complicated difference part 14

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You're in the car with Adam and Erik on your way to this mysterious place. Someone was following you, so Erik used some unknown power to take care of them. He was about to explain it to you.

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference
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  1. "_____, I have another power. I can manipulate the earth around me, like you've seen. I can move rocks or even the ground underneath us. I've been working with it because it's a power I've just recently developed, so I can't do that much... which that's why I didn't try that right away, because I wasn't sure if it would work," Erik said. You look at him with a surprised expression. You then look over at Adam, apparently he didn't know about the power either, you can tell by the look on his face.
  2. After talking it over and getting questions out of the way, Erik points out the water far up ahead. "We're almost to the docks," he says. You and Adam look out the front window to see the gorgeous, glistening, blue water lining the horizon. "This is gonna be great," Adam says, with a huge grin on his face. It makes you smile, too.
  3. Erik drives for another few minutes and pulls into a parking lot right next to the water. It's pretty vacant around it, only a building and one wooden dock in sight. He drives the car back towards this hidden gate that stood behind the building. He rolled his window down and reached out toward this pad to type in a password of some sort and then to scan his fingerprint. Once that was done the gate slid open and allowed him to drive through. "What's all that about?" you ask. "Well, this is a safer place to leave the car. I don't want anything happening to it. This is also the only way to get into the building," Erik says.
  4. Once inside the gate, Erik picked a parking spot close to the door of the building. You looked around and noticed that there were a lot of cars there, too. You follow Adam and Erik through the sliding doors and realize that the building is a lot bigger than it looks on the outside. There are a ton of people all over. It's sort of like a store inside. Erik leads you and Adam over to a long line of people, it leads up to a counter, there's a man standing behind the counter, and above him it reads "Tickets."
  5. The three of you wait in line until finally reaching the counter. "Three tickets please," Erik says, then pulls out some card and shows it to the man. The card is red and square, it has Erik's name on it and his picture. There was some other writing, but you couldn't really read it. The man looks at the card, types something into the computer next to him, and hands it back to Erik. "Here you go," the man says, handing the tickets to Erik, then finishing, "the ship will arrive in about ten minutes."
  6. Erik gives you and Adam your tickets after walking away from the counter. "What was the red card for?" you ask. "It's an identification card basically," Adam answers, "I also have one." He pulls a card out of his wallet and shows it to you. "You'll get one when you get to the island," Erik explains. "Well, why would I need one?" you ask. "This island we're going to... it's more of a special island. I'll explain more once we get on the boat; it's a while before we get there anyway," Erik says.
  7. Ten minutes pass and most of the people in the building start heading out the door. You follow the massive crowd into the parking lot, hand-in-hand with both Erik and Adam. You see a huge ship pulling in next to the tiny-looking dock. As you near the ship, you see that there's a ramp and an older man standing next to it. "Okay everyone, form a line. Just let me see your ticket and you can get on the boat," the man said.
  8. Once you get to him, you hand him your ticket. He tears the end of it off and hands it back to you. "Wow, I don't believe I've met you before," the man says, smiling, "My name is Harold, but you can call me Harry," he explains, while shaking your hand gently. You introduce yourself to him and his eyes light up. "Well I'll be darned. I remember your father. I haven't seen him in a while; tell him I said hi for me will ya?" Harry said. "Sure will," you replied. "Are you here by yourself?" he asked. "Oh, no I'm not," you answered while moving aside so he could see the guys. "Erik, Adam, glad to see you again!" Harry exclaimed, shaking their hands vigorously. After a bit of small talk you three finally entered the ship.
  9. The inside of the boat is gorgeous and large. There was food, tables, music, etc. All of you sat at a near-by table while the captain announced that the boat is on its way. "So..." you say, "tell me about Harry. I've never met him or heard of him before." "Well," Erik says, "He's worked the ship door for many years. He's got to be in his 60's now, so it's probably been about 20 years that he's been working here. He's a real nice man; I've known him for a few years. He has a good memory, too."
  10. "Okay, what about this island we're going to?" you ask. Erik answers, "Well, actually, there's some big news we still have to give you. First, though, I can tell you a bit about the island. It's called L'endroit Magique. It basically means "˜the place of magic' which is very true. The only people that go or stay on this island are people that have powers or something special to them. They also have to be trusted by the leaders of our kind, who basically run the island. Harry is one of the only normal humans that the leaders trust. I've been granted their trust, and so has Adam. Now you have, because they knew your mother, and they know your father. There are so many things on this island that you've never seen before, and we'd be glad to show you sometime."
  11. The captain makes an announcement, "We're about 10 minutes from L'endroit Magique. You can see it on the horizon now." You decide you wanted to go out on the front deck of the ship to see the magical island. You make your way through the crowded areas, the guys following you. Once you step outside the door, you feel light rain tapping against you. It just makes the view even better, with fog coming off of the water ahead of you, the sky clear with a light gray color, and the island shows mostly green. You walk towards the railing to get a better look, but you slip and tumble over top of the railing and fall into the dark water below...
  12. Who do you like?

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