complicated difference part 10

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The last quiz ended when you were driving to the fields to start your training with Erik. As you walked towards the fields something jumped out at you…

Created by: pixystixlove94
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  1. “BOO!” Erik yells. You scream and jump, not expecting it. In between laughs he says “_____, let’s go train.” You follow him out to the fields. It’s time to work on invisibility.
  2. You’re standing there facing Erik. “Okay,” he says, “close your eyes, relax, and concentrate. Try to use your energy, try to build it up, that’s all it should really take.” You close your eyes, and start to concentrate on what’s happening inside of you. You feel this ball of energy building up inside. “Wow! That’s amazing!” Erik says, looking in your general direction. You move to the right a little bit and notice that his eyes don’t follow your movement. He can’t see you.
  3. You feel the ball of energy release itself, and it’s not built up anymore. Erik’s eyes shift over to you. “Why did it run out so fast?” you ask. “Well, _____, you’re going to have to practice with it, and the more you practice, the longer you can hold the energy together,” he answers.
  4. You practice with it a little more and you’re able to hold it for about 10 minutes; which is a pretty long time, considering all the things you can do in ten minutes. (Not like that! Geez people :p). “Well, let’s try one last time, since we have a few minutes until Adam gets here,” Erik says. You say okay, and build up the energy. As Erik stands there waiting, you decide to have a little fun with this. So, as you walk to the right of where you’re standing, you see that his eyes don’t follow. You walk up behind him and release the energy, saying “Hi!” at the same time. He jumps, not expecting it, and you start laughing.
  5. “Seems like I need to be careful around you now,” he says, jokingly. “Possibly,” you reply, laughing a little. Erik hugs you, kisses you on the cheek, and leaves to the parking lot to briefly talk to Adam and then get in his car. As soon as Erik is out of sight, you can hear Adam’s loud mouth (lol). You decide to go hide behind a tree near the “entrance” of the field.
  6. You gathered your energy together, and as Adam walked passed you, you yelled his name. Startled, he turned around. Since he couldn’t see you, his eyes kept shifting back and forth. “Okay, okay. Come out now _____,” he says, smiling. You say “okay” and walk in front of him. Once you release the energy, he jumps back. “Geez!” he said, laughing a little.
  7. Adam picks you up and spins you around in one of his big hugs. Both of you then walk out to the fields. “Well, seems like you have the invisibility down pretty well,” Adam comments, smiling. “Yeah, but I can’t hold it for more than 10 minutes so far,” you reply. “Well, training takes some time, though it seems like you’re learning pretty fast,” he says. You just smile and wait to see what you’re going to be doing. “We’re going to be training your teleportation again. It needs to be faster, so that it’ll be more effective when you’re stuck in a bad situation,” Adam explains. You practice with him for a long time, and eventually you’re teleporting within 20 seconds. He congratulates you and walks you to your car. Before you open the car door, he hugs you tightly and gently kisses your forehead. He waves to you as you drive away, and then gets in his car.
  8. It’s dark out already, and you’re driving down this road that cuts through a forest. You hear weird noises coming from the car, so you pull off to the side of the road. Once you do that you hear a louder noise and smoke starts rising from the front. You reach for your phone to call someone, but noticed that you didn’t have any service. So, you exited the car and walked a few feet away from it, trying to find a signal. That’s when you were grabbed from behind.
  9. They held you against them and had some sort of weapon in their hand, but it was too dark to see what it was. Before they could say anything, and before you could do anything, they were pulled off of you. You scrambled over to the car and sat down next to it while listening to the fight that was happening nearby. Everything becomes quiet and you hear footsteps getting closer and closer. You look up and see the silhouette of a guy holding a long sword.
  10. “Are you okay?” a low, smooth voice asks. “I guess...” you reply, suddenly feeling calmer than you were. You slowly get to your feet, looking at this person. A car passes by, and the headlights roam over the area where you stand. The light passes over this mysterious person’s face, and you see that it’s Paul.
  11. He puts his sword away and walks over to your car, opening the hood and waving the smoke away from his face. “Hmm, I don’t think I can fix this, at least not in a short amount of time,” he says, his eyes fixed on the engine. “My car’s parked a little ways away… I can take you home and have your car back to you by the time you wake up… if you want me to help you,” Paul says, looking at you. You accept his offer and walk with him to his car. You cautiously get into the passenger seat. You tell him that you live in the dorms, so that he knows where to drop you off at.
  12. The ride started out pretty quiet and awkward. You started thinking about a few things. You thought to yourself ‘I wonder if he has any powers…’ “Yes, I do,” Paul says. You jump a little, not expecting him to talk. Then you think ‘Woah, did I say that out loud or did he hear my thought?’ “You didn’t say it out loud. I’m telepathic, along with a few other powers,” he answers. A little shocked, you didn’t know what to say. Then, you felt a rush of calm come over you. “A lot of people are shocked about my telepathy. There aren’t many of us telepaths out there, and there are none that have the powers I have along with it,” Paul says.
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