complicated difference part 7

My cousin and I are working together to make this story. This is our first quiz series. We are basically new to this whole thing, and we also love the feedback we are getting from everyone. We're happy that our series is interesting to all of you, and we appreciate comments on it. Thank you :D

The last quiz ended where you were kidnapped and stuck in Brad's van. After Brad shuts the door, you hear a bunch of sounds and then the door of the van is ripped off with a lot of force...

Created by: pixystixlove94
  1. You turn your head to see that it was your father standing there. He picks you up and quickly hands you to Adam, who is in his human-form, and tells him to go find somewhere safe. Adam starts heading towards the woods. You could tell he was injured somehow, because of how he was limping and wincing in pain.
  2. He takes you to this tiny, old-looking cabin and knocks the door open. He lays you down on the floor as he sits next to you. "______, are you all right?" he asks, short of breath. "Yeah, I'm fine... what happened to you?" you ask, seeing how rough he looks. "The worst would be my leg... I was in my "˜other-form' but I had to change back, I'm too injured to help them right now," Adam replies. You sit up and do a quick-scan of him and see cuts and dirt all over him. Then you look down to his left leg and see a deep cut, along with other smaller cuts, and he has pieces of glass stuck into him.
  3. "Oh my... what's going on over there?" you ask, starting to pull the glass out and noticing that the cuts are slowly starting to fade away. "Big fight. Erik called me when he knew you were in some trouble. I got in my car and followed him. When we arrived, I noticed your dad was with him. We found the van and also ran into a lot of people outside of it... including your "boyfriend"... and of course they were all armed with something..." he says, trailing off. "Why is my dad here?" you ask. "You really don't know? _____, he's like us," Adam replies. "No, I... I didn't know that..." you say, feeling lost.
  4. "Well, I'll let him explain the rest later on... since you need to hear it from him more than you do from me," Adam says, and then continues, "you know what?... you look so beautiful tonight..." He looks at you, and you become lost in his bright-green eyes. You notice that you're both slowly moving towards each other. You see what's happening and quickly stand up. "I think we should go--" "_____," Adam says, cutting you off. He stands up, takes hold of your hand, and pulls you close to him. He looks into your eyes. Then he slowly leans forward and gently kisses you, his soft lips against yours. After a few seconds, you pull away and look at him. "Sorry... I've wanted to do that for so long..." he explains. Your lips curve up in a slight smile.
  5. Erik and your dad come running into the old, dark cabin. "_____! Adam! Thank God you two are okay!" Erik exclaims. He tightly hugs you, and then looks over to your father. "I think we'll let you take her back, I understand there's a few things you need to talk about..." Erik says. Erik and Adam get in their cars and leave.
  6. You get into the passenger seat of your dad's car and fasten your seat belt. As he starts to drive he begins talking. "_____, I'm sorry I haven't told you sooner. I just wanted to protect you. I thought by sending you here and having you know nothing about this part of the world, that you wouldn't be in danger. I see that I was wrong. You received your powers before I could explain everything. I knew about that from Erik. I've known Erik for a few years now; he's your guardian angel. His job is to protect you, and I'm glad he's doing just that. I've just met Adam within the past few days, Erik introduced us, and I see he also helps protect you. Well... I have powers like you do, except mine is just super-strength," he says.
  7. "That's how you took the door off so easily..." you comment. "Yes. And you were born with powers. The only way a child is born with powers is if both parents had powers also," he continues, glancing at you to see how you took that. "So... mom had powers too?" you ask. "Yeah, she also had them." He says. Then he pulls into a parking spot in front of the dorms and looks at you. "We'll talk later, pumpkin. Have a good night, and remember that you have school tomorrow."
  8. You get out of the car and wave to your dad as he drives away. Then you head to your room and unlock the door, locking it as you close it behind you. You go into the bathroom and take a nice, warm shower. Then, after you're done, you wrap the towel around you and stride over to your dresser to pick out something to sleep in. You choose...
  9. After getting dressed, you toss the towel and your dirty clothes into the hamper and set your alarm clock. You blow-dry your hair, brush your teeth, and think about everything that happened during the day/night. Then you shut the lights off and crawl into your comfortable bed. You fall asleep within seconds.
  10. In your dream, you're walking through the forest on a nice summer day. You see Adam and Erik in the distance, talking to each other and laughing. You call their names but they don't seem to hear you. You start to walk closer but they just stay the same distance, as if you're not moving.
  11. You hear your name and you turn around to see Kayla. You start to say hi but notice she's not talking to you. She seems to be talking to someone else, and doesn't seem to notice you as you walk closer. Once you get next to her you realize that she's a little see-through, like a hologram. You can also walk right through her. And you can't hear a word she's saying besides your name every now and then.
  12. You turn and start walking a different direction. That's when you notice a guy that you've never seen before. He's leaning against a tree, all alone. He's really thin, and has long, black hair. He's wearing black skinny jeans, checkered vans, and a band t-shirt. He also has a studded belt on. As you get closer to him, you notice his lip-piercing. Then as he looks up at you, you stare into his ice-blue eyes.
  13. You go to say something, and your alarm goes off. You wake up, wishing you could just finish the dream. You reluctantly get out of bed and start getting ready. You grab your backpack and leave. Then you get in your car and drive to school. Once you park in your usual spot, you remember that you have your first training session after school.
  14. Who do you like?

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