complicated difference part 19

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The last thing that happened... Paul told you to meet him in town in the morning. You then went to sleep...

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  1. You awake to the sound of the birds chirping. You slowly stretch, not wanting to get out of bed, but you know you should. You remembered what Paul had said, though you have no idea what time you're supposed to be in town, or what this whole thing is about. You get out of your warm, comfortable bed, petting Rosie as you do that. She wags her tail and jumps off the bed to head downstairs. You get dressed and ready, then go downstairs to grab something to eat. You get...
  2. You look at the digital clock that's in the kitchen and see that it's 8am. Adam walks into the kitchen just then, Erik following shortly behind. "Hi guys," you say. They both smile and say, "Good morning, ____." "Where's Paul?" you ask. "He just left to town a few minutes ago, I think you're supposed to go meet him," Adam said. "Yeah, I'd better get going," you say, waving to the guys as you head toward the door.
  3. It takes you a few minutes to actually get to town. The view is still pretty new to you and you just love the look of this whole island. There are a few people walking around, but not as many as normal, you guess it's because of the time. You look around the town center, looking for a familiar face. You see that long black hair in the small crowd. He leans against one of the store's walls, waiting. You walk up to him and see his gorgeous eyes glisten in the sunlight as he looks your way.
  4. Paul smiles and says "Hi _____." You reply "Hi." "Come with me," he says, holding his hand out. You take his hand and walk with him across the town. You end up outside of a rather small store. He looks at you, "_____, I'm helping you with your training also, but in a different way. With your abilities you can teleport or become invisible, but there might be a time where you would need to fight. That's what I'm helping you with. Do you remember the time I saved you when your car broke down? I'm good with a sword, and soon you will be too. This store sells swords, I want you to come and pick one out that you really like," he explains.
  5. "Well I see that you're excited," Paul comments. He opens the door, and holds it open for you to walk through. There are swords lining the walls. "Okay," he says, "go and look around." You wander around the store, examining every sword you pass, and you find one you love. You pick it up and hold it. It's a perfect fit for you. You walk with Paul over to the counter where the cashier is and show your card. The cashier types something into the computer and says "Have a nice day."
  6. You walk with Paul to the training fields, this time going to a spot way back in the field. There were two realistic robots set up, one for you and one for Paul. He went over a few little techniques with you before turning the "enemies" on. Once they started moving, you got to work trying to destroy them with your sword skills, which so far isn't very much. After a while, you finally got the head off of the robot, and it was a success. You look over at Paul and see that his robot was literally destroyed while yours was still mostly together. He chuckled at the expression on your face and said "You'll get there, don't worry."
  7. More robots appear out of nowhere, as if magically, you guess that it's just part of the training fields. Paul and you train with the robots a few more times. You get better each time. Paul turns to you after all the bot-training is done with and says "Okay, we're going to face each other now, but don't worry, we'll use these," he holds up two wooden swords, "that way there will be no accidents. I'll go easy on you. Whoever touches the other person with their sword first wins." You agree to do it and put your sword in the case it came with. You then take one of the wooden swords.
  8. You start the duel off slowly, pacing around each other. Finally moving closer, you two clash swords. You can't seem to touch anything but his sword, he blocks you too quickly. Paul ends up winning the first few rounds. You decide that you need to do something different. You teleport behind him, trying to be sneaky, but he's facing you as soon as you appear behind him. "Nice try, _____, but I'm telepathic, remember?" he says with a laugh. This was going to be harder than you thought. You turned invisible, but he still blocked your attacks. "How are you doing this? You can't even see me," you question. "I can feel you there. Your mind gives off a certain vibe. I can hear your thoughts as well as feel your emotions. It lets me sense your mind, where you are. If I wanted to I could count every person in this training area without looking," he explains.
  9. You think of any way that you could possibly get him... You then decide to think something different than what you plan on doing, to throw him off. You are going to try to use both of your powers at the same time, something you haven't done before. You turn invisible and start teleporting to different spots around him. He blocks it all until you start teleporting faster, not following any order of which spots you go to. You end up hitting his arm and the duel stops. You won. He smiled at you and said "Good job."
  10. You start to hear a loud crackling noise, both of you swiftly turn your heads to see what it is. There's a huge fire, coming toward you two fast. You grab Paul and teleport outside of the training fields. "Paul," you say, "Is anyone still in there?" He becomes silent for a very short second, which felt like an eternity, while trying to scout the fields for any sign of a person's thought process. "Yes, one," he says, looking back at you with worry in his eyes. "Where are they at? I can get them," you say. "They're against the wall on the right side of the field, hurry but be careful," he says as you close your eyes to concentrate quickly.
  11. Who do you like?

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