Teenage Chronicle Part 30

Welcome to part 30 of Teenage Chronicle! I'm still going to try and reply to all of your guy's comments/questions (: and I'm hopefully going to make the parts longer.

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eye

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. "What the heck," I opened the door and walked out on the deck. I wasn't sure if I was imagining this but I saw a little girl. She was facing away and standing outside the woods next to our house. She wore a long tater pink dress that made it look like she'd been living in the wilderness, and her long blonde hair was very messy, and It was covered in dirt and mud. She moved and I realized I wasn't imagining her. "Hey!" I shouted and she turned to looked at me. I gasped. It was Lucy.
  2. I ran out of my room and down the stairs to the front door. I ignored the guys are ran out the door. "Lucy!" I yelled her name as I ran up to her. She looked lost but didn't even move. I stopped and kneeled in front of her. "Lucy? What happened to you?" I scanned her body for any visible cuts or injuries because she looked like she had just came back from falling down a giant hill. She was covered in dirt and her dress was ripped here and there. She looked at me. Her eyes showed that she was frightened.
  3. "Lucy, you need to tell me what happened. Are you okay?" I blurted out multiple questions. I didn't know what happened. What if someone had kidnapped her and then left her in the woods? No, she probably was just playing in the woods and got lost.. but she lives on the other side of town.. She looked at me like she had just noticed that I was here. "The shadow.. it took me." She whispered. I felt my heart begin to race. "What shadow? Was it was man? Did he take you?" I asked. She shook her head. "It was a shadow. The one's only you and I can see." My eyes widened. "What do you mean it took you?" I asked. She turned around and scanned the woods. "I don't want to be here anymore." She frowned. "I'm scared." She hugged me. I didn't understand what she meant but I had to get her away from whatever she said took her. I picked her up and carried her towards the house.
  4. I walked into the house and shut the door behind me. The guys were sitting in the living room playing COD. I rushed to a couch and sat her down between Calisto and I. Everyone except Calisto were to busy to notice her. "What happened to her?" Calisto's eyes widened at the sight of her. "I don't know, she said something took her." I brushed off some dirt from her dress. "Guys, pause it." Calisto turned to guys. "What, can't you see I was on a kill streak?" Alex paused the game and turned to Calisto, who nodded his heads toward her. "Where did she come from? A grave?" Alex asked. "Alex!" Josh elbowed him in the rib. "Ow," He nudged Josh back, but he ignored him. "What happened to her?" Patch asked. "All she told me was a shadow took her." I took a leaf out of her hair.
  5. "Can you tell us what happened?" Calisto look at her, and she stared back. "A shadow took me." She said to him. He looked up at me and back to her. "What kind of shadow? What did it look like?" He asked. Everyone in the room was silent. "The shadows are the ones I can see. She can see them, too." Lucy turned to me. I mentally cursed at myself. I never told the guys about it. The only time it had happened was when we saw Calisto's mom. Other then that, they didn't know about me seeing them.
  6. The guys stared at me. "What shadows?" Josh asked. "I don't really know. I started seeing them before you guys finally returned. I thought I was going crazy, but then she told me she saw them, too." I explained to them. "What do they look like?" Alex asked. Lucy held on to me tightly, sitting on my lap. I could tell that whatever had happened, really terrified her. "They look like, well, shadows. All I see is a dark blob of mist that I, We" I corrected myself and looked down at Lucy. "call shadows." I finished.
  7. No one said anything. I don't think they knew exactly what to say. I shifted in my seat. "So.. You and Lucy can see them?" Patch asked. I nodded. "SO what happened Lucy?" Josh asked. Lucy curled up in my lap. "I was playing outside with Adam and the phone rang so he went to go get it. He said he would be right back. When he left I saw the shadow. I sometimes chase them around, but this time the shadow took me." She was shaking. "How did it take you? and Where?" Patch asked. Lucy continued, "I don't know. I only remember walking up to the shadow and then I woke up at night in the middle of the woods. I was scared." She finished. I was scared for her. I thought they were messengers, and now they take a little girl? I had no idea why or what else they were capable of.
  8. "We'll talk about this some other time." I said before the guy asked her any further questions. She was still scared and didn't know any more then we did. "Are you hungry?" I asked, and she shook her head no. "Here hold her," I picked her up and put her next to Calisto. "I'm going to call Adam." I stood up and walked up to my room to get my cell phone. I found a note on my bed saying that Ezra went with Jake and Katherine to go pick up Cory since he got here earlier then expected. I grabbed my cellphone and dialed Adam's number.
  9. He picked up after the second ring. "Hey cutie," I could practically hear him smiling. "Hi," I replied. "Um- Your sister is at my house." I said slowly. There was silence. "You found Lucy?" He asked alarmed. "Yeah, I found her near the woods next to my house." I explained. "She's fine. I don't exactly know what happened, but I called to let you know." "I'm coming over now." He said and we both hung up. I didn't know what she was going to tell Adam. I don't understand why the shadow took her. She's a harmless little girl. She doesn't know anything about them either. I was curious about how she knew they were messengers though.
  10. Just as I set my phone down on my bed, someone knocked on my door. I walked over and opened the door. "Hey Patch." I said and sat on the edge of my bed. He walked over and sat down next to me. "Where did you find her?" He asked. I shrugged. "I didn't 'find' her. I just looked out the window and saw her out by the woods. I thought I was imagining her first." I replied. He nodded his head like he was thinking of something. "I don't think what she saw was a shadow, or whatever you guys see. I think it was something else." He stared at me. "What do you me-" He cut me off by covering my mouth. He put a finger up to his lip and stood up as if something else were in here with us. "Something's not right." Patch walked around my room. I suddenly felt a chill go up my spine and goosebumps settled over my skin. Patch walked over to my window and opened it. "Holy-" He gazed out the window. "What?" I stood up and walked over to him. My eyes widened. Our whole backyard was surrounded by shadows.

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