and help out the people there but then again you want him to suffer in the cuff room everyday! Don't you feel a bit sorry for him.In my opinion,he's more than a dumb feather!"I ran toward the exit and left,slamming the door.
  10. I ran in my master bedroom ,slamming the door.I felt tears swelling in my eyes.I hate yelling at my dad but I hate it when he talks bad about White...
  11. ***Thats it for this part.Comment and tell me what you think please and stay tuned for part 2:)

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