complicated difference part 13

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Well, you're still riding in the car, on your way to some place you don't know about yet. You and the guys stopped at a water park to have some fun, and then got back on the road.

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference
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  1. You just stare out the window once everything gets quiet inside the car. Adam's driving now so that Erik could get some sleep. It's late at night and you guys are almost to the area you're headed to. You daydream and think about...
  2. It's starting to get a little lighter outside and you start looking out the back window, just watching cars. You notice a few red cars, a few blue cars, and then a black car driving behind you guys. Erik wakes up and both you and Adam say "good morning." After a bit, all of you start talking about random things. Even ninjas ;).
  3. An hour or so passes and you look back, noticing that the same car is there. You're a bit suspicious then, but you kind of shrug it off, remembering that they could just be going the same way you are, maybe even the same place, who knows. Adam pulls off to stop and get food for everyone. He let you pick where to eat.
  4. After you all eat, you get back in the car, this time Erik drives again and lets Adam sleep. You already slept when Adam first started driving, so you're okay. Remembering the black car, you look behind you, and of course it's still there. You wonder why because they should've been gone by then, since you guys stopped to eat. Now you're really suspicious.. "Erik, this car's been following us for a few hours now, it's still behind us even though we stopped a little while ago," you say. He suddenly looked worried, "Are you sure it's the same car, _____?" he asks. You reply, saying yes.
  5. Erik turns down a few different back-roads, going off-course from the original route. The car still trails behind you, obviously following you. "Don't panic or look back, I don't want them to know that we know, that will just make things worse," Erik says. He hits Adam's arm to wake him up. "What was that for?" Adam asks him. "There's someone following us," Erik says. Then, Adam immediately gets a worried look on his face, "We can't let that happen," he says.
  6. "I'm trying to lose him but nothing seems to be working well enough," Erik says. "You want me to get out and try to do something?" Adam asks him. "No... I don't know their intentions. We don't know what kind of weapons they have either. Wouldn't be a good idea to get out," Erik says. "Well, what are we going to do then? We can't let them follow us.." Adam comments. Then, suddenly you start to hear a bunch of gun shots.
  7. "They're shooting at us! We need to do something!" Adam yells. Just as he was about to grab the door handle Erik yelled "Wait! I guess I could try something..." The ground rumbles a bit underneath the road and you hear something make a really loud noise. Then you hear a crashing sound, and the gun shots stop. "I think we're fine now.." Erik says.
  8. You turn around to look out the window, now that you can do that safely. There's this huge rock formation sticking out of the middle of the road, it's got to be about 30ft. high. You guess that the other car crashed into it, and that was what the sound was.
  9. "I guess I might need to fix that, huh?" Erik says. He stops the car and turns around in his seat, looking out the back window. You hear a lot of noise again, and you turn around to look. You see the huge rock sliding back into the ground, and then see the black car pretty much ruined. Erik starts driving again and everyone is silent yet relieved. "So," you say, "how did you do that?" "Well... I guess there's something I haven't told you..." Erik replies.
  10. Who do you like?

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