Teenage Chronicle Part 26

Welcome to part 26 of Teenage Chronicle! (: I can't believe I'm already on part 26, I mean wow, I remember writing part one like yesterday :p time really flies by.

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. On our way out I looked back at the girl who gave me the evilest look I had ever seen. I stuck my tongue out at her and continued to follow Jack out the door. "Well that was fun," Jack was about a foot in front of me walking down the sidewalk. "and filling." I added laughing. As we approached the car, I felt something pierce the skin on my neck. I winced and reach for my neck, feeling something. I pulled out a dart from my neck. I gasped and my sight started to blur and my ears were buzzing. "___!" Jack ran towards me as I feel to the pavement below me. It was a poisoned tranquilizer.
  2. ** I woke up in Jack's car. I was laying down in the passengers seat. I instantly leaned up. "What happened?" I asked. Jack looked over at me. "Some kids were messing around, and one of them kid you with a tranquilizer." Jack said. "Oh so it wasn't poisoned?" I asked rubbing my neck. He laughed, "No," I blushed, feeling a little dumb. "Oh, erm, how long was I out for?" I asked. "About 15 minutes." He replied. "Oh," I replied thinking that wasn't very long for being hit with a tranquilizer. "What time is it?" I asked. He looked at his phone, "it's only 10:30" He replied. I nodded in response. "I'll bring you home now." He started the engine and sped down the street.
  3. I felt a little awkward because it was really quiet in the car. The windows were down and the wing was blowing in, it felt nice. I'm guessing Jack felt just as awkward because he turned the radio on. I gaped, "I love this song!" I jumped in my seat. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry was playing. He smirked and looked over at me. "You and I- will be young foreveer! You, make me, feel like I'm living a, teenage dream," I was dancing in my seat ignoring Jack. "the way you turn me on!" He sang loudly. I stopped and looked at him. "Oh my god." I burst out laughing. "What? I like Katy perry, too." He laughed. "I just didn't think you would sing," I continued laughing. He shrugged. "I wasn't singing, I was stating a fact about you and I." He smirked staring at the road. I stopped laughing and stared at him. I suddenly remembered the time he kissed me, and I flushed.
  4. I turned the radio down, curiosity was taking over. He looked over at me. "So, your a fallen angel right? Like Patch?" I asked. He nodded, "except I'm nothing like Patch." I stared at him. "That's not true.." I said more to myself, but he heard me. "What do you mean?" He asked. "I mean you and Patch are a lot alike." I answered. He raised and eyebrow, staring at the road ahead. "How?" "Well," I began. "you both are arrogant, really weird, flirty, you both act tough.. and your both really attractive." I whispered the last part to myself. "We're flirty?" He laughed. I nodded, "Very."
  5. "I think I'll take that as a compliment." He laughed and continued driving. He soon pulled up into the driveway and we walked up to the door. As soon as I walked into the house I was attacked by the guys. "Where were you?" Josh asked. "I was with-" I pointed behind me but hit someone. I turned around "Jack.." I didn't know he followed me inside. "What are you doing here?" Patch asked, sitting on the couch. Jack laughed and walked inside. "I could ask you the same thing," he walked in front of Patch, "didn't we have this conversation last night?" He smirked, but Patch kept his cold stare. I didn't understand why they didn't get along, I mean they seemed like pretty good friends in my dream.
  6. The rest of the guys kept questioning me but I ignored them and did the best to listen to Jack and Patch's conversation. "I just went out to eat with Jack because there was no food." I answered a little angrier then I should of sounded. They backed off after that and went to the kitchen. I was left eavesdropping on Jack and Patch's conversation. "How long have you been here?" Jack asked Patch. "Longer then I should be, but I don't care. I'm not part of the Nephilim Society." Patch replied. Was he not suppose to be here? "Where did you take her?" Patch asked defensively. Jack laughed, "calm down, I just took her out to eat." He replied. Jack was kind of right, they weren't alike. Patch was more serious, and dangerous, Jack was more care free and rebellious. Yet I was attracted to both of them.
  7. "I don't want you around her." Patch said in a serious voice. Jack sat down next to him. "Aww, is someone jealous?" He grinned at Patch. He hesitated, "no, I just don't want her involved with the nephilim. Me being here is already dangerous enough." Patch stood up. Jack's expression turned more serious. "Patch, just calm down. I don't want her to get hurt either." He said. "I couldn't live with myself if she got hurt because of me being around." Patch shook his head and started walking out. I panicked and ran into the kitchen before he could see me.
  8. "Hi guys," I waved at the guys who were sitting at the table eating like it was their last day. "Hi!" Alex smiled with a mouthful of food. "Eww," I covered my eyes. "Where did you guys get food? I was starving this morning." I walked over to sit with them. "Ezra and Xavier went to pick up food this morning." "Oh," That's probably where they went. I walked over and opened the fridge, it was now packed with food. "Oh my god, yes." I felt liek I was in heaven, literally. A house full of food and hot guys.
  9. I grabbed a plate of pizza and walked out of the kitchen just as Patch was walking in. We made eye contact, but something about it was weird. I shrugged it off and walked to go see Jake. I didn't see Xavier or Roger so I walked in. "Hi Jake!" I felt so happy seeing him. "Hey ____" He smiled as I walked in. "I brought you food." I laughed and gave him to plate of pizza. "Oh god, I swear your just read my mind." He took a huge bite of the pizza. "Are you doing okay?" I asked. He nodded and patted on the side of his bed. I sat down next to him, luckily it was big enough for the two of us. "I'm much better now. "He smiled at me. "How's Katherine?" I asked. "She's fine, she went out with Ezra." He said. "Oh," I replied. "Yeah," Out of no where Jake kissed me. I didn't expect it but wow. I pulled away confused. "Just in case I die again" He laughed. "You won't" He wrapped his arm around me and I laid me head on his shoulder.
  10. I sat there talking to Jake for what felt like hours. We laid and talked like we were best friends. "I'm glad we met," I said, "I mean again." I remembered my past life. "Me too," He kissed my forehead. "How did we met?" I asked. "Well," he began, "we met at this wild party and you were dancing on stage." He laughed and I could tell her was joking. "No," He was going to tell me the real story went I heard a loud crash come from upstairs. It sounded like glass shattering.

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