Complicated Difference end addition

This is an addition to the Complicated Difference series! I read through my series recently and decided I would create one story that could add to the ending. I'm not entirely sure if it will be something you guys like, but I figured I would give it a shot.

The characters you grew to love... Adam: flirtatious were-tiger. Erik: guardian angel and can manipulate the earth. Paul: telepathy and empathy. Wesley: healing powers and telekinesis.

Created by: pixystixlove94

  1. Time passes until the day you finally say, "I do." You picked out the best dress, something resembling what you have pictured for so long as the perfect wedding dress. Your hair is done by the best hair-stylist on L'endroit Magique. Your wedding occurs at...
  2. So many people showed up to the wedding, even the leaders. As you walk down that "aisle," [_____] looks as handsome as ever. The event in its entirety was full of joy and the reception was quite the party!
  3. As a now-married couple, the leaders surprise you with your own mansion, free of charge, of course. It's just as gorgeous as the last that you had lived in. You walk in to find a main room that has gorgeous paintings (paintings of the two of you, as your fame has spread far and wide), a massive chandelier, and some other necessary furniture. To your right is a door; through it is a beautiful living room that has couches, a fireplace, bookcases, another chandelier, a grand piano, and a spiral staircase. The door attached to this room leads to a massive kitchen and dining area that are connected yet very elegant. Upstairs has two doors. One leads to a large bathroom, however you wish it to look. The other door leads to a fancy bedroom, again whatever look you desire. Your personal belongings are already waiting inside of this house, thanks to the rest of your supporting team (even if some might be a little jealous).
  4. The rest of the guys still remain in the previous mansion, which is located a few houses down. Your father even decides to move in with them. Weeks pass by and you couldn't be happier! Today, you wake with the morning sun hitting your face. You turn in your comfortable bed and see that your new husband isn't there. "˜I wonder what he's up to...' you think to yourself. You stretch and decide you would get out of bed to get ready for the day. However, before you do that, your husband enters the room holding a large tray full of your favorite breakfast. "________, I'm glad you're awake," he says with a big smile, "You look so gorgeous, even as you just wake up. I thought you might be hungry so I made some food for you." He places the tray onto the bed and you stuff your face, so grateful that he understands your need for food.
  5. Once you have finished, he leans in and gives you the sweetest, most romantic kiss. He then smiles at you and says, "I got a call this morning, honey, and Marly would like us to make a visit to HQ with the rest of the group." You stare into his gorgeous eyes, give him another kiss, and then get out of bed, heading toward the bathroom to get ready before leaving.
  6. You and [_______] descend the spiral staircase, so beautiful with its carvings and design. [______] says, "I called the guys earlier as well and told them that we would be meeting them before we head to HQ," and then holds your hand once you leave the house. You continue walking down the road until you reach the other mansion... brings back memories, both good and bad.
  7. The guys and your father are already outside waiting for your arrival. "Hey, _______!" and "Hi, Pumpkin" are what you hear, along with greetings toward your love. [_______] says, to the group, "So... does anyone know the reason we are being called to HQ?" One of the guys replies, "No idea. I'm wondering if it is regarding the small missions we have been doing. But, usually, those haven't required a formal meeting like this."
  8. All of you make it to headquarters and ride that elevator up to the top floor, just like old times. This time, however, none of you need a guard to open the door for you, since you all have access with your own ID cards.
  9. Each of you takes a seat. You sit right next to your new husband and he reaches over to hold your hand. Marly enters and sits down in his chair across the table from you. He begins, "Another congratulations to the new couple! And I am sure that all of you are extremely curious as to why you would be brought here. I am thrilled with the results of these missions I have assigned to you lately. However, that is not what I have arranged this meeting for. All of you have Elisa's island, Le Mal, within your memories, surely..."
  10. Marly continues, "I have had many people over there searching out the island, constructing maps, including maps of Elisa's castle. The bloodshed has been cleaned up. Your stories of each of your experiences have been written down and included in our history, of course. Now that no one inhabits this place and the evil has been washed from us, as we know, anyway, the other leaders and I have decided on plans for Le Mal. It is going to be a historical site, marking different places of your adventures with signs regarding who was there and what happened at each location, even inside of the castle. However, we have disabled the more deadly traps and reconstructed less harmful ones throughout the maze area and the castle itself. This is going to be another training area, a place for the more advanced to practice their powers. All of this is dedicated to your elite group."
  11. Marly speaks again, "In between your missions, it would be quite appreciated if your entire team was able to visit Le Mal, as its grand opening was today. Harry has already taken plenty of our citizens over there, some who wish to explore, some who want a little adventure. It would be a wonderful experience for them to actually meet their heroes. With that stated, I leave you to it; I have some tasks that need to be taken care of." Marly exits the room.
  12. Shortly after this meeting, your group goes to the docks. Harry speaks, "Our heroes! I'm so glad that I know all of you! I can tell everyone that I have met these amazing adventurers! Are you going to the new training grounds?" You're glad to see Harry once again and you tell him that's exactly where you are trying to go.
  13. You arrive there to be greeted by many, many people. You were even asked for autographs and pictures taken of you, and of the team as a whole. There is a large discussion with the group to the audience crowded there about many different topics, including things you would each like everyone to learn from your adventure to Le Mal. They include... (1) if you have a healer, don't lose him! (2) make sure you aren't attacking your teammate! *as you look toward Paul, Adam, and Erik apologetically* (3) remember everyone's abilities and use them to your advantage; (4) we can't really warn you about surprise holes, but we can tell you they do exist!... and many more that the team thought of, humorous or not.
  14. After all of this was over, the group returned to L'endroit Magique and went to La Rose Bleue, the restaurant that is no longer brand new at this point. After a nice meal and many laughs, everyone returned home. You and [_______] sat in the living room of your new house and talked, lovingly kissing and being near each other. "__________, I'm so glad you agreed to marry me. You are absolutely wonderful and I'm so happy," [_______] romantically says, gazing into your eyes. This is how your life continues... joyous and relaxing.
  15. ---I thought that, after a year or so of this series being completed, I could make something a little special for any who might be interested in one after-story. If it was boring, which it might have been, I am terribly sorry. If it was a nice addition to the ending of the series, then I'm glad.

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