complicated difference part 12

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You, Adam, and Erik spent the day together. You went to the mall, and to a restaurant, and to a movie. They were driving you to the dorms and were telling you that you don't have to go to school tomorrow because they're taking you somewhere.

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  1. "Okay.." you say, a bit confused. The guys tell you to pack clothes and other things you might need for the trip you'll be taking. As they drop you off at the dorms, Erik says "Oh and _____, we'll be waking you up early, so get a good night's sleep," he says with a smile. You just nod and go to your room. You pack a bunch of clothes and a few other things you might need, the rest (brush, etc.) you'll pack in the morning after you use them. Once you're done, you get in bed and fall fast asleep.
  2. You end up having a vivid dream that seems so real. There's water all around you. You're splashing everywhere trying to stay above the huge waves that are crashing down upon you. The strong current pulls you under and you're struggling to get yourself back up. You start panicking, trying to do everything in your power to reach the surface. You suddenly feel completely calm, and you feel someone grabbing onto you, pulling you up to the surface. Then... your phone starts going off, and you wake up.
  3. You pick up the phone and answer it. "Hello?" you say in a sleepy voice. "Hey, it's Erik. Told you I'd wake you up. Finish packing up whatever you haven't and get ready. We'll be there to pick you up in about an hour," he says. You say okay and hang up. You look over at the clock and notice that it's only 7:30 in the morning.
  4. You eat a bit of breakfast, then proceed to get ready. You pack the last of your things into your suitcases/bags and set them against the wall. Right once you sit down to wait, there's a knock at the door. You get back up and walk all the way back towards the doorway, twisting the handle to open it. There's Adam and Erik, smiling at you like always.
  5. You get in the car, this time it's a green 2010 chevy camaro, which must be Erik's. You see Adam put your bags into the trunk of the car, while Erik got in the driver's seat. Once Adam got in the car, Erik drove off. "Will you please tell me where we're going?" you ask, putting the question out there for either of them to answer. "It's a secret place," Erik said. Adam added, "But you'll love it, don't worry."
  6. "Okay, well how long will it take to get there?" you question. "Well... by car, without stopping, it'll take us about 36 hours maybe.." Erik says. Adam jumps in "And then we have a small bit of travel by boat, too." After that, there's a bit of conversation that goes on between the three of you. After about 2 hours you end up falling asleep.
  7. Once you wake up, you see that it's about 3pm. You hear Adam and Erik talking. "No, we can wait to tell her, it'll be better if it's more of a surprise," Erik said. "True... I can't wait to get there, this is gonna be amazing," Adam commented. It was quiet for a few seconds, and Adam glanced back at you. "Well, good afternoon," he said, laughing a little.
  8. You smiled at his comment, and began to stretch. You noticed that Erik started to pull into a parking lot. You look around for a sign somewhere, and realize it's a water park. You can see the water rides and slides behind the entrance gate. "I didn't pack anything to swim in..." you say. "That's all right," Erik said, "we'll buy you one inside the park."
  9. They pay the entrance fees and you hold your wrist up to get one of those plastic bands. Once you walk in, you follow the guys to the store off to the right side of the entrance. You pick out a swim suit that you reallyyy like, along with a towel. The guys buy it for you, and then you all head to the changing rooms (different ones, of course lol). Once you get done changing and walk out, the guys are standing there waiting for you. They see you and their eyes both get a bit wider, you can tell they like it.
  10. You all spend a few hours at the park. At about 6pm you go back into the changing rooms to change back. You come out, hair still wet, but it feels nice in the soft breeze. The three of you pile back into the car and get on the road again. About an hour or so later, you go through the drive thru at a food place. Then off you go, back on track, heading towards this "special" place that you still have no clue about.
  11. Who do you like?

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