Teenage Chronicle Part 8

Welcome to part eight of Teenage Chronicle! (: So the guys are finally back, yay! and I'm trying to make this come out quicker since I've been on spring break.

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. . Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. Someone knocked at the door. "I'll get it." I offered since I was already standing up. I walked up to the door and heard voices. I cautiously opened the door. As soon as I saw who it was my heart dropped. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't. It was exactly what I was waiting for. "Surprise!" Alex said. He was standing at the door with Josh and Calisto. Words couldn't explain how I felt right now. "Oh my god!" I screamed and jumped on Alex. He caught me. "Hey angel." He whispered in my ear. I jumped back down. "I missed you guys!" I next jumped at Josh and Calisto. "We missed you. too." Calisto said. I pulled away and studied them. Alex still had his shaggy blonde hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. Josh's black hair was messy, and his lime green eyes were glued to me. Calisto's brown hair was also a little messy, but his light blue eyes still lit up. I was so happy to see them, I couldn't help but start crying.
  2. "Don't cry angel." Alex said hugging me. "I can't believe believe you're here." I said crying into his shirt. He pulled me away. "Believe it, we're here." He smiled. Josh came up and wiped away a tear. "Don't cry. It makes me sad." He said. I hugged him. "You guys were done for so long. I can't help it." I said. I pulled away realizing I hadn't hugged Calisto. He was standing there watching me. I smiled and tackled him with a bear hug. "I missed our dorky conversations." I said laying my head against his chest. He laughed. "I did, too." "OH MY GOD!" I heard Ezra yell. I let go of Calisto and turn around. Ezra tackled all three of them and pulled them in for a group hug, but they ended up head butting each other. "Ow, Sorry!" Ezra giggled pulling away. "Where are Max and Tyler?" I asked. Josh rubbed his chin. "They went with Cedric to go help him out with something." Josh explained. I frowned. "What? Are they coming back?" I asked. Calisto shrugged. "Maybe, it all depends on Cedric." He replied.
  3. It sucked that Tyler and Max weren't here. I missed Tyler's sweet comments, and Max's adorable laugh. "So can we come in now?" Alex asked. Ezra and I laughed. "Where's my dad?" Ezra asked as we helped carry the guy's stuff in. "He escorted Max and Tyler. He said he would be here in a few days." Calisto said. "So we have a house full of 6 teenagers? Sweet." Ezra grinned. "I like the sound of that." Alex smiled. "Look who finally decided to show up." Patch said as he walked in. Josh grinned. They tackled each other with a hug. Ezra and I stood there in confusion. "They sort of discovered a bromance during the trip." Alex said. "Oh my god." Ezra laughed. I just raised an eyebrow at them. I actually never expected that between those two.
  4. "So where's our room?" Alex asked. "I'll show you." Ezra said. The house had enough rooms for everyone if the guys shared. "Alex and Calisto, your in that one." She pointed to the room across the bathroom upstairs. "and Josh your with Patch. He can show you." Ezra said. I walked into the kitchen and the guys followed. I decided to make a sandwich because I was so hungry. They sat at the table with Ezra, well except for Alex, who sat on the counter. "So what happened?" I asked. "Can we know yet?" Ezra added in. Alex nodded and stole my sandwich. "Hey" I frowned. "Sorry angel." He grinned taking a bite. "Yeah we're all here so we can tell you."Calisto said. I made another sandwich and made sure Alex didn't take it. "Finally. So what happened?" I asked again sitting on the counter next to Alex. "Well it took us three long, boring, miserable months to find the Immortal Society and give them a long lecture on why we need our powers." Josh said. "It turns out we weren't the only ones who decided to go give them hell." Alex said. "There were hundreds of us." Calisto added. It sounded like a protest, only for Immortals. "What did they say?" Ezra asked. I suddenly saw Alex disappear. "They gave us our powers back?" I jumped off the counter. "Yay!" I laughed. Alex reappeared. "They got tired of everyone ranting and bugging them, and realized that there was more good then bad." Calisto said. "Yes, I have my powers back!" Ezra giggled. "So what should we do now that we're finally all together?" Patch asked. "Well I just want to know how ____'s been." Calisto said. "Me too." Alex grinned. "Hows the new school?" Josh asked. "It's actually really good." I replied. But I was being honest, I actually did like it.
  5. "I'm just happy you guys are back." I smiled at them. "Aww." Josh stood up and hugged me. "I want in!" Calisto also joined the hug. I started laughing. "Me too!" Alex kind of jumped on us so now I was being suffocated. "Okay guys. I get it." I laughed. But I was still sad that Max and Tyler weren't here. I really did hope that they would come back. They were about to pull away but then Josh said some smart comment and they squeezed the crap out of me. "I can't breath." I gasped. They pulled away. "Thanks for almost suffocating me." I said to them. Alex just grinned and Calisto and Josh laughed. "Well I'm hungry." Josh said. "_____'s makes good sandwiches." Alex smirked. "I'm not making any more. Blame Alex." I poked him. Josh frowned. "Order a pizza." I said handing Calisto the phone. "Buy like 4." Alex said. I stared at him. "What? We just came back from a long, horrible mission. I'm hungry and haven't ate pizza in three months." He said. I just shook my head and laughed. "What kind?" Calisto asked dialing the number. "I want a supreme to myself." Alex said. "I want pepperoni and sausage." Josh added. "What do you want?" Calisto asked the rest of us. "I'll just go with pepperoni." Patch finally answered. "I'm fine. I'll just steal some from Alex." I laughed and he stared at me.
  6. "We'll the notebook is on again so I'm going to go watch it." Ezra squealed and ran into the living room. "I don't even know how many times she's watched it." I said shaking my head. "Over a million I'm guessing." Patch replied. "We'll I'm going to go join Ezra." I said. I tried walking away but as I walked past Alex he hooked his legs around me and had me in a lock. "Uhm?" "We just got here. Aren't you going to stay with us?" He grinned and gave me a seductive look. I rolled my eyes. "You better let go of me Alex." I said. "and If I don't?" He grinned. "This is a perfect position to tickle you." I smirked at him and he unhooked his legs. "Thats what I thought." I laughed and walked into the living room.
  7. "What time are the pizza's getting here?" Ezra asked. I shrugged. "Calisto knows." I replied and sat down on a couch by myself. "Calisto!" Ezra yelled. A few seconds later Calisto walked in. "Yeah?" He asked. Calisto was wearing dark jeans and a blue and white plaid shirt, which really made his eyes pop. His brown hair was still a little messy but something was different about him. I studied him trying to figure out what it was. I realized he looked a lot more attractive. "What time are the pizza's getting here?" Ezra asked. "He said in about an hour." Calisto replied sitting down next to me. He smelled so good. "Ugh, I'm so hungry." Ezra growled. Calisto laughed at Ezra, and I remembered how much I loved his laugh. He caught me staring at him and I blushed looking away. Alex walked in and sat next to me pushing me closer to Calisto. Alex put his arm around me. "So on a scale from 1-10 how much did you miss me?" He asked. "Do negatives count?" I asked and Calisto laughed. Alex frowned. "I'll be back." Calisto stood up and walked out of the room. "More room for me." I replied and stretched out on the couch laying my legs on Alex's lap. "Just kidding though. I missed your funny comments." I smiled at him. "I know, and I missed flirting with you." Alex grinned. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
  8. Josh and Patch walked in and sat down next to Ezra. I stared at both of them, and realized they got along really well, hence the "˜bromance'. They were entertaining to watch because they did weird things. "I'm back" Calisto said sitting down next to me. This time he was wearing a black t-shirt, and I noticed a scar on his arm. "What happened?" I asked looking at it. It was pink and red and had a shiny layer. It looked new, and was still healing. "We ran into some trouble along the way." Calisto said. "Yeah but we handled them." Josh replied. "Like a boss." Alex grinned. I rolled my eyes and laughed at his last comment. We hung out in the living rom exchanging stories about what we missed. Someone rang the doorbell and Calisto and I got up.
  9. We walked over and went to go open the door. "Someone help me with the pizza's!" I yelled into the living room. Calisto opened the door and there was a girl who was about 5'6. She had Auburn hair that was dark in the night, and had brown eyes. "Hi." She smiled at us and was carrying a black bag, which I assumed the pizza's were in. "Hey, how much is it?" Calisto asked her. She lowered the bag and a name tag into view. I read it, and found out her name was Cyndonia. Rare, but pretty name. "Its going to be 30 dollars. But for you it'll make and exception, 25." She smiled at Calisto. "Uh.." He stood there awkwardly. Alex and Patch came up. "Wheres the food?" He asked. "Hi." Cyndonia purred to them. Patch raised an eyebrow. "I'm going to walk away." Alex said and awkwardly left. "So 25 dollars?" Calisto repeated. "Yup." She smiled. Patch handed Calisto the money. "Here you go." Calisto handed the money to Cyndonia. "Thanks." She smiled and handed something to Calisto. "What's this?" He asked taking the paper. "My number. Call me." She said and planted a kiss on his cheek. Calisto stiffened up. She winked at Calisto as she walked away to the car. "Uh.." Calisto stood there confused. I felt kind of irritated with her.
  10. "I don't know what that was about." Calisto said carrying in the pizza. "I got a bad vibe from her." Patch said helping. "I know, she's weird." I said. "No, I mean yes she is, but she gave me a bad feeling." Patch said. I shrugged. "So Calisto, are you going to call her?" He asked. "No, I don't even know her." Calisto replied. "Plus, you said you got a bad vibe from her." He added. I felt something hug me from behind. I tilted my head and saw nothing. I squirmed my way out of it's grip and thats when Alex came into view. "Wow." I laughed. "You want to be that way?" I asked, and he just grinned. "Fine." I said and tried to turned invisible, but something was wrong.
  11. "I still see you." Alex said. I didn't get the adrenaline that I usually felt when I used my powers. It wasn't there and I knew something was wrong. "It's not working. I'M not working." I said freaking out a little. "Are you sure your trying? It's been awhile." Patch said. "I know how to, and it's not doing it." I said. "Wait.." Calisto said alarmed. "What?" I asked. "Alex, remember when we saw all the orbs in the room?" He asked Alex, who was eating pizza. "Yeah, I remember,.Those were every Immortals powers." He said in between bites. "Remember who we ran into?" Calisto asked. I stared at Alex and saw his face turn to panic. "Erika stole her powers?"

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