Complicated Difference Part 31

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You talked to an elderly woman named Luna who mentioned you were destined to battle Elisa. You then went out to eat with the guys, and searched the library for information. You found out something strange about Luna...

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference Site
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  1. You found out that Luna actually died ten years ago. You knew it couldn't have been a dream, or part of your imagination. Her appearance was exactly how this book pictures her. Your mind races with puzzling questions, lost in your confusion. You decide it would be better to attempt to speak with Luna again soon.
  2. It's still light outside, though the sun has slightly lowered and it shines into your face as you exit through the large, elegant doors of the library. Your shadow follows along as you walk, while you're planning your course of action. You end up back at the house, though your mind is constantly wondering about Luna. You say a quick hello to the guys and receive strange looks as you tell them that you're heading out to the woods for a while. Wandering back through the old trail that Rosie had showed you earlier, you successfully dodge branches and roots. The sound of the rushing water leads you to your destination.
  3. "Luna?" you call, standing by the side of the smooth, clear water. Luna quietly wanders out of the trees, "I see you've come back, what for?" she questions. "Well," you begin, "how are you still here? The book I found earlier says that you died ten years ago, is that true?" She looks at you with an expression you can't understand, "Why yes, dear, I passed back then. The form you're speaking with is not that of a living being. I'm not depressed about my death, though, as I get to spend my days here in this sight of beauty. And, being in this state has made my power even stronger, I can see farther ahead into what is to come."
  4. Luna's eyes widen as she stares off into the trees in front of her. Once she comes out of her state, she looks over at you, "You're in danger. Be careful with what you do." You begin to ask what she means but are interrupted by Erik, "______! There's an emergency. I'll explain more on the way, come with me!"
  5. You quickly trod along at Erik's pace, trying your best to keep up. "What is this about?" you question, slightly out of breath. "We're heading to meet with the rest of the guys. Oren said there's an attack planned, so Marly decided to put the island on alert. All of the elite groups are placed around the island's shoreline. Apparently we get the southwest cave; it's located on the side of a cliff."
  6. You meet up with the rest of your elite group. Searching for some sort of comfort, you grab [____]'s hand. He smiles at you and gives your hand a gentle squeeze of reassurance. It felt like a long walk to arrive at your post. It's beginning to get dark as all of you wander through the thick forest on your way to the cliff. As you near it, you see how tall it is; the closer you get to it, the smaller you feel. You walk along the side of the bottom of the cliff, getting closer to the front. You can see the ocean in front of you. The soft sound of the waves coming in against the sandy shore is relaxing and it calms your nerves for the time being.
  7. As all of you walk around to the front side of the large cliff you see the massive hole bored into the rock, the cave where you'll be staying. The cave is slightly elevated from the ground. Erik used his earth manipulation power to make a few rocks into a natural form of stairs so all of you could get into the cave. It was good that the cave was raised off of the ground; that would keep the tide from flooding in. You step into the dark, moist area after some of the guys do. You hear a slight dripping sound, and it's a little chilly inside. The breeze from the ocean flows into the cave.
  8. One of the guys lit a few candles, and the cave brightened. Each guy brought along a small, padded mattress and a thick blanket. Adam was carrying a second of each for you. As he handed them to you, he smiled, and it basically made your heart melt. The mattresses were laid close to each other, and each of you sat down to just relax and talk.
  9. "How long are we going to be here?" you question. Wesley replies, "I don't think any elite group knows. We'd have to wait for Marly to release us when the alert is gone. Someone is supposed to bring food to us in the morning, besides that we just kinda have to keep watch." You think all of that over and decide it would be okay, but Luna's comment lingers in your head.
  10. During the brief period of silence you could hear what sounded like footsteps. Everyone looked at the cave entrance. Wesley offered to go check it out. A few seconds later you hear, "Woah!"
  11. Who do you like?

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