Teenage Chronicle Part 14

Welcome to part fourteen of teenage chronicle! I'm trying to make these come out quicker, but they're most likely coming out on weekends. But anyways enjoy!

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. . Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. The guys looked weary, and mad. Mostly sad though. I knew something was wrong. “It’s Max.” Alex said. “Whats wrong?” I asked more worried. “He’s not really, Max. He was Erika’s puppet.” Calisto said. “What?” I asked. “Max was on his way here, but Erika got to him first.” I was instantly enraged when I heard Erika’s name. “She took Max?” I felt my eyes flash gold, mostly because they lit up the room. “How do you know this?” I asked. “Daisy and Artemis told us. They said they captured Max, and that's when I knew we had an intruder in our house.” Xavier said. “Then where the hell is he now?” Patch stood up. “He said he went to sleep.” Alex said. “I’m going to him.” Josh said and walked out the room. The rest of us followed.
  2. Josh flew the door open and stepped in. Max was surely enough in bed. “Max.” Calisto said. No reply. Josh gave him a shove. I heard the fake Max grumble. “Yeah?” He removed the covers from over his head. “Wanna hang out?” Josh asked. They were going to trap him. I just didn’t know the plan, so I was going along with it. “But it’s like11 at night?” Max said staring at us. “But Max, you never go to sleep this early.” Calisto said. “Oh.. right.” Max smiled awkwardly and stood up., but as soon as he did Patch pinned him to the wall. “Who are you?” Patch asked. “Way to get right to it Patch.” Josh said. Patch grinned but kept his grip tight on the fake Max. “What are you talking about?” The fake Max said. “We know your not the real Max, and that you work for Erika.” Patch growled. He was kind of hot when he was mad.
  3. The fake Max gave a smug smile. “So your not as stupid as I expected.” He shifted in Patch’s grip. “Don’t expect me to give you any answers, your a fallen.” The fake Max growled. “What’s that suppose to me.” Patch gave him a disgusted look. “Why are you helping them? The fallen don’t choose side. They work for themselves, no others. You can’t feel emotion, so just let me be.” The fake Max said to Patch. I had no idea what he meant, but I knew it wasn’t good. “You don’t know anything about us.” Patch snapped. The intruder just laughed. “What’s you name?” Calisto asked. “I’m not saying anything.” He hissed. “Do you prefer we call you fake Max? Intruder? I have many other explicit names in mind.” Xavier jumped in. “Fine. My name is Bryan.” He said in a snarky tone.
  4. “Why does Erika have Max?” Calisto asked. “I said I’m not speaking.” Bryan snapped. “You better start talking.” Patch shoved him harder against the wall. Bryan just smirked. It was creepy to watch because he was in what looked like Max’s body. “I take no orders from a fallen.” Bryan said and spit on the ground next to Patch. I could tell he was mad, but I didn’t know how mad until I saw Patch’s hands start on fire. I jumped back, alarmed by it. “You better answer, we fallen don’t have patience.” Patch said as he curled his fists around the front of Bryan’ shirt. He now looked scared. “Don’t know so much about the fallen now, do you?” Patch grinned. “Now,” Alex stepped forward. “why does Erika have my best friend?” He asked. “S-she’s using him as bait.” Bryan stammered out, while watching Patch’s fiery hands for his own safety.
  5. “Bait for ______, I assume.” Xavier said. “Yes and no.” Bryan replied. “What do you mean?” I asked. “She’s using Max as bait for you, and once she gets you, she’s using you to get to Jake.” He replied. “Jake?” I asked and looked around. “Where is he?” I asked. The guys shrugged. “I think he left to go pick up the food.” Alex said. “Is he safe?” I asked. “Jake’s smarter then that. He’s fine.” Patch said. I forgot that they kind of had a past together, as best friends. It was unbelievable to even try to explain to myself that all these guys lived together. After they’ve hated each other for years, and have been through painful situations that I don’t even know or understand. It seems like Jake has had the hardest time with Josh though. I know him and Patch settled things, in a way at least.
  6. “Hopefully he’ll be back soon.” Calisto said. “Yeah, I’m hungry.” Alex added. We all stared at him. “What? I am.” He said and ignored us. I silently laughed at him. Patch loosened his grip. “Anything else?” Patch asked. We all looked at Xavier for a response. “No.” He said. “What do we do with him?” Josh asked. “I think we should just ki-” Patch jumped back. Bryan had disappeared into thin air. “What just happened?” He asked. I recognized the familiar foggy white air he had left behind. I remembered the day one of Erika’s men tried to take me, but Adam saved me and the guy also disappeared into thin air. I couldn’t help but wonder what it meant.
  7. We all stood there not knowing what to do. “He must have been a air nomad.” Xavier said to us. “Whats that?” Alex asked. “Its a person who can travel place to place, like teleporting but through air. They travel to wherever they show up, they have no control over where.” Xavier explained. “Oh.” We replied. “What about Max” Alex said in a frustrated tone. “I’ll speak to Daisy and Artemis, but we cannot make any reckless moves. And we are not bringing _____ anywhere near Erika.” Xavier said giving us all a stare. “Why not?” I asked. I really wanted to show up to her pace and kick some ass. “Because it is far to dangerous for you.” Xavier said. He was starting to sound like my father. I shook my head in disagreement but stayed quiet.
  8. “So what now? Are we just going to stay here and act like nothing happened?” I asked in disbelief. I just couldn’t take it any more. Erika has been playing games for far to long and if we didn’t do anything she would continue to do this and I don’t know what else. I just know that I want to make her life a million times worse. I want to give her hell. “As I said, I’m going to speak to Daisy and Artemis, but we need to keep a low profile. So don’t go wandering off around town by yourself.” He looked at me. “Wait why do you keep referring these things to me? What about the guys?” I asked. “The guys can manage themselves.” Xavier said in a softer tone. I could tell he wasn’t trying to to upset me, but to late. “So your saying I can’t manage my self?” I scoffed. I wasn’t trying to be rude but just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t handle myself
  9. “It’s for your own safety.” Calisto added in. “Yeah we don’t want you getting hurt.” Josh agreed. “So your siding with him and saying I can’t handle myself?” I looked at the two of them. “No angel, trust me. We all know you can handle yourself.” Alex stepped in. “Glad to know at least one of you knows that.” I said. My eyes turned gold again, and I saw the guys cover their eyes. “I can’t help but feel you all, well except for Alex, think that I can’t manage myself just because I’m a girl.” I said. “No, well sort of, but it’s not like that.” Patch said. I glared at him. “You guys aren’t use to girls. Its obvious. Because your not doing anything to calm me down, in fact your doing to exact opposite. Just because your all guys doesn’t mean that your any better than I am.” I raised me voice a little. The guys laughed a little, and that set me off. They DID think they were better then me. “Don’t get so mad.” Josh said. I wasn’t mad. I was angry, and ticked off, also annoyed. “I can’t believe you guys.” I replied and stormed out off the room.
  10. They had made me so angry. How could they think that I couldn’t manage to handle myself? I was going to prove them wrong, some how I would. I walked closer to my room and opened to door. Jack was sitting on the couch and Ezra was asleep on my bed. Way to keep him company Ezra. “Hey, sorry I took so long.” I said walking towards the couch. I was going to sit on my bed because it so big, but Ezra sleeps in awkward angles so I’ll end up getting kicked. “It’s fine.” He replied. I looked out the window and saw that it was still pouring out. That was actually good news for me, because Jack can’t leave yet. “So Ezra feel asleep on you.” I laughed at her. “Yeah, she kept talking about how so many guys were asking to be your boyfriend.” He laughed lightly. I instantly blushed. “Ezra over exaggerates sometimes.” I laughed nervously. “I wouldn’t doubt it though.” He replied. I blushed more. I don’t know what was wrong with me but I acted super weird around Jack. I mean I got nervous, butterflies exploded in my stomach, I constantly blushed. I was definitely fan girling half the time, too.
  11. I stared at him, and even when my room was faintly lit, his eyes still were so bright. I loved ow they were always glowing, and they were amazing. He tilted his head to face me and I blushed because he caught me staring at him. “What?” He asked. “Nothing.” I replied. He responded by giving me a really sexy half smirk. I was oozing with so much joy, I was about to burst. I heard Ezra groan in her sleep. “Great, she took over my bed.” I laughed. “She’s a really interesting person.” Jack laughed. “Oh I know.” I replied. There was a bit of an awkward silence. I could only hear the Tv playing, and the rain tinkling against my windows. “So how has your mom been?” I asked breaking the silence. “She’s good, thanks. Just a little rough around my dad.” He said shifting in his seat. We were close to each other. I found it awkward and pleasing that it was love couch, but mostly awkward.
  12. “What do you mean?” I ask. “My dads not the best guy.” He responded. “Well I’m not trying to jump to conclusions on anything, but I heard your dad is like super rich.” I said sort of asking. Jack nodded. “He is, but thats the thing. He loves his money more then his own family.” Jack responded. I felt bad. Most guys I knew seemed perfect, but had a terrible story. “Sorry.” I responded. He glanced at me. “It’s okay.” He replied. There was another somewhat awkward silence. I looked over at Jack and saw him biting his lip. It was driving me crazy, and I felt like attacking him with a kiss. But I knew better and I tried to control my self. I had a bad habit of biting my lip too, well it wasn’t a ‘bad’ habit. “Uh do you want something to drink?” I asked. “Sure.” He replied. “I’ll be right back.” I said and stood up and changed the channel to MTV before I left. They were playing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
  13. I fixed my shirt and started walking. I grabbed the door handle but something grabbed my hips and pulled me back. The next thing I knew, I was pinned to my bedroom wall with Jack standing inches away from me. “Uh?” I was completely lost in his eyes. They were like a glowing ocean, and were much more hypnotizing up close. His eyes drifted down to my lips. “I know we hardly know each other but I can’t help it.” One of his hands was on my waist and the other was on small of my back, and he was biting his bottom lip. I was so attracted to him. “My attraction towards you is unbelievable. I’ve never been this attracted to anyone. It’s crazy.” He was standing closer now, leaving a thin airway between us, and his body heat was engulfing me. He moved both his hands onto my waist. I put both my hands on this stomach and felt abs through his shirt. My heart melted. He was so attractive.
  14. I slowly looped my arms around his neck. He was still staring at me, holding me in his arms. His eyes slowly went back and forth between my eyes and mouth. I couldn’t break the gaze between us, I just couldn’t. He finally leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. His lips felt amazing on mine. They were so soft, and he was a good kisser. He gave me a crazy adrenaline rush. He pulled away and stared at me as if checking if I were okay with what just happened. After not responding he lifted me up in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew that I wanted to kiss Jack. I was still in his arms and he held me up against the wall. I gripped his damp hair in my hand. I had the strongest attraction to Jack, and I had no idea why. He continued kissing me, holding me up against the wall. He was an amazing kisser and I had a hunger inside me that just wanted to continue kissing him.
  15. “Oh my god!” I heard someone yell. I got scared and jumped out of Jack’s arm. I was catching my breath and looked behind Jack to see who caught us. “I fall asleep for what? 20 minutes and you guys and making out already?” Ezra stood up, but she was grinning at us. “Oh good.” I sighed in relief. It was only Ezra. I was still hugging Jack. “Sorry.” I blushed and pulled away. He smiled at me and then his phone started ringing. “It’s my mom hold on.” Jack said and pulled out his phone. I walked over and sat on the bed next to Ezra. “I can’t believe you made out with Jack Lewis!” Ezra yelled in a hushed tone. I shrugged and gave her a smug smile. “Your giving me the details later!” She giggled. “My mom is actually her.” Jack said walking up to us. “Oh uh okay. I’ll walk you out.” I said standing up. “Bye Ezra.” Jack waved at Ezra and he gave him a thumbs up. I rolled my eyes and opened to door. “Ow!” I got hit bye a hand. “Oh sorry I was about to knock but you opened the door and- Jack?” Patch raised and eyebrow. Patch knows Jack?

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