complicated difference part 16

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You arrived on the island, and were exploring it a bit. You got your own red card, and then later you noticed Erik seemed to be looking for a house. He looked at you and said there was something he hasn't told you yet.

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  1. "The thing I haven't told you is that the leaders of the island have offered us a permanent home. It's this house right here, all of us can live in it, you won't have to worry about school anymore or anything," Erik says. You look at the big, beautiful mansion and your eyes glisten. You've always wanted to live in a house like that, and now you have the chance to. You agree with the guys about moving in.
  2. You follow them into your new home. It's even prettier inside than it is on the outside. You walk through the door into a main room, there's a big chandelier hanging from the ceiling, next to a long stairwell that's to your right. There's a doorway to your left, and at the back of the room. You go through the door on your left and it's a nice living room, with a huge fireplace, and a grand piano.
  3. You go back to the main room, and through that other door, it's a kitchen. One of the biggest ones you have ever seen. It has the black and white checkered floor, and marble counter-tops. There's a door in that room, you go through it and there's a dining room, it's a nice size. You see a door off to the side of the dining room, and you and the guys go into it. It's pretty dark, and you assume it's a basement since you're walking down stairs, though really it's a long tunnel. The guys stop and decide to turn back, explaining that it's the safety tunnel, the one you all go through in case of an emergency of some sort.
  4. You guys finally go up the stairs. There's a long corridor with doors on each side. The guys walk into the first 3 doors; you guessed they chose those rooms as their bedrooms. You decided to just keep going, since there are three more doors. You go up to the first door and open it. It's a huge bedroom. There's a king-size 4-poster canopy bed toward the center of the room. There's a big dresser, and a vanity. You go up to the closet and slide open the doors, it's a walk-in closet. You open another door in there and you have your own master-bathroom. This room is gorgeous and all yours.
  5. You decide to go look at the closest door. As you grab the handle to open it, Adam calls your name. "_____, let's go see the rest of the town! Erik is busy ordering stuff for the house, and I'm not sure what Paul's doing. So let's go!" he says. You agree to go with him. You two exit the house and start to walk back towards town.
  6. You went down a road you haven't been on before and you start seeing a lot of stores. You point them out and Adam says, "Well, take your red card out for a second." You do what he says and show the card to him. "See that mark right there?" he asks, pointing to the spot by your name, "that shows people that you're one of the more elite people on the island. You're accepted by the leaders. Other "special" people can live on this island and pay for their houses and all that, but the people who are given a home and have that mark on their cards are part of the elite group. Most of the houses around ours are elite members. Another cool thing, if you have that mark on your card, you can get almost anything in these stores for free. Food, clothes, and things like that, you don't have to pay as long as you have your card on you."
  7. You decide to try this out. You go to the first store on your left, which was a clothing store of course. You search through the clothes trying to find something you really like. You end up picking out...
  8. You go up to the cashier and put your stuff down on the counter. She rings it up (would have been about $30) and then asks for your ID before asking for money. You hand it to her and her eyes widen a bit when she notices the mark. "Oh, here you go," she says, handing you your card and giving you the bag full of your stuff, "have a nice day!" she says with a big smile.
  9. You and Adam explore the town a little longer before returning to the house. There's furniture in the house now, more than what was left before you arrived. Everything looks lively instead of old and dusty. You find Paul and Erik in the living room talking. Adam joins them, and you excuse yourself. You still want to go look at those other two doors. The door across the hallway from your room is the one you open first. It's a bedroom. It's about the same size as yours, but plainer and not as girly. You guess the guys intended to give you the one that you found first. There was still one door left. It was on the same side as your room, and it was a few feet away from your door, at the end of the long corridor. You walked up to it, grabbed onto the handle, and started to turn it...
  10. Who do you like?

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