Teenage Chronicle Announcements

Okay so I just have some announcements about part twenty two of Teenage Chronicle. I am really, really, really sorry that I haven't published part 22 yet...

... I've just been really busy w/ finals and everything but school ends in two days and then I'm on summer vacation and I have all the time to write (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. Okay guys I am soooo sorry that I haven't made part 21! I have just been busy w/ finals and everything so I am FORSURE still writing!
  2. I just have two more days of school and then I'm on summer vacation (:
  3. So I am publishing part 22 very soon! I just don't want you guys to think that I quit writing.
  4. So are you excited for part 22?
  5. Well I don't have much else to say, but again I am REALLY sorry that I haven't wrote in awhile, but I'm going to be writing a lot during the summer.
  6. Any one excited for summer?
  7. I don't know what else to say lol
  8. Who's your favorite guy out of all my characters?
  9. Better villian - Erika or Cydonia?
  10. Well I hope your excited for part 22, its coming soon (:

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