Trusted Figments

Welcome to part one (hopefully I'll continue this) of Trusted Figments.I love the title sooo much lol:P but yeah.I hope you like it and comment if you want:)

~~~Please check out IKYS (I Know Your Secret) and IF you want.Falling Feathers.You don't have to take Falling Feathers. I've been in forums so thats why I'm taking long releasing the next parts and all but on to the story. :)

Created by: ICE_CUBE97
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  1. The shadows.I felt them following me.Tracing my every step I took.I didn't look back.I know they are my imagination but sometimes I think not.I've been suffering from this nonsense since I was five.No one believes me.They always be laughing or saying something like: 'Wow.You have clearly lost your mind' or 'It's your imagination.' Even though those are words,I take them in like actions.Like each hurt me,slap me,punch me.I'm not allowing that anymore because I'm getting to the bottom of this.I want to prove I'm not crazy or aleast I am,but with proof.
  2. There is only one person who does believe me and I am happy to have a friend like that.He walked in the classroom,his bookbag hanging on one shoulder.The light seem like it reflected from his nice,smooth,soft skin and how his dark brown hair was perfection.His eyes,were irreplaceable,unique and stunning.They were a light purple,more like violet I guess but whats the difference?
  3. His eyes scan the room,looking for me.He finally stop as our eyes met and he walked toward me,taking a seat after he whispered a 'Good Morning'. I smile,not wanting to talk but I knew he understand me.He took out his notebook as the teacher walked in.
  4. "So how was your morning at your place?"he asked writing down his name and the date.I shook my head. "Not too good.I felt the shadows following me again when I was heading here." He looked at me. "Again?Do you want to talk about?" I shrugged. "Maybe later.I'm not in the mood for...talking." He nodded and stared at the board. "Destruction"he whispered,his eyes not leaving the board.I glanced at the board.There in red marker was 'Destruction'.Both of us snap our heads at the teacher who was coming in.At the same time,we glanced back at the board.The word was gone...
  5. "Ok class,settle down."Mr.Barner announced,annoyed.He glared at the people who were up,wondering around.He was my favorite teacher and he was nice and all but the idiots here take over his niceness,turning him into a hard-headed,cold-hearted man.He knows me well and I know him well but I never get the chance to tell him about my problem.How 'shadows' follow me and torture the brains outta me.
  6. He scribble down some notes on the board and then turned on the projector.I suddenly felt...watched. "Jax,I can't do this."I uttered,weakly.Jax faced me. "What do you mean?" I shrugged,choosing to drop it.I always get that feeling in this classroom.I felt Jax's hand squeeze mine,his eyes gave off worry. "Just ignore the feeling,_____.You'll be fine." I nodded and buried my face in my arms,not wanting to pop out or talk anymore. WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME?Everyone thinks I'm crazy and I feel like digging up a deep hole and crawling in waiting for death to take over.
  7. I drifted off for what seem like forever.The bell rang making me jump up alarmed.Jax plaaced his hand on my shoulder. "It's ok.It's just the bell.Come on."he helped me up,my legs feeling like jello.I don't do much in this class and even Mr.Barner don't mind for some strange reason.Jax and I grag our stuff and headed out.The halls were a creepy cold.We have lunch nezt so all we got to do is put our things in our lockers.Jax openned his locker and stuffed his bag in.I,on the other hand,was too lazy to open mine.He closed his locker and openned mine.He knows me too well.I handed him my stuff and he nicely put them in my locker,closing it after. "Ok,lets go." I nodded and we walked toward the lunchroom.
  8. We entered and the girls that drool over Jax sighed and batted their eyes.Some of them glared at me but I ignored them.Jax and I then step in the lunch line,his eyes were glued on the new girl,who was sitting alone.I grab a trey and stuff it with random food,my eyes not leaving his. I tugged him,making his snap his eyes at me confused. "Get your trey."I laughed.He shot a weak small smile and he grab a trey,filling it out with beans,a burrtio and fruit.I walked toward our regular seats but I sense him not following.I turned around and saw his still standing there.I sighed and walked toward him. "Whats wrong?" He cleared his throat. "We should keep her company."he muttered,jerking his chin at the new girl.
  9. "But I don't want to."I groaned.He shrugged and walked toward the new girl. I walked back to my regular seat and sat down,not wanting to sit with them...or even see Jax. I took a bite off my burger and looked around.Jax and I always make fun of the people that walked by our table but not today.He's with the new girl,probably joking around and laughing.I glanced back at them.There WERE laughing.His laugh,the laugh I love the most,could be heard thousands of miles from here.I sighed and turned back around.
  10. A slight touch brush against my arm.I looked around but nothing was there.I felt lonely,depressed and puny. I didn't like the fact that Jax left me for some stranger and how I keep seeing and feeling things around me.
  11. Time past and I dunp my trey.The feeling that someone was following me sneaked by me making me want to turn around but I didn't because it seems like when you turn around you get knock out like in those stupid pointless movies and stories.I scurried to my locker,spinning my combo.I open it and took my stuff out.I was the only one in the hallway,the rest was slowly walking toward here.I slam my locker and out of now where,was shoved into a dark room.

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