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  • The math test (part 1)
    [published: Jul 10, 2013]

    This is the math test. But first, let me tell you I'm not good with math. I dislike math and it's pretty…

  • Random pointless quiz
    [published: Feb 8, 2013]

    This is a random pointless quiz but here is the thing.... It is not. Really. I just put that as my title…

  • Trusted Figments pt.3
    [published: Nov 15, 2012]

    Welcome to part three of Trusted Figments.I released this one early but sadly its very short and I'm…

  • Trusted Figments pt.2
    [published: Nov 13, 2012]

    Welcome to part two of Trusted Figments.I actually like this part and you'll met another guy.Again,this…

  • Trusted Figments
    [published: Nov 9, 2012]

    Welcome to part one (hopefully I'll continue this) of Trusted Figments.I love the title sooo much lol:P but…

  • Which "I Know Your Secret" guy is right for you?
    [published: Nov 6, 2012]

    Hello my friends.Do you ever wonder what guy from I Know Your Secret would go…

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