Teenage Chronicle Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 guise! (: I'm trying to make each quiz come a little faster, but I'm not sure since I have lacrosse season coming up :o but don't worry. I am for sure going to be writing!

Characters so far... Daniel: Light Brown hair, and Topaz colored eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. Ezra walked by my side babbling something about Mr. Gabe. As we were getting closer to turn the hall, not knowing why but I turned back to look at Jack. But to my surprise he was already looking at me, watching me walk away. A chill went through me and I turned forward again. "and That's our plan for Friday." Ezra said. I didn't hear a word she just said. "What's our plan?" I questioned. She sighed and stopped. "I have to make up a test after school so you can just wait in the library or something. After I finished my test we go home change, and head to the game. After the game then we go to Daniel's party." Ezra grinned. I was going to protest but I didn't. Ezra was going to force me ether way so I nodded. "Detention's in the library." Ezra groaned and walked up to the large double doors. I walked in after Ezra and scanned the room for Mr. Gabe. It was a big library. The book shelves were about ten feet high, and there were tables gathered in the center of the library. The second floor had more shelves and I noticed a few computers. "Ladies, over here!" Mr Gabe said to us from the center of the library. We walked over and sat at a table. "How long do we have to stay in here?" I asked Ezra. She shrugged. "It all depends on the teacher and what you did." I groaned. There were a few other kids with us but they didn't say much. Mr Gabe called out our names and we answered in return. "Alright you know the rules. No phones, No music, No gum, No talking, No food or drinks, unless it's water, No Sleeping, No leaving. And if you break any of these rules, well.. you'll just have to stay longer." Mr. Gabe explained. Great. Detention was going to be hell.
  2. I sat there in my seat quietly, not knowing what to do. So I got out my homework and decided to just deal with it now. "Mr. Gabe? Do you mind taking care of this one for me. I have to leave early." I looked up from my work. Mr. Roux was standing there with Jack. "Sure. Take a seat Jack." Mr Gabe said and Jack did as he said. Ezra happened to see me staring at him and giggled at me. I glared at her. He sat at the table next to mine, Ezra was at the table in front of me. She passed me a note that read: 'So I see your into Jack' I replied: 'I don't even know him. And stop passing notes to me. That's what got us here.' I threw it back at her and it hit her in her forehead. I laughed. "Shh!" Mr Gabe said still talking to Mr. Roux. Ezra and I were making funny faces at each other. She stopped though and I looked around. I realized Jack and the other few students were staring at us.
  3. I stared down at my paper and focused on my work. Smooth. I thought to myself. I finished all my homework before detention even ended, so I sat there staring around the library. "Five more minutes until you are dismissed." Mr Gabe said to all of us. I happily screamed inside. I kept glancing over to Jack, but he didn't seem to notice. It made me feel creepy so I focused on searching around the room. Before I knew it, Mr Gabe dismissed us. "Thank god!" Ezra groaned standing up. I put on my backpack and walked towards with door with Ezra at my side. The hallways were still sort of full. "Why is there still so many people?" I asked. We get out at 2:20 and it had to be around 3. "Cheer leading practice." Ezra said. I noticed that there was all girls, it made sense. "Hi Jack!" A groups of girls giggled as Jack walked out of the library. He waved and continued walking, ignoring them. "Girls really do love him huh?" I asked staring at the way the girls twirled their hair and drooled as Jack walked past. "You have no idea, and nether does he." Ezra said walking forward. "I'm so hungry!" I groaned. "I am too. Let's go get some food." Ezra said, and I nodded.
  4. Ezra and I walked down the school steps and searched for her Black Toyota. It was drizzling out so we quickly walked to her car. I opened the door and jumped it. Ezra did to and jabbed the keys into the ignition. "Where shall we go?" Ezra smirked. "Surprise me." I said. "You feel like Asian?" She asked. "YES!" I smiled. During the summer we spent half our time ordering take out, watching sappy movies and reenacting it to one another, we were dorks. Ezra pulled out of the school and began the drive to Panda Express. The thought of Daniel's party popped up in my head, and my curiosity began to bloom. "So what's Daniel like?" I asked. Ezra grinned. "Well as I said before he's popular, but he's really nice. You would assume he would act like a jerk but hes super sweet and somewhat dorky. And he's the running back on the football team." Ezra told me. So Daniel was a nice guy? Oh. "He lives on the rich side of town, along with Adam." "What about Adam, what's he like?" I asked. She turned a corner. "Adam? Well he's the school flirt. 99% of all girls in the school have a crush on him. He's a bit cocky too, and like I said before he's the school's quarterback. He can be nice most of the time. and hes funny too." Ezra said. Adam was attractive, I couldn't deny that but he was a little to arrogant, and that pushed my buttons.
  5. Hmm. I decided that I judged them to quickly, so I was going to get to know them first. They didn't sound that bad, as long as I didn't fall for Adam I could actually be friends with them. "So are you one of the girls that likes Adam?" I joked and elbowed Ezra. "I actually dated him..." Ezra said and I choked on my own air. "You did?" I asked. "Yeah in 8th grade though. It was only for like two weeks." She laughed. "Oh.. so nothing serious?" I asked. "No, I really did like him though. But we just weren't compatible." She said staring at the road ahead. "What happened?" I asked and Ezra cringed a little. "He left me for another girl." She barely whispered. I opened my mouth to say something but couldn't. I felt bad for her, and a little angry at Adam for doing that. It was official though, I can't start to like Adam. No matter what. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." I said staring at her. "Its no problem. I beat the hell out of her a month later anyway." Ezra laughed. "Really? What happened?" I grinned. "Well she got mad at me because I beat her in a game, a simple stupid game. I think she never did like my because after Adam and I broke up he kept flirting with me. But anyways she started calling me a bunch of names. I ignored her and she slapped me so I unleashed my monster and pulled her to the ground and taught her a lesson." Ezra giggled.
  6. By the time we arrived it was already raining down pretty hard. Ezra pulled into the mall's outlet and searched for a place to park. "I'll head in you stay here." Ezra said parking and I nodded. She grabbed an umbrella from the backseat and stepped out of the car protecting herself from the rain. I turned on the radio and searched for a good radio station. I found one where Katy Perry was a playing and I turned it up. "This is a part of me, that your never gunna ever take away from me!" I sang at the top of my lungs. But I stopped as soon as I realized my voice sounded like a dying whale. The windows began to fog up so I turned on the defroster. It was strange because It wasn't that cold out but I could see my breath. The inside of the car was Icy cold. I put on some mittens and warmed my hands. That's when I saw a shadow outside the window by the drivers seat. It was small but very dark. I couldn't tell if it was a person standing outside the car or just a reflection. I stared at it calmly. I was probably just freaking out. A few minutes passed by and it was still there. I couldn't make out what the hell it was. It was kind of just like a blob of smoke. No outline or shape what so ever. A hand pressed against the window and I jumped back screaming. There was no actual hand though, it was just an outline of a hand pressed against the fog on the window. My heart was racing and I didn't know what to do. My first instinct was to honk the horn.
  7. A few minutes later someone opened the door. I was about to scream but I noticed it was Ezra. "Was that you honking the horn?" She asked handing me two steaming bags. The aroma of noddles, and rice filled the car and my stomach roared with hunger. "Uh yeah." I replied. "Why?" She turned on the car. "I was impatient." I said with out a breeze. I was going to tell her about the shadow but remembered how earlier she didn't even see them. She was probably going to think I was crazy, and I was starting to think I was, too. I opened the bag and inhaled the scent of mixed foods. I was SO hungry. "Don't touch it yet. Wait until we get back to the house." Ezra said. Thankfully Xavier gave us a decent house. Okay so it's more then decent. It was a big white house with an outdoor pool, three floors, game room and a movie theater. I loved it. And I loved my room which was pretty big and had a flat screen, laptop, walk in closet, and huge bathroom. I was more then thankful. The best part was that I lived all by myself with my best friend. And nobody knew that but us.
  8. Ezra pulled up into the garage and I ran out faster then the speed of light and jumped into the house. I set the bag down on the counter and pulled out the food. I smelled the food's scent floating in the air. Ezra walked in and set her keys down on the counter. I flooded my plate with everything. I ate so much that my stomach grew about two sizes. "That was soooo good." I groaned sitting on the black couch in the living room. "I know." Ezra said with a mouthful of food. I comforted myself on the couch letting my stomach return to normal size, and turned on the TV. The Notebook was on. I love this movie, and the Titanic, too. "The Notebook is on!" Ezra screamed and ran into the living room jumping on the seat next to me. The living room and Kitchen were right next to each other, But both rooms were so big they took up most of the first floor. The Notebook was Ezra's favorite movie of all time. She quoted it, knew every character's lines, and cried every single time she watched it. But I didn't blame her, the movie was good, and Ryan Gosling is hot. "Why is her mother such a-" Ezra stopped and flicked her finger at the TV. I laughed. Ezra loved talking to herself and the characters during a movie.
  9. We were now at the part where They were kissing in the rain. I remembered the first time I kissed someone in the rain. It was a lot better then I planned it would be. Jake was that guy. The cruise I went on during the summer, running away from Erika and her guys. I recalled the moment as if it just happened yesterday. But then again when you kiss a really hot guy its kind of hard to forget. I zoned out during the movie and remembered all the times on the ship. It was amazing, and probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I have just been in agony worrying about the guys. They went on some mission with Xavier to go find the Immortal Society to convince them that we need our powers back. But three months is quite a long time. Especially when you get use to living with five loud, and entertaining guys. "No! You love him!" Ezra cried out. I laughed to myself. She was entertaining to watch, well whenever the Notebook was on. She was now starting to tear up. I laughed and stood up. "I'm going to go take a shower. Have fun with your movie." I said and walked up the stairs.
  10. I walked into my room, grabbed a towel, and walked into the bathroom. I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the shower letting the warm water steam against my skin. I was cold earlier before, but now the hot shower had changed that. I quickly finished and walked out wrapping my towel around me. I walked back into my room and the cold breeze flushed my skin. I shivered and put on a pair of sweats, and a sweater. My room, luckily, was the one with the balcony. And I'm telling you, it has the best view ever. I walked out on the wooden deck and sat on the bench that overlooked the city skyline. There was a large park that I could spot out from miles away. It had huge lights on and a water fountain in the center of the park that spit out water. It was beautiful at night. The rain had stopped but it was still wet out. There was a forest down the block that I could spot out perfectly. "_____!" I heard Ezra call from downstairs. I walked into my room, shutting the doors that led to the balcony, and walked downstairs. "Yeah?" I questioned walking in. She was on the phone, with a somewhat panicked and relieved expression. "Hold on." She said into the phone. "Its my dad. He's got new about the him and the guys."

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