Falling Feathers pt.5

Welcome to part five of Falling Feathers.This part is a little bad like-nah I won't spoil it:P I've been trying to catch up with my other series(IKYS) and at the same time catch up with my other story on Quotev.com.It's called Dangerous Games by FallenComet_97(ME).Check it out if you like:)

RECAP:White is stressed out about feeling useless and you try to make him feel better.You and him go off to the meeting (he wasn't invited) but he doesn't stay long.He leaves,still upset and you follow.Both of you kissed and went down there(Earth) and you are enjoying it.You then felt arms wrap around your waist and a whisper,"You like it?"

Created by: rvelez

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  1. White spin me around. "So..."he trailed off,his arms still around me. I smiled. "I love it!" he dropped his hands and I ran around enjoying the wind. He chuckled and ran after me.He grab me from behind bringing both of us down.We both laughed,me on top of him.I felt alive like up there was a prison and down here was like heaven.
  2. I realized that our faces were close.I blushed and got off him quickly.White sat up and lean back on his hands. "Whats the first thing you want to do?" I shrugged and squealed. "Suprise me." White chuckled and got up. "Do you want to go.."he thought for a second but he then snap his fingers. "I know!" I smiled but suddenly the sound of water rushing and crashing spread over.White looked confused and we noticed it was coming from the beach that wasn't far off.White and I decided to check it out.
  3. We finally got close enough to see the beach but we wern't on it.In the sky,water swirl around a guy holding a stone! ARTIE! "It's Artie.They found the first stone."White muttered looking at Artie who was glowing the gold.My eyes scan around the beach.The team was cheering and the other angels was just staring in awe.My eyes stopped on Falcon who was sitting down on a boulder.He looked upset but anger slip out of him.His eyes could be seen feet away....both are black.White noticed him too. "You want to talk to him?" I nodded. "but don't you hate him?"I asked. White shook his head. "I shouldn't hate him...it's wrong."
  4. I smiled and we started to walk toward Falcon,the wind elemental.All of a sudden,a girl appeared behind him with a wet cloth.She pulled Falcon behind with her and placed the cloth on his mouth and nose.He struggled to get out but he went out.She whispered 'sweet dreams babe' and she tucked the cloth in her back pocket so it would hang out at the end.White growled and we ran toward her but she started to glow along with Falcon.She noticed us coming but thank God White grabbed her. "NOREEN!"
  5. Noreen giggled. "Hello angel White.Hello princess.How do you do?I'm perfectly fine.Bye." Noreen soon disappeared with Falcon.White hand was out where he had her in his grip. "NOREEN!COME BACK HERE!"he yelled.A tear ran down my cheek. "Do Avery know?" I muttered.White shrugged dropping his hand. "We have to tell him."
  6. *Blue's POV* I crept out of my working office and into the Leaves Room. I really hate this room.I looked around for the idiot White.He must be around here.DANG!He's not.I grab a guy by his shirt's collar. "WHERE IS WHITE?!"I yelled.He brust into tears and I threw him off to the side.I locked the door and saw a girl with a blanket over her face.She was scared but I didn't care. "WHERE IS WHITE YOU DUMB LEAVES?!"
  7. I chuckled and then there was a knock.I smirk and went out the window.The wind brush agaisnt my skin.OK!ENOUGH WITH THE DISQUISE!Time to show off the real me.Ispread my blue feathery wings and tear it off revealing my black.I felt my eyes turn pitch black with the red dead swirls around the pupil....
  8. "Bravo."A voice peeked in from behind.I turned around.So finally alone with the person I hate the most.Jody cocked an eyebrow. "So you finally show the real you?How fasnating."he growled cirlcing me.I circle arouns slowly as well. "Yeah.Why not? I always hated this f****** place and today I leave but first..."I took a swing but he dodged it.His wings spread behind him and he slam me agaisnt the brick castle.I growled and punched his gut.He bent down for air but he swung a punch back,punching me in the jaw.I felt blood drip down my mouth. "I'mma make you wish you were DEAD!"I tackled him down,both off us falling off the cloud.
  9. I kicked him away from me,trying to use my wings to fly but he twisted my wings making it impossible to fly.I kick his and clawed making the same thing happen to him.Both of us continue to fall,not stopping our punches.We were about to hit the ground but he quickly took his hand out,motioning a tree to lean over for him.He landed perfectly on a branch and I fell hard on the back,my spine felt like giving up.He hop off and picked me up,throughing me agaist the tree.His eyes were no longer blue.It was black like mine.I was about to swing at him but the tree caught my arm and held me back.The roots grew out and tangled around my legs,tieing my up.Jody step back wiping the blood off his mouth.
  10. "Aren't you suppose to be with your team?"I asked,distracting him.He looked down for a sec. "Team?Yeah,right." I smirk. "What do you mean?You hate them or is it because you finally noticed you didn't belong there!" Jody crossed his arms. "Yeah.That might be it."
  11. I smirk. "I won't forget to tell Avery that." Jody growled. "I'll tell him myself if that makes it better." I chuckled and we both glanced at Noreen who was standing there. "Hello Jody."
  12. ***CLIFFHANGER!YES!I'm so mean:) Its short but I needed to catch up.Who do you like?

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