Could you be le TrollieStop?

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You're going to read thi and when you do...I'mma owe you 5 bucks...Anyways there doesn't need to be alot of explaining here...the title is pretty self-explanatory...Are you like me?

Are you? 0.o? Welll...take the quiz, find out...tell me bout it....and umm...don't know what to say now other than ENJOY MY QUIZZZ!!!! BLAH! BLAH! Lady Hamms!!

Created by: TrollieStop

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a growing obsession for chocolate of all kinds?
  2. Like kittehs?
  3. What's your catch Word? (Yes, there is too such a thing!)
  4. Who, In my family, Do I talk about the most?
  5. Out of the bunch of users that I wrote down....Which of the 4 are the people I talk to the most here on GTQ?
  6. So the last few questions where like one final answer and not appropriate for like...this quiz format...
  7. Do you have alot of acquaintances but only a couple close friends or do you have alot of friends in general..
  8. Skinny or bootcut....
  9. Welll....Rate! Comment! Both! Neither....
  10. Liked it?

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