Complicated Difference Part 24

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

Wesley asked if he could spend some time with you once dinner was over. You agreed to that and then both of you walked to the dining room to eat what was made.

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  1. After dinner you found yourself on your way back up to that small room which you've just discovered, Wesley following behind you. Once you enter through the doorway of the attic, your eyes lock on that book that lies there on that lace tablecloth. Wesley notices and asks, "Have you opened it yet?" You pull your eyes away from the book to look at Wesley and shake your head no. "Well, bring it here, let's see what's in it," he said, casually sitting on the floor. You walk over to the table and lift the book, then move your way across the small space to sit down next to Wesley.
  2. You glance at him and see that he's looking down at the book that's in your hands. Wesley reaches over and wipes the dust off the cover of the book; the name that's written is "Elisa". Your curiosity peaks as you realize that the enemy's name is marked on this old, tattered book that has remained in this attic for who knows how long.
  3. You open the cover and start looking through the pages. Some of the pages are filled with hand-written notes about Elisa and her partners, though other pages are blank. The handwriting in the book looks oddly familiar, but that thought goes to the back of your mind for now. Wesley looks up at you with those adorable eyes of his, you smile unintentionally. "This book could really come in handy. It could help us on our missions later on," he said. "Yeah, it would," you replied, barely able to form words since you're so lost in his gaze. "You are really pretty," Wesley says with a slight, shy smile. He moves in closer to you and moves a strand of hair away from your face. You feel heat rushing to your cheeks, turning them a bit red. "I can see why everyone likes you," he says, "I could sit here for hours just talking to you."
  4. Wesley shows a handsome smile and his brown eyes seem to glisten in the faint light that's pouring through the window. "You know," he says, "When I was told that I would be living on this island, I never would've imagined that I'd have the chance to meet such an amazing girl." There was a bit of silence for a few seconds as Wesley started slowly leaning toward you... Your lips were just about to touch... "Well," you hear Adam say; it startles you. You look up to the doorway to see Adam standing there with a strange look on his face. "Hope I wasn't interrupting anything," Adam said in an annoyed tone of voice, looking over at Wesley.
  5. Wesley looks at you, "I need to finish unpacking anyways..." he says before he stands up and walks back down the staircase. Adam's eyes follow Wesley until he's gone from the area, and then he turns to look back at you. His facial expression turns from annoyed to apologetic, and he walks over to help you up to your feet. He notices the book in your hands, "What's that?" he asks. "It's a book I just found up here... It seems important, I think we need to have a meeting downstairs," you reply, "Get the rest of the guys, I'll be in the living room."
  6. You walk to the main floor, opening the door that leads into the living room. Rosie runs up to you, tail wagging; once you pet her she runs off to wherever she seems to feel like going. The elegant fireplace is lit and the room just has that cozy feeling. You take a seat on the large, comfortable couch and wait for the guys to come.
  7. The guys enter the room one-by-one and take a seat where they want. "Okay," Paul says, "what's going on?" You let your eyes wander to the book that's on your lap. You hold it in your hands and begin, "Earlier, before we left the leaders' office, Marly gave me a key. He told me that I would know what it's for, and of course I did. It's the key to the attic. I've wanted to explore that room ever since we moved here. I found this book in that room and wondered what it was, so, of course, I picked it up. The front of this book," you paused, holding it up to show them, "says Elisa." You can't seem to read the guys' expressions but they seem to look confused, yet curious.
  8. "Well, what's inside of it?" Erik asks. You open the book and flip through the pages without really focusing on them, "Notes about Elisa's partners... or so it seems. I haven't read much of it, though it's handwritten, someone wrote all of it." Then Paul mentions, "We're going to need to keep it in a safe place. If there's useful information in there then we can't let anything bad happen to it." You think about it and believe that he's right; he suddenly looks pleased, obviously hearing your thought. "True, but where are we gonna put it?" Wesley asks.
  9. "I guess we"”" Erik began, but was stopped by the ringing of the phone, "...could talk about it later, I'll get that." You watch him as he walks over toward the phone, picking it up, and saying, "Hello?" Wishing you could hear the other end of the call, you sit and patiently wait. Erik's expression changes slightly, but it's hard for you to tell what he's thinking or feeling. Looking around the area at all of the guys, they seem to be just as confused as you are – except for Paul, since he knows what's being said over the phone. "Okay, we'll be there in a few minutes," Erik says right before hanging up. He turns to face the rest of you, "That was Marly..."
  10. Who do you like?

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