complicated difference part 11

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Okay so some guy tried to attack you when your car broke down, but Paul saved you. He then took you back to the dorms, and said he would fix your car and have it back to you by morning. You also found out that he's telepathic, but you don't know his other powers.

Created by: pixystixlove94
  1. You're a bit speechless to learn that he's telepathic. You wonder what other powers he might have. You go to ask but then realize that he just pulled into the parking lot in front of the dorms. You get out of the car while thanking him for giving you a ride, and then he drives away. You go up to your room, exhausted after the long day. You do what you normally do, such as take a shower, etc. Then you crawl into bed and fall fast asleep.
  2. You wake up, the sun streaming in through the window above your bed. You slowly get up and stretch, looking at the time. It's 10 AM. You get some breakfast, well... a lot of breakfast, because of how hungry you are. You get dressed, and get ready for the day. Once you finally look out the window, you notice that your car is in the parking lot. Paul returned it, hopefully fixed.
  3. Your phone starts ringing and you answer it. "Hello?" you say. "Hey, _____, it's Adam," he replies. "Oh, hi," you say. "Hi... so, me and Erik are wanting to know if you wanna hang out today...? There's something we need to talk to you about later, and right now we're just kinda bored..." he says, laughing a little bit at the end. "Yeah, sure," you reply. "Great! We'll come pick you up in a few minutes," he says. You both say bye and hang up.
  4. About fifteen minutes later there's a knock at the door. You run to open it. There's Erik with a shy smile on his face. And... there's Adam, grinning like crazy. You quietly laugh to yourself and walk out next to them, shutting the door behind you. Once you get to the parking lot, you start to wonder what car you're riding in. "So... whose car are we taking?" you ask, looking at both of the guys. "Mine," Adam says, with a smile. Still having no real idea of what car that would be, you decide to just follow their lead. They walk towards this red dodge charger. You all get in the car. Once you notice that Adam's driving (of course) you think out loud, "Oh dear... I think I'm scared for my life," in a joking way. Erik starts laughing, while Adam replies "My driving isn't THAT bad, thank you." You guys make a few more jokes here and there before driving out of the parking lot.
  5. "So what are we gonna do?" you ask. "You'll see," Adam says. "Well how long is it going to take to get there?" you question. "Probably about 30 minutes," Erik answers. You shift yourself to get more comfortable in the seat, and say "okay," curious as to where you might be going.
  6. You arrive at a huge indoor-mall. The three of you walk in, and you're amazed at the design. There are two floors, and the first floor is very fancy looking. There were furniture and restaurant doors lining the walls down the sides of the main room. As you follow the guys' lead you notice large, gorgeous fountains in the middle of the main room. You stop to throw a penny in and make a wish (of your choice).
  7. You then start walking again and end up in an elevator. It's a little awkward at first, because no one is talking and the only sound is the little elevator tune. The three of you look at each other and start laughing, which starts conversation. Once you reach the second floor you see a ton of stores, clothes and accessories in the windows of each. The guys offer to pay for whatever you want.
  8. You start walking around and looking at all of the different store choices. The guys are just following you, waiting for you to decide on what one you'd like to go in. You decide on...
  9. They follow you into the store that you chose. You started trying on a bunch of different clothes. The guys bought you 4 new outfits that you decided on. Then they bought a few things for themselves at whatever store they chose. Afterwards, they took you downstairs to a nice restaurant.
  10. There's a lot of fun conversation going on between the three of you, and after the meal is over the guys split the bill. You all get back in the car, and Adam drives out of the parking lot. "We're gonna go to the movies," Adam says. You don't mind going to the movies, so you just say okay, and ask what you're going to see. "I think we should see that new movie... the one with the secret insane asylum and all that..?" Erik says. "Oh, yeah, that looked really good in the commercials," Adam commented. "Sure.." you say, not sure which one they're talking about. You guys arrive at the theater and buy a few snacks and drinks for during the movie.
  11. The movie was really good. You walk out of the theater, linking arms with Adam and Erik. "Today's been fun," you say. The guys both agree, and you all climb into the red dodge charger. "So, I remember that you guys had something to tell me tonight..." you comment, waiting for a reply. "Yeah, we do," Adam says. "_____, you don't have to go to school tomorrow, we're going to take you somewhere," Erik adds. "Take me where?" you ask, curious. "You'll see tomorrow," Erik answers.
  12. Who do you like?

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