complicated difference part 9

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You just recently got back from a restaurant with Erik. You're at the field to train with Adam. He is super excited about it, and picks you up in a huge hug :).

Created by: pixystixlove94
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  1. Adam sets you back down and has a huge smile on his face. “Let’s get started! I’m gonna help you with agility. First we’re going to help a little with your reaction time, and then with your teleportation. We’re working on your invisibility tomorrow,” he says. “Okay,” you say, taking all of that in.
  2. Adam starts coming at you in different ways, having you block his “attacks” or react to them. It basically turned into a wrestling match. At first he was always able to pin you down, but you got better as time went on. You eventually pinned him down. “Wow, nice!” Adam says with a huge grin. “I’m getting better,” you comment, with a smile. “Yeah, you are. I have to admit I kinda like it when you pin me down,” he winks at you. “Geez Adam,” you say, hitting his arm and slightly blushing.
  3. “Well,” he says, looking around, “we’re going to work on teleporting faster, or at least try to… that spot over there, by that big rock, concentrate on that.” “Okay,” you reply, understanding what he meant. You concentrate and calm yourself, just like you learned earlier with Erik. About five minutes later you hear Adam from a distance, “That was awesome!” he exclaims as he runs toward you. “Okay, now…” he pauses to look around, then continues, “over by that little tree. The more you practice, the faster it will be.” You close your eyes, picturing that area, wanting to teleport there. “Great job!” you hear Adam yell. The more you practiced it, the faster it became. It got to the point where you were teleporting within two minutes.
  4. “You’ve done really well today _____,” Adam says. “Thanks..” you reply. He just shyly smiles at you. “I’ll walk you back to your car, don’t want you getting into any trouble,” he jokes. “Yeah, I know, I’m always being kidnapped or something,” you say, laughing a little. He walks you to your car and waits for you to drive off before getting in his own car.
  5. You make it home safely. Once you get in your room, you lock your door and take a shower. After doing a few other things, you get in bed and fall asleep pretty quickly.
  6. You wake up to a phone call. It’s your father. “Hey pumpkin, did I wake you up?” he asks. “Yeah… but it’s okay…” you answer, still sleepy. “Well, I know there are some things you’re still wondering about, and I also thought it would be nice if we could talk over breakfast. There’s a place in town I’ve wanted to try…” he says. “Yeah, okay, what time?” you ask. “In about two hours?” he says, unsure. “Yeah, sounds good,” You reply. “Okay, well I’ll meet you there, then,” he comments. You both say goodbye before hanging up.
  7. You get up and get ready. You’re starving by the time you get there to meet him. As you enter the small restaurant, you see him sitting in one of the booths off to the left. You join him, sitting across from him, and you both order food. “So, ______, I know you’re still wondering what happened to your mother…” he says, looking down at the table. “Yeah… and what powers she had… since you said that the reason I have them is because both of you had them,” you respond. “Yes, she had powers too, which all of it ties together. Her death wasn’t an accident like we let everyone believe. No one that doesn’t have some sort of power can know about this part of the world. Your mother had the ability to move through objects, like walls, etc. She also had invisibility, just like you do. Those two powers together are pretty powerful, just like yours are. They… they work well together, I guess,” he says, looking at you.
  8. He continues, “There’s a woman, _____. Her name is Elisa, she craves power - she wants to be sort of like a queen or a ruler of this part of the world. She has bad intentions… Your mother was with a few people that were trying to start a war with Elisa. I think she was a bit threatened by your mother’s ability... Your mom was ambushed by a group of Elisa’s partners, she didn’t know it was coming, she wasn’t ready for the attack…” he says, trailing off.
  9. You can’t seem to find anything to say. Luckily, the food comes and you don’t have to. There’s a silence in the conversation as you both start to eat the food that was ordered. “_____, I’m glad that you have your powers, and I’m glad that you have Adam and Erik to help you out. I’m just worried about you. I sent you here because I didn’t want you to be sucked into this world before you had to be. I just don’t want the same thing happening to you. I don’t want her to come after you because of your powers, and with the things that have happened to you, it seems like she already has. We aren’t sure who the people were, but with the constant trouble you find yourself in… it’s hard for me to believe that it wasn’t her… I never knew what happened to that horrible woman, I don’t know if she’s even alive anymore. I don’t know how she could know about you…. Well, she did have a daughter… she should be about the same age you are now… we might have more against us than I thought, _____,” he says, with a worried look on his face. “Dad, it will all be okay, I doubt anyone is after me. It’s probably just me being in the wrong place at the wrong time…” you comment, trying to make him feel better, but you can’t help but wonder if he’s right. You decide to bring this up to the guys later and see what they think.
  10. After finishing the food, you both decide to leave. Your father had a few errands to run, and you were going to go back to the dorms and relax a bit. You get home and lay on your bed, turning on the TV and watching something that caught your interest. You watch…
  11. You’re really getting into the show, and jump when the phone rings unexpectedly. “Hello?” you ask, in a cheerful voice. “Hey, it’s Erik, meet me in the fields, it’s training time,” he says. After saying bye and hanging up, you get in your car and realize you need to stop and get gas. As you go in the gas station to pay for it, you notice you’re going to have to stand in line and wait. The person in front of you is an older woman, buying a coffee. The guy in front of her looks oddly familiar. As he turned to leave he looked at you. Once his beautiful blue eyes caught your gaze he quickly looked away and continued walking out of the small store. It was Paul.
  12. You finally pay the cashier, then get in your car and drive to the school parking lot. As you’re walking out to the fields, something jumps out of the trees…
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