Teenage Chronicle Part 40

I serious can't apologize enough for being gone for a long time. I haven't been writing and it felt wrong so I thing I'm going to make about 20 parts this week :P But I want you guys to know that I'm not going to stop writing in case you thought that I had disappeared or left lol

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eye.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. Patch didn't reply, he just stood there silently. Staring at Cyndonia with his cold black eyes. It was quiet for a moment, they stood there staring at each other. I was about the jump out but Cyndonia was the first to break the silence. "Remember out first kiss?" She took another step towards Patch. My heart was racing, and my blood was boiling. I was so angry that I didn't even notice the blood on my hand from gripping a rock so tightly. "or do I have to remind you?" She whispered and took a final step, leaving nothing but a thin airway between them. I was raging. He wasn't even moving. He was just standing there like an idiot. I wasn't just going to stand by and let him do nothing. I went from sitting on my knees, to crouching, but I was to late. They were kissing. Right in front of me.
  2. I felt like my heart had just exploded and I couldn't breath. Everything became to blur, because of the tears forming in my eyes. I stood up, and Patch pushed Cydonia away. His eyes widened in horror when he saw me. I held back my tears and ran into the house, slamming the door behind me. I began to run, when I ran into a hard object. "Woah, calm down the- ____?" Jake's face went serious as soon as he saw me. "What's wrong?" He frowned. I shook my head, not finding the right words to say. Nothing came out, I couldn't speak. If I did, I was afraid I would cry and become a mess. I just couldn't handle anything right now. Jake's bright blue eyes turned darker as someone walked into the room. "_____.." I heard Patch's soft voice, and that was enough to push me over the edge. I became to cry, and as soon as I heard footsteps walking I ran out of the room and into my own.
  3. I curled up onto my bed, hugging my knees to my chest. I was crying to hard, I couldn't even think about what had just happened. I choked on my own tears. I couldn't believe what I had just saw.. and it had to be with the worst person on earth. I hate her. I hate Cydonia so much. Why did she do this to me? I don't get what I ever did to her. I heard a knock on my door, thinking it was Patch I was about to throw my glass vase. "It's just me.." He put his hands up in surrender, once he was what I was about the throw. I put it back down and continued to silently cry. I felt the weight on my bed shift, and Jake's presence made me feel a bit more comfortable. He wasn't saying anything, but I didn't care right now. I was to hurt to speak. I felt his arms wrap around me and he held me tightly. Which only made me start to cry harder.
  4. My hears were burning, and my throat was swollen from all the tears that were flowing out of me. I had never cried this hard in my entire life. I had never been hurt this much. I hated feeling this way, so much. I laid my head on Jake's shoulder, and he held me tighter, not saying anything. He sat there and held me as I cried, and cried, and cried. I couldn't stop crying, I was so hurt. I hated Patch, so much. Why did I have to fall in love with him. I could've prevented all of this. After a half an hour of nothing but tears, my eyes began to dry and run out of tears. I was shaking because I had cried to much. Finally Jake spoke up, "Do you want to tell me what happened?" I stood there considering if I should, or not. But I needed someone to talk to, and Jake was all I had right now. I nodded my head slowly, and my voice came out as a whisper, "Patch.." I whimpered as I said his name, "kissed Cydonia." I cringed as I said those last two words. I felt Jake's body stiffen. He was definitely no longer in a good mood.
  5. I began to take long, deep breaths to prevent me from crying again. "He doesn't deserve you," Jake whispered. I just shook my head. "I don't understand why.." I responded re-enacting the kiss again. This time I was full of rage and anger. I felt my eyes go cold, and they flashed to their unique color of gold. "Because he doesn't realize how amazing you are." Jake shifted so that he was facing me, but I was still in his arms. I looked down at my hands which were intertwined together, and shrugged. "No, ____. You're the most amazing girl I have ever met. You're funny, crazy, challenging, playful, sensitive but strong, and most of all you're beautiful." He tilted my head to face him. "But you don't even realize it. He can't even admit it to himself." Jake's face was serious, and his blue eyes were burning into my own. I smiled, a real smile, for the first time. "Thank you Jake," I hugged him tightly. At least he had made me feel better.
  6. "I'm going to go for a walk," I said to him as I pulled away from our hug. He nodded, "Just don't over think things." He gave me a half smile. I stood up and he followed me out of the door. My heart began to race as I descended into the living room, praying that I wouldn't run into Patch. Thankfully, no one was there. So I easily grabbed my coat, and slipped out of the house. As soon as I was away from the house I felt like a giant boulder was lifted off my shoulder. The cool air gently brushing against me face, felt refreshing. My lungs felt much better as I inhaled the frosty air. I began to walk around the corner, when a familiar black sports car approached me. "Need a ride?" I saw Jack smile at me from the driver's seat. I stood in place for a moment. Did I really want to walk by myself and over think everything, or go with Jack who would take my mind off of things. "Sure," I flashed my best smile and slid into the passenger's seat.
  7. His smile faded away, "What's wrong?" I buckled my seat belt and looked up at him. "Am I that obvious?" I frowned. His face lit up a bit, "No, I just know you better then you think." He smiled slightly and I actually laughed. "What you think I don't?" He frowned. "No, just amused by how much you think you know." I teased. He laughed and began to drive. "So what's wrong?" He kept his eyes on the road. I was glad he did, because I felt like I was torn apart. "Uh," I hesitated. I didn't really talk to Jack like that, not on the emotional level at least. "C'mon, I'm your friend. I'm not going to tell anyone." He glanced over at me. "I promise." His eyes locked with mine for a brief moment. "I got hurt.. badly." I responded. "Did you get fall? Are you okay?" He slowed down and his eyes were all over me, making me shift in my seat. "No, not physically." He realized what I meant and I couldn't tell what he was thinking. It was quite for a few minutes before Jack finally said something, "Who." He said. "Who what?" "Who's ass do I have to kick?" I laughed, but I realized he was serious and I bit on my lip. "No one important." My voice quivered as I said it. I swallowed the lump in my throat, doing everything to not cry.
  8. "Well whoever he is, deserves it. He just hurt the best person on this planet." He slowed down and turned into a parking lot. "Who would do that?" He said and turned to me after he parked. "Where are we?" I asked. "Somewhere that's going to take your mind off of that guy." He said and got out of the car. As soon as I unbuckled my seat beat, I heard my door open. Jack smiled as he opened the door for me. "Thanks," I blushed. It was getting dark, so I had to idea where he was taking me, but I felt safe with him so it didn't matter. We walked down towards a forest. "Where are we going," I said as we inched closer. "Its a surprise, c'mon." He held his hand out and I grabbed it with out hesitation. We walked through a dark trail, and I was thankful that I was with Jack. The deeper we got, the more I could see lights towards he other side. They got brighter and brighter.
  9. We finally reached the end of the woods, and I was amazed by what I saw. "Oh my good.." I gawked. We were on a giant cliff on the outskirt of town, that over looked the city. "You like?" Jack turned and smiled at me. "Its amazing!" I turned to face him. I could see the lights reflecting off of his turquoise eyes. They're was a old wooden bench, that looked like it had been here for a decade. Jack walked towards it and I followed, sitting down next to him. "No one knows about this place," He sat staring at the skyline. "How did you find it?" I asked. He shrugged, "One day I got bored and took a walk. I found the path and followed it." He looked over at me. "Can I know who?" He stared at me and I could tell that he actually cared. I took a deep breath and mumbled, "Patch." I looked at him from the corner of my eye, and I saw him clenching his teeth. We sat in silence, and I heard a loud snap from behind us. Back then, I would of taken it as an animal. But now, my whole world was turned upside down and I take it as a red flag. I turned around quickly and saw a figure standing in the shadows of the forest. I slid towards Jack and elbowed him. He turned and saw the shadow, so I knew I wasn't imagining it.
  10. Jack stood in front of me. "Stay here," He said and walked towards the shadows. I was terrified that he would get hurt. He stopped about 10 feet away. "Get out of the damn bushed." He laughed. "Huh?" I walked towards him. The closer I got, the shadow became more familiar. Once I reached Jack, my heart shattered all over again. "GO AWAY." I yelled and instantly turned to walk away. "____!" Patch yelled and grabbed my elbow. My body went cold and I was full of rage, my eyes flickering. I ripped my elbow from his grip, not turning to face him. "Don't touch me," I whimpered. "Please, I'm begging yo-" "I don't want to talk to you Patch!" I turned and looked him straight in the eye. "I can't believe you kissed her!" I began to cry again. I could actually see Patch's eyes. They weren't their usual black, they were a dark brown. "She kissed me!" He retorted. "It takes two people to kiss!" I hissed. "And you didn't leave as soon as she started flirting with you!" "I know. I should've left bu-" "But you didn't." I whispered and walked past him. I stared at the ground as walked. I felt a hand stop me. "It was him?" I looked up at Jack. I nodded and wiped my eyes, trying not to crack ever further.
  11. I stared at Jack, and something in him snapped. He was no longer the flirty, fun loving guy. His eyes darkened, "You tell me, that I'M not good enough for her?" Jack walked towards Patch. "But you come back for her, trying to make her remember. Telling me I don't deserve her, that I'll never make her realize who I was. But you get here and take what was never yours and break her as if she were nothing?" Jack began to yell. "Do you know how much you hurt her?" "Jack. This has nothing to do with you." Patch was starting to get angry. "No, it doesn't. It has to do with her!" He snapped. "She's not a toy, Patch. Just because you're so messed up and can't figure out what you want doesn't mean you can treat her like that!" Jack was furious. I had never seen him mad. I felt like I had to do something, but I didn't know what to do.
  12. "I didn't mean to hurt her!" Patch yelled. "Just like you didn't mean to hurt Cydonia?" Jack retorted. Patch clenched his teeth and his jaw flexed. "You don't know anything." Jack let out a cold laugh. "I know you more than anyone else does." Patch ignored him and tried walking around him, towards me. "No." I stared at him and took a step back. Patch stopped in his place. Jack turned and they were both staring at me. I was silently crying, but I didn't know what else to do. "Just leave." Jack said. "No, not until I ta-" "Patch! Look at her! You broke her heart, you're the reason she's crying!" Patch looked at Jack, and then back at me. "Fine." Patch said and took a step back. "I just want you to remember what I said when we were together yesterday. I meant it when I said I love you." He said and began to walk away. As soon as He said those last 3 words I lost it. I began to cry harder, because I just realized that I lost Patch.

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